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Tiger vs Elephant

Who is smarter; a tiger or an elephant? Ron Kagan, director of the Detroit Zoo, in a recent CNN Morgan Spurlock piece, that did a good job of raising the question as to whether zoos should exist, said when people come to a zoo they should expect to see animals "thriving."  Good term.  Some years back Kagan made a very forward thinking and controversial decision.  He decided zoos simply cannot provide a thriving humane home for elephants.  They need to roam large areas and graze to be happy.  He sent their two elephants to PAWS sanctuary in Read More

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The Sad Life of Dolly the Mountain Lion

It's 1994 and a hunter has just killed the mother Mountain Lion in Colorado so that he can steal her young cubs and sell them into the pet trade.  One of the cubs is purchased by an ill advised woman who tries to make a pet of her, and flees the state to end up in Maine a year later.  The cub, named Dolly, is outgrowing the woman's ability to restrain her though, as she approaches 100 lbs in her first year.   When the authorities found out they confiscated the illegally kept cub and placed her in a little roadside zoo in Lincoln, Read More

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Zoo News

Your One Stop Source for All Articles About Zoos   These headlines linked to the story when it broke, but news portals often change their link structure after the first day, so some articles may not load.  Follow Big Cat Rescue so that you never miss an important zoo story. Zoo zoo View "Zoo" on Spundge   This is where you can find out about everything that is happening in zoos and get involved to make a difference.  Big Cat Rescue does not believe that wild cats should be bred or captured for life in zoos. The opinions Read More

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Singapore Zoo got clouded leopards, fishing cats in 2009

Confining wild animalsStraits Times, The (Singapore) - Friday, December 25, 2009 THE Jurong BirdPark, Night Safari and Singapore Zoo have designated quarantine areas for animals given to them as part of exchange programmes with other wildlife institutions. Every year, about 20 wild animal exchanges take place. The animals are kept in designated areas within the compound for quarantine purposes. This year, the Singapore Zoo received a pair of clouded leopards from Thailand, a pair of fishing cats and two pairs of spot-billed pelicans from Sri Lanka, Read More

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Indian zoo asks for younger animals as its residents age

DEHRADUN - Friday, December 25, 2009Animals' rising age worries zoo administrationRajendra S Markuna - HaldwaniAging inmate animals seem to have become a cause of concern for the high altitude Nainital zoo administration .Keeping in view the old age of some of the wild species like famous Siberian tiger, snow leopard, Himalayan Black Bear, the zoo authorities have urged the Government to provide new young animals in place of the said grown up animals.The average age of cat family members is only around 12 years, while the Siberian tiger is now 15 Read More