What do kids say about Big Cat Rescue?

What do kids say about Big Cat Rescue?
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Hi!  I am in seventh grade at Sierra Ridge Middle School.  We recently started an A-Z report where we write and study about a different animal for each letter.  I could find no information so I typed in ‘Siberian lynx’ for the letter ‘S’.  Your site came up and I  was amazed how much it helped me.  No other site had the scientific name for the animals.  With all of the information I was given I decided to study wild cats and similar animals.  Although there may not be a wild cat for each letter, what I now have notes on will work out fine.  The ‘BigCatRescue’ has loads of great facts, photographs and tons of cool animals.  On top of that and everything else, you can donate.  I love cats and think donations to help them are perfect.  This website was a huge help to me and your work is greatly appreciated.  Keep up the great site!

— Tom Mckinney

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