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Cat Chat 43

Lisa Horsborough shares her experience from volunteering at a facility in South Africa that claimed to be raising white lions and golden lion cubs for release into Kruger National Park. Audio file Cat Chat 43 talks about the practice of raising white lion cubs, walking with lions and cub handling in South African lodges. To find out what happens to cubs raised by humans when they are too big to handle: Join us in the March for Lions event to raise awareness about the plight of lions: Read More

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Elderly lions, leopard getting extra attention at Indian zoo

Andhra PradeshZoo ‘veterans’ getting special careStaff ReporterFifteen animals have crossed their average life spanMost of the identified animals are carnivoresThey have been moved to summer houseHYDERABAD: Hansraj has crossed the age of 20 years and so does Karuna. Even Lakshmi and Bujji have crossed the 20-year-mark and have been put in the list of animals categorised as ‘veterans’ at the Nehru Zoological Park in the city.‘History sheets’The zoo has took up the task of identifying animals, which have either entered their prime or crossed Read More

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South Africa: Tourists sue Sanbona safari park after too-close encounter with lions

November 19, 2009Chris Smyth and Sadie GrayEight British tourists are suing a South African safari park after they became trapped by a pride of wild lions when their tour vehicle overturned.The group are claiming hundreds of thousands of pounds for injuries and post-traumatic stress allegedly suffered when they were exposed to the “threatening conduct of the lions” at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve northeast of Cape Town.One of the animals also stole a boot from the tourists, they say.Papers lodged at Cape Town High Court claim that the injuries were Read More

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Zoos Dirty Secrets About White Tigers

Zoos Dirty Secrets About White Tigers Across the world, especially in the United States, a massive deception about white tigers and their origin is taking place. Did you know that there truly is no such thing as a royal white Bengal tiger? Did you know that there isn´t even a wild white tiger population, and that no white tiger has even been seen since the 1950s? Did you know that there isn´t even a conservational value for breeding white tigers, nor that any are able to participate in any Species Survival Read More