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Howard Baskin’s Financial Presentation

AZA Lion Care

Networking, Media and Effective Communication


These are screen shots and stats from Carole Baskin’s presentation on the use of media.











1-Press-2013-08-20 at 3.26.56 PM












You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want.  – Zig Ziglar


Everyone likes a good story with beautiful characters, heroes and an inspiring message.

You can use inexpensive tools to share such stories with millions.  If we could only afford to pay three staff, one of them would be dedicated to producing video; that’s how important video is to our success.



Big Cat Rescue has attracted more than 67,000,000 viewers on our YouTube channel, BigCatTV.com as of 10/14/13 by watching for trends and capitalizing on what people are already search for like:

Harlem Shake

We also listen to what people ask us the most such as:

Do big cats like to play with boxes?

Do big cats like catnip?

Do big cats play with laser pointers?

By providing great videos we were asked to join Discovery’s new platform called Animalist.  You can apply on their YouTube page too.  Our ad revenues doubled from about $12,000 a year to 25,000 a year by joining their network.


Show Your Stuff

No one knows how great your sanctuary is or how well adjusted and healthy your cats are, unless you show them.  It doesn’t take much money or talent to do it.  This video was shot on a smart phone, edited on software that came free on the computer and posted to YouTube where it airs for free.

Flavio Tiger Plays in Fountain

Let your supporters know you are fixing the problem.  Take a stand at PopVox.com


Fall in Love

You need people to fall in love with the characters in your story; the cats.  When they do, they will donate to help them.

One of our largest donors, who gives more than $20,000 a year, saw us on TV and sent a 10k check, before they ever even visited.  Now they donate regularly.



Show your rescue work.

Take your audience into the hospital with you.

Ask them to help you monitor the cats as they recover.  A quarter of a million viewers can’t be wrong.

Bring them along for the exciting things they might never see otherwise.

Webcams are under $200.00 and UStream is free.



All of the fun stuff we post is to build an audience for the important stuff.

We use videos for training our staff and volunteers.

We use videos to educate people about issues, such as the circus.

Cat Chat is a weekly, live podcast that is interactive.  I invite cat experts to talk about their area of expertise and invite viewers to ask questions and share their stories.  I learn a lot as I am sharing these experts with our viewers.  It is done via Google Hangouts on Air, which is free.



The ultimate result is to get people to take action.  All of the work that goes into creating video and interacting with our social networks is worth it if we can count on people to return the favor by speaking up for the cats.

I had this video made by providing a script, the images and $35.00 to BookReviewStew at Fiverr.com

The results were that we have been responsible for more than half of the comments posted at Regulations.gov to stop cub handling, despite being one of the smallest groups to promote it.



Spend a little time up front and your videos will be working for you for years.

For this talk today I’d have to spend the same amount of time to deliver it once or to turn it into a video that will be seen thousands of times.

Time is something that sanctuarians don’t have much of, so we need to use it effectively.  Media works for us and it can work for you.







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