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TOO MANY TIGERS? (female tiger spayed)

So many times we get asked why we get our endangered animals spayed or neutered?…well, in this video we address that subject. In short- believe it or not, there are more captive tigers than wild tigers and that is something we do not like. The cats we have serve no purpose for the future of their species (not a part of the SSP) other than educating the public. We do tours of our facility and educate the public about captive and wild tigers and we send funds to tiger conservation projects overseas. We hope that one day the problem of people owning and breeding tigers as pets will be a thing of the past. To learn more about what you can do to keep people from owning tigers as well as what you can do to keep the tigers in the wild safe go to:

Together we can put the emphasis and our resources back into keeping the tiger in the wild.