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Another Oregon cougar orphan sent to zoo

Orphaned Lane County cougar cubs heading to new homesBy Katy Muldoon, The Oregonian December 17, 2009, 7:44PMFor the third time this year and the second time this month, the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife called the Oregon Zoo on Thursday with a request: Could the zoo accommodate an orphaned cougar? The female that arrived Thursday is sister to the cub pictured, a 10-week-old, 13-pound male.The cougar approached. The homeowner fired. And that's the short explanation for why two strikingly elegant cougar cubs, dark spots accenting their golden Read More

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Orphaned Oregon cougar will go to Texas zoo

Orphaned cougar found near Springfield, staffPORTLAND, Ore. -- A 10-week-old male orphan cougar cub found last week near Springfield, Ore., has found a new home in Texas thanks to the Oregon Zoo.Within hours of the male cub's arrival, Oregon Zoo keeper and resident puma expert Michelle Schireman had found a zoo eager to adopt the baby. Located in Tyler, Texas, the Caldwell Zoo is "very excited to have the cub heading their way for the holidays," Schireman said.The male cub, who Oregon Zoo keepers describe as "very handsome and feisty," Read More

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India: 3 leopard cubs will go to zoo if mother doesn’t turn up

3 leopard cubs found abandonedTNN 22 November 2009, 09:45pm ISTCHIKMAGALUR: Three leopard cubs were found abandoned at Ganeshapura near Hadikere in Tarikere taluk and was later rescued by the forest department.The cubs, abandoned by its mother, was spotted by a villager on his way to his farm. He, along with some villagers, immediately informed the range forest officer Jayanna who rushed to the spot and rescued the spotted felony cubs.The forest department staff placed the cubs in the same spot with a hope that its mother would return to find its Read More

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GF&P looking for home for cougar kitten caught in Deadwood, S.D.

Wayne OrtmanThe Associated Press - Posted: Friday, October 23, 2009 6:00 am The day after a state trapper killed a partially blind mountain lion in Deadwood after it was deemed a threat, officials are now looking for a home for the animal's kitten.The male kitten, believed to be about 3 months old, is healthy but probably too young to survive on its own, according to Mike Kintigh, regional supervisor for the state Department of Game, Fish and Parks in Rapid City.The kitten was captured in a live trap. The department plans to keep live traps out Read More

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India: Four ‘abandoned’ leopard cubs keeping all on their toes

Karnataka - MysoreA trying experience for their caregiversSpecial Correspondent----The cubs were picked up by some farmers who thought they had been abandonedThey cannot be let into the woods as they have no self-preservation abilities----MYSORE: For the staff at the Forest Department guesthouse here, it is a testing time as four unusual guests have kept them busy for the past few weeks. Four chubby leopard cubs are grabbing the attention of all and have become the cynosure of all eyes as they grapple with each other, bite, roll, curl up and provide Read More