4 Tigers Rescued from Robert Baudys Savage Kingdom 1

4 Tigers Rescued from Robert Baudy’s Savage Kingdom


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When a long time feline breeding compound was closed down, the resident cats there needed a place to call home. Even though there are so many unwanted adult captive tigers in the U.S. some of the facilities that took the animals would use them for breeders (Even though none of them have the genes needed in the Tiger Species Survival Program) or put them right back up for sale onto the exotic animal market.


Big Cat Rescue got the call that the last 4 tigers left were to be put down if no one picked them up in a few days. Maybe they were left because they weren’t white tigers, or in perfect shape, but Big Cat Rescue didn’t care. BCR quickly pulled together its resources and drove up and got the last 4 on what was to be their final day.


The tigers now have a place to call home in an accredited Florida animal sanctuary to live out their final years with the respect that they deserve.

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