Videos of Some of the Big Cats BCR has Rescued

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  • Austin Brumley


    • Austin Brumley

      Valerie Brown – LOL It did show up

  • Labby Cat

    Love this place.

  • Mariah Fisher

    hello, I have some questions for the staff and I was wondering if I could have your email address because I can find it anywhere. please contact me at ASAP please.

  • Katrina Smith

    Are there more videos of your animals on this site or elsewhere on the web?

  • Carole Baskin

    Katrina Smith No. It just means I haven't gone back through and assigned all of the cats into that category. This page has all of our cats and their stories

  • Carole Baskin

    We have 600 videos of our cats at and and you can find us in the Roku Channel Store by searching BCR

  • Mackenzie

    Hi my name is Mackenzie and i was wondering if i could get hired because i would love to work with the big cats and help rescue and take care of them. Oh hey um im i am doing drawings of all of your cats and then send them to y’all and i hope y’all love them and the cats i love you guys.


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