Mother Foster Kittens

Mother Foster Kittens

To Celebrate Mother’s Day,

Will You Help Us “Mother” Our Foster Kittens?

Did you know that Big Cat Rescue fosters domestic kittens until they are old enough to be adopted? In the last 3 years our interns and volunteers have mothered literally hundreds of foster kittens!


This includes mommy cats with babies, bottle feeder kittens without mommies, kittens under 2 lbs. (the legal weight to spay & neuter them), and feral kittens that need to be socialized. Big Cat Rescue’s amazing interns – who live on property and ADORE kittens!! – care for the kittens from the time they arrive to the time they are brought back to the Humane Society for adoption. That’s a lot of love, nurturing, care and socializing!

When the kittens are old enough to have their first vaccines and have been SNAP tested (for Feline Aids and Feline Leukemia), they can spend their days in our Kitten Cabana while the interns are working at the sanctuary. Volunteers who have taken our Kitten Playtime Class can go into the Kitten Cabana to play with and socialize them. Playing with kittens! Yippee. Friendly kittens have a much better chance of being adopted. WATCH OUR KITTENS LIVE DURING THE DAY in the Kitten Cabana at

Big Cat Rescue provides the kittens with food, formula, litter, crates, carriers, bottles, toys, cat trees, catnip, heating pads, scales, nebulizers, intern housing, Internet for webcams and emergency care. If YOU would like to help support our Foster Kitten Program and “mother” our tiny charges, DONATE HERE

Or we can always use these supplies for our kittens: Purina Kitten Chow, plain clay litter (no clumping), wet food, soft blankets, towels, toys, beds, heating pads and kitten nursing supplies. Easy to order from our Amazon Wishlist.


SPAY AND PLAY – One more really cool thing…we put our mouth where are paws are! If you bring us an original receipt from your vet showing that you spayed or neutered a pet, or a receipt from an animal shelter showing that you adopted a spayed or neutered pet within the past year, Big Cat Rescue will give you a FREE PASS for our Day Tour. That’s a $36.00 value!  If you are the kind of person who cares enough to protect your pet or feral cats from over population and all the horrors that go with it, then you are the kind of person we want to meet!  See Day Tours for times and tell the Ticket agent you have a Free Pass to redeem.

Today at Big Cat Rescue May 11 2013

Today at Big Cat Rescue May 11 2013

June 1 Benefit for Big Cat Rescue



Join us June 1st, 2013, at the Safety Harbor Spa for  a fun filled evening with games of chance and over the top hors d’oeu-vre.  Please call the Charles Rutenberg office at 727-538-9200 ext 2 and  reserve your tickets today. The festivities start at 6:30pm, and unfortunately the fun has to end at some time which will be around 10pm. Look forward to seeing you there!


Last Minute Mother’s Day

Gifts, E-Cards, Games and Ideas

Mother’s Day Decorative Desktop Wallpapers


New in June 2012. Decorative desktop wallpapers that are all free for your family to enjoy.

  1. Free Mother’s Day Decorative Desktop Wallpapers – African Lions
  2. Free Mother’s Day Decorative Desktop Wallpapers – African Serval Cats
  3. Free Mother’s Day Decorative Desktop Wallpapers – Bengal Cats
  4. Free Mother’s Day Decorative Desktop Wallpapers – Bobcats
  5. Free Mother’s Day Decorative Desktop Wallpapers – Cougars
  6. Free Mother’s Day Decorative Desktop Wallpapers – Geoffroy Cats
  7. Free Mother’s Day Decorative Desktop Wallpapers – Leopards & Black Leopards
  8. Free Mother’s Day Decorative Desktop Wallpapers – Siberian Lynx
  9. Free Mother’s Day Decorative Desktop Wallpapers – Snow Leopard
  10. Free Mother’s Day Decorative Desktop Wallpapers – Tigers
  11. Free Mother’s Day Decorative Desktop Wallpapers – White Tiger

Play A Mother’s Day Flash Row Dragger Puzzle

Drag and drop the rows, both vertically and horizontally, to put this Mother’s Day Tiger Photo together.  There are three levels in the puzzle, featuring three Mother’s Day photos. You can also send this game as a Mother’s Day eCard from our big cat eCards System.  Not only will the mothers you know enjoy this game but you will be helping the big cats at Big cat Rescue by inviting people to visit their websites.


Free Child ID Safety Kit:

A concern of every mother is the safety of their children.  Big Cat Rescue has a wonderful Child ID Safety Kit that is very complete and comprehensive, AND IT IS FREE.

Suggestion: Download the Free Child ID Safety Kit and burn it onto a CD-ROM and give it to all the mothers you know as a Mother’s Day Gift

Send Free Mother’s Day Big Cat eCards: Click Here

With our automated big cat eCards’ system you can choose from a large selection to add music, poems, emotion icons and even your own text if you want. You can send eCards as a guest or you can sign up for a free account so you can have your own private address book and even pre-schedule eCards for future holidays and our big cat eCards’ system will send them out on your pre-chosen future date.  There are 889 Free Mother’s Day eCards to choose from. There are over 8,200 eCards in total to choose from, with more being added all the time.

Shop For Mother’s Day Gifts & Help The Cats At Big Cat Rescue:









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