Videos of Some of the Big Cats BCR has Rescued

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  • Austin Brumley


    • Austin Brumley

      Valerie Brown – LOL It did show up

  • Labby Cat

    Love this place.

  • Mariah Fisher

    hello, I have some questions for the staff and I was wondering if I could have your email address because I can find it anywhere. please contact me at ASAP please.

  • Katrina Smith

    Are there more videos of your animals on this site or elsewhere on the web?

  • Carole Baskin

    Katrina Smith No. It just means I haven't gone back through and assigned all of the cats into that category. This page has all of our cats and their stories

  • Carole Baskin

    We have 600 videos of our cats at and and you can find us in the Roku Channel Store by searching BCR

  • Mackenzie

    Hi my name is Mackenzie and i was wondering if i could get hired because i would love to work with the big cats and help rescue and take care of them. Oh hey um im i am doing drawings of all of your cats and then send them to y’all and i hope y’all love them and the cats i love you guys.

  • Julia Kiser

    Thank you, Big Cat Rescue, for your ongoing efforts to educate the public on the impracticality of trying to own and/or socialize exotic cats. It doesn’t work for the owner or the cat. BCR, you are rock stars for giving these deserving animals a forever retirement home with adequate space, and the utmost of care and best enrichment possible. Let’s end cub petting and end the need to rehome wild cats to save them from a life of misery and abuse.

  • katie

    I am watching the Tiger King and I don’t know why but i always loved tigers and exotic animals but seeing them in cages and being like pets and people in danger because there wild not pets and should not be breaded in captivity is wrong let them go to there habitat but if there were born in captivity they need to stay in the right type of care like your place at lease you are treating them right not like pets because there not. you have gotten me to start a website now how can you tell someone that they can’t make a different. Thank You

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