10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Cat Lovers in Your Life

If you have a cat lover in your life and are looking for the ideal gift, there are a host of amazing finds that will bring a smile to the owner of a furry friend as well as to the cat itself.

Our team has collected a list of 10 Holiday Gifts the Cat lover in your life is going to absolutely love!

Even Better whenever you buy something from one of the links below the Amazon Smile program will donate .5% of your purchase to the Big Cat Rescue organization

Our Editors Pick of Cat Lover Gift Ideas:

Gift Basket for Your Favorite Feline Baby

Toy, treats and more are part of this holiday basket. There are 8 items in the gift box, made as a glossy, sturdy surprise. Be sure to check “this order contains a gift.”

A Self Cleaning Hooded Cat Litter Box

Nobody likes cat litter all over the floor. This box will take care of the problem and offers privacy. Your friend will be grateful; maybe the cat will be, too.

Natural Hairball Control Cat Planter

This cute whimsical planter offers a treat for your cat that can help control hairball issues. The juices in the grass contain folic acid, which help in digestion. A blend of wheat, oats, rye, barley and flax, other animals in the household can also enjoy it. It is Made in the USA and eco-friendly and organic, some other benefits

Whimsical Stretching Collectible

Celebrate the stretch with this adorable figurine. It looks great on a table near plants and is made of hand painted resin. It measures 5.5 inches by 4.5 inches by 2.75 inches wide. Add some whimsy to the holiday for your cat-loving friends or family.

Cats Welcome People Tolerated – Cat Signs for Home Decor

Made by Jenny Gems, this sign adds more whimsy to a cat home. Made of wood, “Cats welcome, people tolerated” tells it all in a shabby chic rustic style. Give it to mom or to other cat people who will appreciate it. It will stand out in any room, including the family room, basement, living room and more; use it as a prop in a photo shoot as well.

Crazy Cat Lady CAT BUTT Crochet Drink Coaster Set

A set of 4 whimsical cat butt coasters adds fun and cat-titude to any gathering. With a handmade design and four colors, no butts about it, this is a great gift. They can be hand washed with no problem, not like the cat in the house. Any crazy cat lady will love them.

Archie McPhee Crazy Cat Lady Gift Bag

Every cat lady needs a crazy gift bag to carry her pet toys. You can buy this for putting a gift inside a wonderful bag or give it as a gift to your friend. Add treats or toys and you have an ideal gift.

Cat Collar Breakaway with Heart and Friendship Bracelet

With a friendship bracelet to match the cat’s collar, this gift will show your love. Made of an adorable cotton, the breakaway collar adds safety. It comes in a gift box and is a great gift for your cat loving friends as well as yourself and your cat.

EXPAWLORER Cat Sweater for Cold Weather

A soft sweater to keep the cat warm is a great gift for those cold winter days. Lightweight, it looks handmade with its knitted fabric. Keep kitty comfortable while it enjoys the season.

Donation to Big Cat Rescue

For the ultimate cat lover gift, give a donation to an organization that rescues domesticated large cats like tigers, lions, bobcats and other wild cats that should not be kept as pets. Your friend or relative will love being part of this effort.

Giving to a good cause, such as Big Cat Rescue, is always right during the holidays. Share the love for your cat lover with a gift donation as well as a gift. These ten gifts will light up the holidays for you and your cat-loving friends.

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  1. My sister’s birthday is fast approaching, and since she’s a cat lover, I have decided to go to a pet store where I could buy some toys for her cat. Well, I also agree with you that it would be best to give it some treats. Thank you for suggesting here that it would be best to provide a self-cleaning cat litter too.

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