2007 Get More Hits

Get More Hits

Our web site was started in 1995 by a couple of volunteers but by 1997 they were gone and I was left with a site that I couldn’t access and wouldn’t have known what to do with it if I had.  I bought Microsoft’s Front Page and five hours later had a respectable site up and running.  In my naivete I thought that was all you had to do.


If you build it, they won’t come, unless they know about you and for the years that followed I read everything I could get my hands on about how to get our site up to the top pages in the Internet.  With more than 3 trillion competing sites I tried virtually everything and finally found something that works.

We are a non profit big cat rescue and sanctuary.  We have no advertising budget and no money for paid clicks and all of the easy ways the big dogs get to the top.  We had to find something cheap and effective.  We had to find something that I could do with my limited understanding of the Internet and my inability to write code.

Go to your favorite search engine and type in what we do:  “big cat rescue” and we will be listed at the top of  the first page.  Not fair because that is our name?  Okay, try “donate to big cats” or “big cat charities”  and there we are on the first page. For the keyword “big cats” there are 21,500,000 possible sites and we are on page ONE!!!  This was our toughest key word to take over.  In many cases most of the links in the top 10 are to our pages. *see list below.   We found the secret to Internet success!

We discovered Gorilla Marketing and Traffic Swarm and I am watching our daily hits going up every day.  As of May 2006 we get more than 1,091,000 hits per DAY!!! Hits translate into donations and that feeds our 100+ big cats.  If you want to drive traffic to your site it is easy and inexpensive.

One of the things that helps promote a web site is the abundance of links to your site. All you have to do is cut and paste the banner below into a prominent area of your web site along with the hyperlink to bigcatrescue.org and then email us the page with the banner.

Send your email to Info@bigcatrescue.org As soon as we see the live page with our banner, you will be directed to enter your site into our links page.

Or you can link to this moving banner by sending me an email at Info@bigcatrescue.org and asking for the Flash file.

* Below are our rankings as of 10/3/06. bigcatrescue.org (our new name) has only been online since December 2003!

Big Cat- number 2 of 80,600,000 competing sites  2011- 2 of 293,000,000

Big Cat Games – number 1 and 2 spot of 47,300,000 competing sites  2011- 4 of 127,000,000

Get More Hits- number 9 of 103,000,000 competing sites

Big Cat Movies – number 1 of 37,900,000 competing sites

Big Cat Photos- number 3 spot of 51,500,000 competing sites  2011- 3 of 155,000,000

Big Cat News- number 1 spot of 43,500,000 competing sites

White Tigers – number 2 of 22,500,000 competing sites  2011- 3 of 57,600,000

Save Cats – number 2 of 31,000,000 competing sites

Cat Laws – number 26 of 16,500,000 competing sites

Hunting Facts – number 3 of 11,600,000 competing sites

Tiger Photos- number 2 spot of 32,800,000 competing sites

Lion Photos- number 2 of 22,300,000 competing sites

Big Cat Gift- number 26 of 16,700,000 competing sites

Jaguar Photos- number 1 slot of 8,730,000 competing sites

Save Big Cats- number 2 of 36,100,000 competing sites

Exotic Cats- number 7 of 6,420,000 competing sites

Big Cat Rescue- number 1 spot of 16,600,000 competing sites

Big Cat Laws- number 1 spot of 20,800,000 competing sites

Save Wild Cats- number 1 and 2 spot of 20,000,000 competing sites

Sanctuary Standards- number 1 and 2 spot of 3,020,000 competing sites

Big Cat Charity- number 7 spot of 5,660,000 competing sites

Big Cat Sanctuary- number 1 and 2 of 9,200,000 competing sites

Volunteer with big cats- number 1, & 2 spots of 6,090,000 competing sites

Donate to big cats- number 1 & 2 spot of 5,320,000 competing sites

Donate to tigers- number 1 of 1,260,000 competing sites

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