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Liger Facts

Hear this page: Where do Ligers Come From? Irresponsible breeders is the short answer. A liger is the result of breeding a male lion to a tigress. A tigon is the result of breeding a male tiger to a lioness. Since lions and tigers do not exist in the same areas, this is not something that happens in the wild. It is done in captivity by disreputable carnies to produce a freak that ignorant people will pay to see. These cats suffer from many birth defects and usually die young. Because ligers are usually Read More

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What are Liligers? As sad as the video above is, it isn't even as bad as the places that use the cubs for petting and photo sessions because those cubs are taken from their mothers shortly after birth and denied the protective love their mothers would try to give them, as this one who was filmed at a zoo.   They are a money making scheme promoted by some of what we believe to be the world's worst big cat exploiters. First it was this guy promoting Ligers. Then it was his friend, Joe Exotic, Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Aug 17 2013

Lion vs Tiger? ... Which is your favorite? Please don't ask the age old, childish question about which one would win in a fight.  We don't even what to think about cats fighting. Learn the TRUTH about LIGERS here: Cat Chat is a live weekly show where we talk about cats; from tabbies to tigers.  Join us live at or watch the videos on demand or subscribe to the audio podcast below. Subscribe at Libsyn or iTunes or Google Play Read More

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Cat Chat Show Notes Aug 7 2013

Today David Lee Stanton Interviews Bobbi Brink from Lions, Tigers and Bears   Recap of the week at Big Cat Rescue   What an amazing week! Bengali Tiger goes "Free!" August 5 2013 This morning USDA published the Big Cat Coalition’s petition in the Federal Register – post Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue June 23 2013

Inside Nature's Giants Big Cats and How They Roar Filmed in part at Big Cat Rescue for PBS. Black or Melanistic Serval. Black Serval vs White Serval Black Serval & White Serval vs Normal Golden Serval Today at Big Cat Rescue June 23 2013 Thanks to SkipAHolic Peggy McDermott Sundquist, we have three new computers donated by Ciber, Inc. the International IT Consultant company. Ken Goodrich is their Infrastructure Manager and came with Peggy to deliver the Dell Read More