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New rescues arrive at Drakenstein Lion Park in South Africa

Drakenstein Lion ParkNew Rescues Arrive - 10-12-2009 Perita, Aneta and Suzanna arrived at the sanctuary late afternoon on 10-12-2009 after an epic journey from Romania. Their rescue and relocation was plagued by logistical problems, they were expected to arrive on 2nd December, but had to turn back shortly after the start of their journey. Frantic arrangements were made to reschedule for arrival on 9th December, but this also had to be postponed for a day later. We all breathed a great sigh of relief when they finally arrived!The three lionesses Read More

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Miss World contestants pose with lion cubs, cheetahs in South Africa

NOTE: Learn more about the "play with cubs" industry in South Africa here:'s Kaiane Aldorino named new Miss World at glittering pageantBy: NKEMELENG NKOSI Associated Press12/12/09 11:38 PM PST JOHANNESBURG JOHANNESBURG — Kaiane Aldorino from Gibraltar was named the new Miss World at a glittering two-hour pageant that put South Africa in the spotlight and featured traditional dancers and drummers.The leggy brunette, dressed in white-lace evening gown, was crowned as silver confetti rained Read More

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South Africans look into illegal lion breeding

afrol News, 27 November - The illegal captive breeding and holding of lions on private farms is becoming a problem in South Africa. Under the protest of wildlife authorities and environmental groups, a growing number of lions are bred in captivity to be exposed to "canned hunting" in South Africa and abroad.Only today, six lions arrived at a wildlife sanctuary for safekeeping after officials of the Department of Finance & Economic Development (Branch Environmental Affairs) along with the South African Police Services, (Organised Crime Unit), confiscated Read More

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South Africa: Tourists sue Sanbona safari park after too-close encounter with lions

November 19, 2009Chris Smyth and Sadie GrayEight British tourists are suing a South African safari park after they became trapped by a pride of wild lions when their tour vehicle overturned.The group are claiming hundreds of thousands of pounds for injuries and post-traumatic stress allegedly suffered when they were exposed to the “threatening conduct of the lions” at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve northeast of Cape Town.One of the animals also stole a boot from the tourists, they say.Papers lodged at Cape Town High Court claim that the injuries were Read More

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PHOTOS: Lion opens door of tourists’ car at South Africa safari park

By Daily Mail ReporterLast updated at 10:07 AM on 16th November 2009With a 300lb lion in the offing, the couple visiting the safari park could at least console themselves that they had the protection of their car.They watched in glee as the big cat padded up to their white Toyota.Then fascination turned to terror as the creature calmly took the rear-door handle between its teeth ... and pulled it open.For several seconds the car remained immobile as its occupants sat in stunned disbelief. Then the driver pulled away, with the lion in hot pursuit.It Read More