1 Dead 106 Sick After Petting Zoo Comes to Town

ollars each in liability insurance.

“With 106 sickened, this is not even remotely enough to fairly compensate people for past and future medical bills,” he said. “I’m just in the process of finishing up an E. coli outbreak in Oklahoma where the amount of past medical bills of the victims exceeded the insurance coverage.”

In that case, “we were able to get all the lawyers and victims to agree to have the court appoint someone to review each case and to divide up the limited money as fairly as possible,” Marler said. “We waived all fees and costs and have been successful in getting health insurers to do the same.”

If necessary, he hopes a similar resolution can be reached in the Cleveland County case.

A spokesman for the Circle G Ranch from Strawberry Plaines, Tenn., had no comment on the lawsuit Monday.

O. Max Gardner III, attorney for the Cleveland County Fair Inc., said the nonprofit hadn’t been served with the complaint, but that he’d been notified by Marler of an intent to file the lawsuit.

Gardner said he couldn’t comment on a pending lawsuit and that comment on the fair’s liability insurance “wouldn’t be appropriate.”

Earlier this month in Cleveland County, the state said it would set up a committee to look for new ways to prevent E. coli outbrea


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