hear big catsZeus

Male Siberian Lynx
DOB 5/1/97
Rescued 6/24/97


Zeus the Siberian Lynx at Big Cat RescueZeus arrived at Big Cat Rescue from the same fur farm as Willow. He and Apollo, another fur farm survivor, share a large habitat across from the lake. Although, you would not normally find two adult male Lynxes living together in the wild, in captivity this is actually a form of enrichment. They play together, groom each other, stalk ducks together and even sleep curled up next to each other. They have a habit of puffing air out of their noses when agitated, especially at feeding time. This behavior has earned them the nickname of “The Hufflepuffs.” These two lynx are the least friendly of all the lynx at Big Cat Rescue, although they have been known to warm up to the occasional keeper. Perhaps they are just more bark than bite…




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Big Cat Rescue has already bought out every U.S. fur farm known to us and we would like to do the same with the Canadian ones. We determined, however, that in order to purchase the cats remaining at the known Canadian farm, and build barely adequate caging for them, it would have cost over $95,000. back in 1997.  Since then we have determined that we cannot rescue our way out of this problem and are devoting time and energy to changing laws to protect the animals.

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