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Uganda wildlife center has changed with the times

Uganda: Sanctuary For WildlifeAhumuza Muhumuza27 June 2009-----------------------------------------Kampala — The Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) has changed tremendously over the years. From the nostalgic nineties when I was a little boy and used to spend time by the chimpanzee cage where Zakayo swang, swayed, thumped his chest and did acrobatic moves to the amusement of adults and run the children into a frenzy of excitement.Among the highlights back then was feeding the baby animals born at the zoo; from chimpanzees to baboons, monkeys Read More

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Florida man owns cougars, servals, other wild animals

May 11, 2009Creature comforterFlagler County man discovers 2nd career as caretaker of exotic wildlifeBy HEATHER SCOFIELDStaff WriterBUNNELL -- Between growls, purrs and hisses, a large cougar calmly crunches through the bones of what appears to be a whole chicken, easily swallowing chunks of meat the size of a human foot."Just imagine, that could be your arm," Lynn Fenimore says to a wary visitor. He laughs, but his eyes aren't smiling.Fenimore respects the potential for fury possessed by the more than three dozen exotic animals that prowl the cages Read More

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Escaped serval hybrid shot in La.

Cat killer suspect arrested in Violet as owner mourns $3,500 felineby Chris Kirkham, The Times-PicayuneFriday May 01, 2009, 9:30 PMEver since Raja arrived by airplane from California in late 2007, Linda Authement and her daughter, Jaylin, had marveled at the intelligence of the rare $3,500 Savannah cat they had saved for years to buy. It could fetch, retrieve and even open the door to their Violet home with its paws.Two weeks ago, the clever feline escaped. And soon after, Linda Authement received a telephone call that sent chills racing down her Read More