Male Jaguar DOB 5/10/06
Arrived 12/13/17

Crossed Rainbow Bridge April 22, 2023

Big Cat Rescue Collaborated with Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium to Bring a Jaguar and Leopard to the Sanctuary


Manny Jaguar at Big Cat Rescue

Manny Jaguar at Big Cat Rescue

December 13, 2017

For the second time in less than a week, Big Cat Rescue has new cats arriving at the sanctuary!

We are taking in and will be the permanent home for an 11-year- old male jaguar named Manny and a 16-year- old female leopard named Nat from Omaha’s AZA-accredited Henry Doorly Zoo. What a December to Remember for the sanctuary!

Jamie and her team of Big Cat Rescuers are driving the cats to the sanctuary in our new Dodge van that we just purr-chased thanks to the incredible generosity of donors like you who read about our desperate need for a new van in our July annual appeal letter! We are so very grateful to have this van that is not only bringing Manny and Nat to their forever home right now but will help us rescue many precious exotic cats for years to come!

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska is constructing expansive new natural habitats for many of their big cats and other animals. For this progress to occur, some of their current exhibits are being replaced. When Big Cat Rescue learned that the zoo was searching for a GFAS-accredited sanctuary to rehome Manny the jaguar and Nat the leopard, we immediately offered to take them.

Nat Amur Leopard

We are happy to have collaborated with Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo to bring Manny and Nat to Big Cat Rescue, where they will remain for the rest of their lives. This type of collaboration between an AZA-accredited zoo and a GFAS-accredited sanctuary is not as common as similar facilities working within their own networks, which makes it even more special. We are delighted that the zoo has entrusted Big Cat Rescue with the ongoing well-being of these beautiful cats. We will make sure Manny and Nat continue to receive the best care possible and enjoy their retirement years at our sanctuary.

We sincerely thank everyone who has donated to the care of our cats during our 25 years in existence and those who have donated since July to allow us to purchase our new Dodge van! If you’d like to help us out by donating toward the food and care of Manny and Nat, we would greatly appreciate it!

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Many Jaguar Updates

Dec 13, 2017

Manny has been curious and investigated his new home.

Dec 14, 2017

Manny is such a funny cat. His first day here he rounded up all the toys and took them inside the den which totally cracked us up. Keepers frequently peek in on him through the den peep hole just to check on him. We are not lingering long at a time. He seems to want some privacy while he gets used to the routines, sounds, smells, etc. We are respecting that and being patient to give him time to get acquainted, on his terms. Currently, we have limited the number of keepers caring for him so he does not feel overwhelmed. When he is more comfortable we will take new pix to share with all of you. Thank you for your patience while we wait for him to settle in.

Jamie Veronica captured a sneaky snapshot of Manny. Spying on Manny in his den with all of his toys that he is hoarding.

Spying on Manny in his den with all of his toys that he is hoarding.

Keeper Michael got a snapshot from another angle of Manny hoarding his toys in his new den.

Keeper Afton came along later and got another great snapshot as well,  “I saw a picture of Manny the jaguar in his den with his toys, but some things you just have to see for yourself.”

I think it is safe to say, “Manny Jaguar likes his new den, especially when it is ‘decorated’ with his favorite things.

Dec 18, 2017

Keeper MaryLou Geis got some new snapshots of Manny. What a handsome jaguar this boy is.

Dec 19, 2017

Keeper Marie Schoubert found out that Manny LOVES sicles. Check out this cute video of Manny and his tuna sicle.

Dec 20, 2017

Jamie got snapshot of Manny lounging around under the trees, still keeping those toys close by.

December 21, 2017

Manny has a heart on his belly. ~Keeper Afton

Manny has a heart on his belly.

Manny Artwork

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More Manny Updates

Manny’s pool got 1,000 pounds of concrete added today. Little by little this project is coming along. 🩸 😅 & 😭 for the cats! 🐆

Manny jaguar pool

Manny’s pool is coming along. We are in the final days of construction and are so excited for him to see it! 💦 🐆 🌴

Manny jaguar pool

Manny jaguar pool
Manny jaguar pool

June 23, 2022

Manny is being seen by Dr. Boorstein for not eating all his food and vomiting.

The next 2 videos are of his exam and surgery.

Please note there is a surgical incision made so if you are squeamish you may not want to watch the part that begins at the 1 hour, 20 minute mark of the first video thru the 6 min, 20 second mark of the second video.

The obstruction in Manny jaguar’s bowel was fur, bone and plants.

Manny obstruction vet jaguar

June 24, 2022

Manny was seen yesterday by Dr. Boorstein for a bowel obstruction which was removed. It was fur, bone and plants. He is now in the outside recovery cage and will recover there for the next 10-14 days while his incision heals.

*Please note this is the only concrete floored cage on property. This is necessary to keep the incision clean for healing and is easily washed off to keep the floor clean.

July 7, 2022

Manny went back home to his enclosure after 2 weeks in the outdoor recovery cage after having surgery to remove a bowel obstruction. As you will see he was not real sure about getting in the transport and it took some ingenuity from Jamie, Afton and Victor to get him in there but he sure was happy to be home!

October 25, 2022

Manny Jaguar is being sedated today by Dr. Justin Boorstein for inappetance, vomiting and lethargy for 5 days.


Dr Justin came in to examine Manny this afternoon. He had a blockage in his intestine larger than when he was last sedated for one in June. Dr. Justin removed a piece a piece of his jejunum (a part of the small intestine) where there appears to be scar tissue and a blockage of some kind. The section was sent out for testing to make sure it was just a foreign body block and not something more serious.Manny will be in the outdoor recovery cage for at least 10 days after which he will move to a section of his cage without access to platforms or his pool for at least two weeks. His diet will no longer include whole prey or bones of any kind going forward.16 years is old for a Jaguar, so we will be monitoring our intense boy very closely to ensure he heals.Watch Manny on his nest cam at at BigCatCams, the outdoor recovery cage.



Lab Results – Manny’s results came back today and the portion of intestine that was removed in his most recent surgery came back as Adenocarcinoma (intestinal cancer). According to the lab reports the entire tumor was removed with good margins. Fortunately there was no sign of metastasis. However there is a chance of reoccurrence.It is possible that both blockages were caused by this same area (the first blockage may have been stuck in this area and then shortly before surgery finally moved down to the lower intestines where it was removed. Or it could just be coincidence.


Manny was seen by Dr. Boorstein today. He has been leaving food the past few days and today was completely uninterested. Nothing particularly noteworthy was found, other than Manny being super constipated. He has a bit of arthritis in his shoulders.He will remain locked in those two sections for observation.

April 18, 2023

Manny Update

Manny Jaguar was let back out into his home enclosure after his vet procedure yesterday. It seems as if his vision is diminished . He is being monitored closely.

April 18, 2023 Update:

Manny was seen 4/17/2023 by Dr Justin Boorstein for inappetence and was found to be constipated and was given fluids and put on blood pressure medication due to an odd look to one of his eyes. Since being back out in his cage on 4/18/2023 his vision seems diminished and he has stayed in the same place in his cage. He has a good appetite but is requiring stick feeding and to be sure he is getting fluids

April 2o, 2023

In addition to stick feeding Manny, it was noted today that he had not moved from the spot he was in since yesterday late afternoon even after going through the Verkada cam footage to see if he had moved. There is no camera in the back section where he is but he was laying in the same spot this morning. Afton and Erin had to get creative to get fluids to him since he was not getting up to get water from either his pool or water bowl. The next 5 videos show them figuring out how to get water to him.

April 20, 2023 PM Update

Get an update from Erin on Manny this afternoon in the next 2 videos.

April 22, 2023

Manny Jaguar Update:Last week Manny began leaving some of his diet. On Sunday he was completely uninterested in breakfast and wouldn’t come out of his den. When he still wouldn’t come out or take any food on Monday, we knew something was up. When we were checking on him we notified he appeared to be blind in one eye and his third eyelid was up. We were worried his colon cancer had come back. We did X-rays but nothing was conclusive.  Dr. Boorstein came in to examine him on Monday evening, and we found he was constipated and his kidney values weren’t great. We treated his constipation and started different meds for his eyes and possible high blood pressure and spoke to specialists about different possible causes.  After waking up, which was tough, we realized Manny seemed to be completely blind. He was scared, and uncomfortable and seemed to be having trouble breathing.  This week the ops team has been closely monitoring his breathing, eating, drinking and behavior. He did not seem to be drinking on his own. He progressed from scared to annoyed to angry to tired. His breathing had not gotten better, and today for the first time he was refusing food. He hasn’t been able to breath or rest comfortably and today he told us he was tired of fighting.  Dr. Wynn came to ease him over to the other side while the ops team sat with him and talked about how incredible it’s been to get to know such a beautiful boy.  A necropsy was performed and his kidney values were higher than earlier this week and his lungs were filled with fluid and lesions. Samples have been sent out so we can know for sure, but we suspect his cancer metastasized to his lungs, and his blindness was a result of metastasis as well.  We want to remember Manny as the strong, handsome majestic, silly boy we all knew and loved over the years. His presence will be missed.

Manny Lung Biopsy Results:Metastasis from the original GI cancer confirmed. Even though his initial surgeries removed all of the obvious cancer, microscopic disease was present in his lungs. He was able to lead a good quality of life until the spread to his lungs got too invasive.

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  1. I can only echo what Christina has already said. Manny the Man, the boy who had everyone swooning, you majestic boy were among the first cats I sponsored, it went without saying that you made that list alongside Priya, Beacher and then Purrrfection, Kimba Tiger and Flint. It breaks my heart that I will no longer get to witness your stunningly intense catness but I also know that you are running free of pain, discomfort and the cages that held you since birth. What a priviledge and honour it was to have had the opportunity to witness your splendour in person as well as from afar. Rest In Eternal Peace sweet but intense boy, go fly and send your sweet jaguar kisses back from over the Rainbow Bridge for us to catch on the breeze

  2. Go rest high on that mountain Manny. Run through the sweetgrass and roll in the clover and catnip. Gather with the BCR Sky Pride and rejoin old friends. I’m sure Cambu and Joseph were there with the rest of them to welcome you home. You are whole, free of pain and free from captivity that never should have been. Your keepers will miss you more than anyone, maybe visit them in their dreams and let them know you are home. We, your adoring subjects will miss you, you beautiful majestic beast. I wish I could see you run free, without a care, for as far as you want to run and then climb up a tree and stretch out on a big limb for a cat nap. Farewell good and faithful ambassador, your time here is done, but the memories we made of you will last forever. Thank you Manny, it has been a pleasure knowing you. Adiós dulce jaguar, Espero que el cielo sea como Argentina. You are home and will always be loved. ~ Sandi

  3. Rest In Peace Manny. I will miss you so much. Thank you BCR for all you do for these cats. You are truly amazing people.
    Run free Mr. Man 🌈😿💔❤️

  4. So sorry for the loss of this majestic Jaguar. He will be greatly missed by all of his adoring fans. But mostly his dedicated staff and keepers. Warm hugs and condolences to you all as you cope with another difficult loss this week. So sorry. He declined so quickly. Sweet Magnificent Manny Manwell we will miss you and we love you!

  5. Both Manny-and Natalia-lived at my zoo-The Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo And Aquarium. Their indoor and outdoor exibits were just up and down from each other. Natalia’s was up and Manny’s was down. Years ago, we had a male Amur leopard named Usi-U-C. He was in with Natalia. Usi was/is my favorite Amur leopard. Manny is my favorite Spotted Jaguar. I once had a photo calendar made for one of my bosses, and I put one picture of Natalia in it, and one of Manny in it. How are they doing?
    God bless;

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