WEDU 2013 Vote

WEDU 2013 Vote

NIKITA wants you to VOTE! … Would you argue?


WEDU Vote BCR Nikita Lion


Please vote for “10 Reasons Why Big Cats Make Bad Pets” in the video category of WEDU television’s non-profit awards!



(Click on BCR & scroll down to the VOTE button:)


If we win, WEDU will play our video during the awards ceremony, where hundreds of people will learn about the plight of big cats in captivity, and on their website where many more people will see it, all because of YOU!


Thanks so much! ROOOOOAAAARRRR!


Would You Also Give Us 5 Stars in the Doritos Contest?



Wanna see SHERE KHAN destroy a bag of Doritos?! (paper mache) – Check out this cute promo and PLEASE take a second to VOTE for the video in the Superbowl contest!


AdvoCat 2013 11

AdvoCat 2013 11

Will Amanda Have More to be Thankful For?


We are so close to funding Amanda the tiger’s ability to run with her brothers in the new 2.5 ac Vacation Rotation enclosure.  Can you make this her best Thanksgiving Day ever by giving $2.00, or whatever you can afford, to make her dream come true?


Fully Funded on Nov 19, 2013!  Thank you!


Thank you for including these wonderful cats in your Thanksgiving and Holiday giving.  We hope that your holidays are filled with joy!



GROWLOWEEN! Lions Tigers & Bats!




Do You Love Big Cat Rescue?


Video votingIf so, we could really use your help! Please VOTE for Big Cat Rescue ONCE EVERY DAY UNTIL DEC. 6 in the video category of WEDU television’s non-profit awards. If we win, WEDU will play our video during the awards ceremony – where hundreds of people will learn about the plight of big cats in captivity thanks to you! We know we often ask you to vote for us in a variety of contests and we SO appreciate your support.

This contest is really easy – you don’t need to register or give any personal information. All you need to do is VOTE EACH DAY for our video “10 Reasons Why Big Cats Make Bad Pets.” You may want to set a daily reminder to VOTE! Thank you!!! Vote at:

Just click the radio button at the top left of our video and scroll to the bottom and hit the VOTE button.


Cougar Soccer!



Sanctuaries Working Together


Rescued LionIn October 2013 the International Fund for Animal Welfare and the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries held a Workshop for big cat sanctuaries in Raleigh, NC.  It included a field trip to Carolina Tiger Rescue.  More about the event here:  2013 Sanctuary Workshop

Some of the immediate results from the workshop including sharing resources and building relationships to help save more animals.  This lion was one of four big cats who were unwanted by their owner in MO, but through the combined efforts of several sanctuaries and entities, both lions and both tigers have safe, new, forever homes.  A big shout out to Safe Haven Rescue Zoo, Cedarhill, Turpentine Creek, Tigers in America and Loving Friends Transport, among others who helped facilitate this rescue.  The tigers went to Safe Haven Zoo and the Lions went to Cedarhill.


Tour Price Increase Dec 1, 2013


Certain ongoing costs of caring for the cats inevitably increase over time.  In addition, we want to continue replacing the older cages with the much more expensive new larger open top cages like the ones we have built for Nikita, Bengali and the Vacation Rotation Enclosure.  As we speak the poles are being set to replace the older cage that Joseph and Sasha occupied.

In addition to your generous donations, the tour fees provide a significant portion of the support for the cats.  We keep the fees the same for a number of years rather than change them annually.  The last adjustment was almost three years ago, so it is that time again.

The price for children on the kid’s tour will remain $19.  But our other prices will change as follows onDecember 1:

Adult Tour $36

Feeding Tour $65

Night Tour $65

Keeper Tour $125

Private tour 1st person $125, each additional $65

Reservations and gift certificates purchased at the current prices will of course be honored.  We will not be publicly urging people to purchase reservations before the change, but wanted to let our Advocat subscribers know in advance.

We are consistently told by visitors and by reviews online that our unique educational guided tours are a great value.  We particularly appreciate the way current supporters help by urging others to visit and learn about the plight of these magnificent animals and help support them through the tour fees and donations.  Thanks very much for spreading the word!!  Howard Baskin, CFO Big Cat Rescue


Thanking YOU with a Coupon


Get 15% off entire order in online gift shop between 11/14/13 and 11/19/13  Coupon Code:  EARLYCAT13

coupon code for big cat



Lion Tiger “Backyard Blitz”




Feed a Big Cat the beastly appetite of our big cats by donating to have a whole turkey, chicken, or hen purchased and given to a lucky feline at Big Cat Rescue.

Sorry, you may not choose who receives the poultry prize, but rest assured, staff will select a very deserving big cat to dine on your delicious donation.

Choose a:

Turkey for a lion or tiger

Chicken for a leopard or cougar

Hen for a lynx, bobcat, serval, ocelot, caracal, leopard cat, Geoffroy cat or jungle cat


Top Shocking Incidents of Big Cat Exploitation 


We hope by sharing a new list with you each month that you will join us in speaking out for the big cats and cubs that are exploited across this country every day. We encourage you to take one small action today and reach out via phone or email to contact one or more of the offenders listed below and politely express your concern. Together we can be the voice for the voiceless…together we can make a difference. Please join us in our mission of Caring for Cats & Ending the Trade. If you learn of exotic cats or cubs being exploited in your area, please contact Susan Bass at


No. 1 The National Zoo in Washington, D.C. recently conducted what they called a “swim test” for their two 3-month-old Sumatran tiger cubs. In the photo below, you can see that the cub is clearly terrified after the handler threw him into the water. Craig Saffoe, the Curator of Great Cats at the zoo, said “Tigers are one of the few species of cats that enjoy taking a dip in water.” Does this cub look like he is enjoying the water? The National Zoo should be ashamed of their inhumane treatment of these cubs. Please let the National Zoo know you believe it is cruel and abusive to throw cubs into the water; there are other more humane ways to ensure the cubs can swim. Contact the zoo’s Communications Dept .and request they forward your concerns to Dennis Kelly, Executive Director of the Zoo. Call 202-633-3055 or email at


No. 2 Fast-food chain Subway has a new commercial featuring a white tiger. A YouTube post claims the tiger was rented from a Los Angeles facility. Please let Subway know that exploiting big cats to add “shock value” to their advertisements is not going to win them customers; in fact, many people will no longer want to patronize Subway. Contact the members of Subway’s Public Relations Department here:

Cindy Carrasquilla at and 203-877-4281 x 1594.

Les Winograd at and 203-877-4281 x 1683.

Kevin Kane at and 203-877-4281 x 1329.

Allison Goldberg at and 203-877-4281 x 1630.


No. 3 Nationally-syndicated television program Live with Kelly and Michael recently had a 5-month-old African Serval and a 6-month-old Siberian Lynx from the San Diego Zoo on the program. Please contact the show and politely let them know that you do not want to see wild cats used to boost television ratings and that zoos should not take their cats on the road to be exploited as entertainment. Contact the show at You can also post a message on their Facebook page at


No. 4. Well-known singer Rihanna posed with a lion cub and a cheetah last month while in South Africa. She posted the photos on Instagram and media across the globe covered the story. Please comment on Rihanna’s Facebook page to let her know true sanctuaries do not allow direct contact with big cats and cubs.



ONLY $29,000 LEFT TO GET $100,000 MATCH!


We only need $29,539 more in donations to our Endowment Fund to obtain the $100,000 in matching funds from the Community Foudation. As year end approaches and you consider how to have most impact with your donations, please consider directing your donation to the endowment fund where we receive an additional $33 from them for every $100 you contribute.

You can donate online at or send a check made out to Big Cat Rescue with a note or separate email indicating you would like the donation directed to the Big Cat Rescue Endowment Fund at the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay. Thanks for helping insure the long term care of the cats!


Drag Queen Bingo Nov 25 at Hamburger Mary’s


Big Cat Rescue raised $2,336 in 2 hours at Hamburger Mary’s Drag Queen Bingo on July 1, 2013 and $2,157.00 in two hours a couple weeks later. We completely sold out and they had to turn people away because the place was packed with Big Cat Rescue lovers. Our next event there will be Nov 25, 2013 so be sure to make reservations so that you don’t miss out on all the fun! RSVP to 813 241-MARY

Today at Big Cat Rescue Sept 2 2013

Today at Big Cat Rescue Sept 2 2013


Reddit Fans!

Big Cat Rescue has been nominated as a charity to benefit from Reddit groups, but some of the commenters are saying that the money should go to human causes; not animals. Would you Vote us up here to show your support for Big Cat Rescue as a charity recipient?

Reddit Vote Up Big Cat Rescue
The 13th Annual Stride has moved to the stadium this year!  We’ve added 3 popular local bands, dock diving, and brought back The Doggie Fun Zone!  There’ll be a food patio and more vendors and rescue groups than ever before!  (Rescues attend free!)

We’ve added over $10,000 in raffle prizes, like a 42″ flat screen HDTV, a private beach condo getaway, a parasail ride, Kindle Fire HDs, iPad Minis and much, much more.  The more you raise, the more chances you’ll have to win!

Now all we need is you!  Register Now!


Come for the 3K Walk;  Stay for the Party!

…Or, just come for the party!  

Register Today!

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Kori, a young tigress with her litter enjoying a cool bathe in Wagdoh area of Tadoba. © Atul Dhamanker

Hi Tiger Fans!

Tadoba Tiger Reserve, a scenic park in the geographical centre of India, was unknown till relatively recently, but is now firmly on any nature traveller’s map. Furthermore its tigers, spread over three ranges and large buffer forests, were seldom seen.  Our expert, Atul Dhamanker, with a keen eye, great photographic skills and constant vigil over the past decade, has helped Tiger Nation publish a detailed history of its tiger population, their profiles and present status. Over this week, he will roll out a report of the present state of the park and its tiger population.

See the overview here, and remember to come back to get more details over the next week on the site.
Julian Matthews, Tiger-in-Chief

Can the ‘Eyes of a tiger’ help in their identification. Beth Cotterell explores possible new software

ARTICLE: Can the ‘Eyes of a tiger’ help in their identification? Beth Cotterell explores possible new software.Read more articles

Our expert in Tadoba gives us a run down the park’s visible tiger population.

BLOG: Our expert in Tadoba gives us a run down of the park’s visible tiger population.Read more blogs

The tigress Vijaya’s life story continues with motherhood.

ARTICLE: The tigress Vijaya’s life story continues with motherhood.Read more articles

In association with Born Free, WPSITiger Watch Ranthambhore, and TOFT India.