The Tigers Adopt a Tiger

The Tigers Adopt a Tiger

Reported by: Bret Lemoine – WMBD/WYZZ TV
Wednesday, May 13, 2009 @07:00pm CST

WMBD/WYZZ TV – PEORIA – We’ve got a follow-up for you now…”The Tigers” are meeting their adopted tiger. The fourth-grade students at Saint Philomena Catholic School, whose mascot is a tiger, presented a check to the Peoria Zoo today for nearly $375.

Kids spent the last two months raising money to “adopt” and sponsor Neeka the tiger. She’s part of the Zoo’s new Africa exhibit. Student’s desire to help a tiger came after the class prepared an Earth Day musical.

Money raised to adopt Neeka goes into an animal care fund for the tiger. You can take action and adopt an animal. Click here for details. Africa opens June 6th.

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