A trip to the zoo with lots of food

The BETA (Beirut Ethical Treatment of Animals) folks have their hands full caring for abandoned dogs and cats every day. Yet they’re also trying to help other animals of all kinds, including at zoos. A few days ago, two of the Best Friends team joined BETA founder Joelle on a food delivery trip to a zoo about three hours away from the animal sanctuary.

In a country where food is still in short supply, it can be difficult to find food for animals. But the lions and tigers have been starving, and so the BETA folks have been buying a little here and a little there, from many different stores, as they make their way to the zoo.

“People must think we’re holding a big party or starting a salad bar,” said Joelle. “But it does make them wonder when I ask for 50 pounds of bananas!”

Eventually, the group finished their rounds and brought the goodies to the animals in the zoo. And you can bet the animals were very happy to see them.

“It’s been very difficult on them during this time,” said Joelle. “We have trouble keeping a supply of cat and dog food for our shelter. Can you imagine what it’s like for these poor creatures?”

The lions and tigers eagerly scarfed down the raw meat. Primates hooted their enthusiasm when the bananas came into view. And all the other animals did their special dances of joy to meet the Good People with the Food.

Joelle said BETA would try to make another trip to the zoo soon.

“But hopefully, things will open up enough so that supplies won’t be so hard to come by,” said Joelle.

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