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Which Wildcats are Endangered or Threatened?

List of Wildcats that are Endangered or Threatened

Snow Leopard at Big Cat Rescue

Snow Leopard at Big Cat Rescue

The following table has been compiled using three sources – IUCN Red List, CITES and the Cat Specialist Group (CSG) and is ranked in approximate order of vulnerability. The entries have been analysed and sorted to provide an overview of all three sources. In some cases specific sub-species are more endangered than the species in general and these have been listed, along with their scientific name as separate entries. For further information regarding the specific categorisation of the various sources, see notes at the foot of the table. 

Species Subspecies IUCN Cites CSG
Lynx, Spanish Lynx.pardinus Endangered I 1
Snow Leopard - Endangered I 2
Leopard, Amur P.p.orientalis Endangered I -
Tiger - Endangered I 2
Leopard, Arabian P.p.nimr Endangered I -
Cougar, Florida P.c.coryi Endangered I -
Cheetah, Asiatic A.j.venaticus Endangered I 3
Lion, Asiatic P.l.persica Endangered I 3
Leopard P.p.jarvisi Endangered I -
Andean Mountain Cat - Rare I 2
Black-footed Cat - - I 2
Flat-headed Cat - - I 2
Bay Cat - Rare II 2
Kodkod - - II 2
African Golden Cat - - I 2
Cheetah - Vulnerable I 3
Clouded Leopard - Vulnerable I 3
Jaguar - Vulnerable I 3
Litle Spotted Cat - Vulnerable I 3
Marbled Cat - - I 3
Rusty-Spotted Cat P.r.rubignosis - I 3
Iriomote Cat - - I -
Leopard - Vulnerable I 5a
Ocelot - Vulnerable I 5a
Bobcat L.r.escuinapae - I -
Lynx Lynx.lynx - I -
Caracal C.c.michaelis Rare I -
Leopard Cat P.b.bengalensis - I -
Chinese Desert Cat - - II 2
Fishing Cat - - II 2
Asian Golden Cat - - II 3
Lion - - II 3
Rusty-Spotted Cat - - II 3
Sand Cat F.m.sheffeli Endangered II 4
Margay - Vulnerable I 4
Geoffrey’s Cat - - II 4
Lynx L.canadensis - II 4
Pallas Cat - - II 4
Serval - - II 4
Bobcat - - II 5a
Cougar - - II 5a
Pampas Cat - - II 5a
Caracal - - II 5b
Jungle Cat - - II 5b
Leopard Cat - - II 5b
Jaguarundi - - II 5c
Wild Cat - - II 5c


The Red List compiled by the IUCN (World Conservation Union) containing animals who are threatened. Most of the wild cat species are listed under the headings of Endangered, Vulnerable, Threatened, Rare, Least Concern and Data Deficient.

CITES lists all species under threat in its Appendix 1, 2 and 3. Appendix 1 lists those species threatened with extinction and forbids trade, whilst Appendix 2 lists species that may become extinct if trade is not controlled.

The Cat Specialist Group, part of the IUCN, comprise of over 160 specialist in the field of wild cats and their conservation. The CSG have formulated a global ranking of cat species vulnerability based on statistical analysis of habitat, geographic range, body size relating to population density and hunting pressure. Species are ranked from 1 through to 5a,5b and 5c, with the ranking of 1 being the most threatened.