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Serval, ocelot on "Larry King Live" on CNN

NOTE: Jack Hanna was the guest on 11/25. This is the preliminary transcript, so there are some typos (like "servo" instead of "serval")."KING: And one more in this segment, and it's a servo, am I pronouncing that right?HANNA: Right, servo cat.KING: I wouldn't let him come near me.HANNA: This is a servo cat from Mohr Park College here in California. Larry, this is a servo cat from Africa. You don't see these cats very often. This cat was found up in Egypt.If you ever watched "Discovery" or "National Geographic," you'll see the servo cat drawn on Read More

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Chile: Zoo holds contest to name 3 tiger cubs

Inician concurso para bautizar tres ejemplares de tigres de bengala en Parque Zoológico Concepción20/10/2009 17:07CONCEPCIóN, Chile, Oct 20 (UPI) -- El Parque Zoológico Concepción abrió este martes un concurso para bautizar a los tres ejemplares de tigres de bengala variedad canela, que llegaron al recinto provenientes del Zoológico Metropolitano de Santiago.Se trata de dos machos y una hembra, hermanos que tienen 14 semanas de edad y que pertenecerán al zoológico penquista ubicado en sector de Valle Nonguén, el que cuenta con cerca de Read More