A Unique Book about Amur Tiger is Published in Primorye

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A Unique Book about Amur Tiger is Published in Primorye

Saturday, March 29 2008, 07 PM

The monograph is based on observing the predators for many years

VLADIVOSTOK, March 28, vladivostoktimes.com The monograph is devoted to the Amur Tiger, the master of Ussuri taiga, and contains the recommendations on its preserving in the wild life. The author of the book Galina SALKINA, the senior staff scientist of Lazo nature reserve named after Kaplanov, researched and proved many aspects of this predator ecology; the “Vladivostok” newspaper reports.

G. SALKINA has been working in the reserve for 27 years and for 20 years she has been researching the ecology of the Amur tiger. She is a follower of the Russian zoologists’ school that researches the animals in their environment without forcing them. The monograph “Amur Tiger and its biocoenotic connection in the south-east of Sikhote Alin” is based on observing the predators for many years. The research work aims at revealing the ecological relationships of the Amur tiger and hoofed mammals, its potential victims. Besides, the author recommends the ways of preserving the predator listed in the Red Book, pointing out that the most efficient way to preserve the Amur tiger is to preserve it in the nature reserve.

Galina SALKINA is the author and co-author of about 50 research articles. Today she is searching for the opportunity to publish her work. She hopes that there are people who can assist her in publishing the monograph. Especially as nowadays the problem of preserving the population of the Amur tiger is being paid much attention to. So, last year two national parks – “Call of the Tiger” and “Udege Legend” were created in Primorye; they assist to preserve the striped predator. The Governor Sergey DARKIN in his report on development of the Primorsky Territory in 2007 and the tasks for 2008 promised that “there will be a tiger not only on the Primorsky Territory emblem but also in its native habitat.”



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