1Time flies endangered Siberian tiger cubs

1Time flies endangered Siberian tiger cubs

Johannesburg – 1time Airline today showed that they are committed to the assistance of the world’s endangered species by flying two Siberian Tiger cubs to George. “We are very excited about flying these beautiful animals,” says Anya Potgieter, marketing manager of 1time Airline. “In the past we have sponsored a trailer for Lory Park Animal and Owl Sanctuary and when it came to the transport of these cubs they could think of no one better to help get them to George.”

Lory Park is sending the two cubs, Benjamin and Beth, to join the team at the Jukani Wild Life Ranch in George. Their aim with the move is that these cubs will be able to become part of an important a captive breeding program.

Lory Park and the Race Against Extinction program are busy with intensive education and awareness campaigns on the plight of all endangered species; in particular Race Against Extinction fights against the plight of tigers.

“The tiger population of the world is in a very serious state at the moment, as their numbers are dwindling quickly due to the horrors of the trade in body parts for traditional Asian medicine, the fur trade and severe loss of habitat and prey,” explains Anya. “Of the 8 species of tigers, 3 are already extinct. From an estimated 100,000 tigers a century ago, less than 4,000 remain in the wild today.”

The tigers, along with Michelle Garforth and her crew from SABC flew to George yesterday morning, en route to their final destination, Jukani. The flight was an uneventful one with the cubs enjoying a good nap on their first air trip.

“It is initiatives such as this one as well as the Cheetah Conservation program at Ka’Ingo that we love to get involved in – after all, it’s not your typical airline support initiative and 1time is definitely not your typical airline. It is our hope, along with Lory Park, that this program will assist in the revitalisation of the world tiger population,” Anya concludes .

Being earth-friendly and animal-friendly go hand-in-hand and 1time is committed to helping in whatever way they can.



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