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Like hurricane Wilma, November has blown right in and brought a mixed bag of blessings. With it, come some exciting high points in the life of our sanctuary, but also several critical situations that we must report to you. Please read on about what may be one of the most important editions to date.

Thank you.

Carole Baskin, Founder


Legacy of Hope?

It can be a legacy of hope, but not first without being a cry for compassion. And cries are what we are hearing, as we have 3 new babies at the sanctuary that we never planned on. Neither did their mother. You see, just weeks ago, we were faced with a life or death situation in adopting the cubs of a brave young mother cougar who surrendered her life at the hands of a hunter, who only knew the glory of a moment of power over her with his gun. If we have any say over it, and we now do, her death will not be in vain. She’ll never know the opportunity her little precious ones may afford us in educating the world about reconsidering the consequences of sport hunting, and the lack of respect for our fellow creatures. Please know that we are going to use this platform not to gain idle exposure and attendance out of greed or notoriety, but to truly allow these 3 little guys a voice in being a change agent for the better. We are also hopeful that Animal Planet may film their story for a special feature. In the meantime, your donations will help us get their story out to the world. Your voice is the only voice they have in our government. Please read their story, sign this petition and forward it on to your circle of influence. Together, we can make it right for these little innocents, for their mother who died trying to save them, and for the thousands of others like them.


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Fur Ball a Roaring 20’s Success

FUN is the word that was most often used to describe Big Cat Rescue’s Fur Ball and this year was the best year yet!  Preliminary results show that we netted $61,000.00 for the cats this year! Also, exciting is the fact that we raised 5% for conservation and sent $1000.00 to each of these programs:  Dr. Sanderson’s Small Cat Photo Trap Program in Asia, Lewa Conservancy in Africa, and Project Guyana, to create an eco lodge in South America. We are very proud to support these worthy projects.

Then, thanks to generous donors and vendors, the ball was packed with activity and culinary delights. The guests dressed in safari formal and Great Gatsby-esque costumes, delighted in the decadent chocolate dipping fountains, bid on fabulous silent auction items, dined on gourmet vegan fare, and danced the night away to our jazz band and more. It was a spectacular feast for the senses and the night was most successful in what we did to raise the funds that are so critical to continuing our mission. Many thanks. We hope you enjoyed the event. See you next year for all the fun again!


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Big Cat Rescue Turns 13


Happy birthday dear Big Cat Rescue…happy birthday to us. Yes, we have turned 13 as of November 4th. What is special about November 4th? Well, this is the day that we rescued our first cat, Windsong. As we reflect, we realize that we may be teenage in years, but we sure feel much older in wisdom and life experience from these years. We have grown from a very small inexperienced refuge, to the world’s largest most notable big cat sanctuary. It is only through the care, concern and generosity of our supporters like you that we can claim this honor. But, awards and honors and birthdays only mark milestones along the way of a very unfinished task…that of putting and end to the suffering of big cats due to private ownership. You see, we can’t say we are grown up or rest, until we bring about the end to all the suffering of the cats. Will you share in our mission?

You probably got an email from us about buying a magazine to help us take care of the orphaned mountain lion cubs.  If you haven’t already done so, please take a look at these 650 titles to choose from.  It is a great way to save a life while giving as a gift or doing something for yourself. Help us reach our goal today.

Miami Rescue Efforts

We are acting quickly to bring life-saving supplies and volunteers to a dire situation. Hurricane Wilma swept through a little mom and pop sanctuary in Miami housing 35 cats.  The owner had a stroke the following day, and was just recently released from ICU.  No one knows if there is water there.  No one can be reached by phone and no one is staying on site to guard the animals.  There is thought to be power, but no one knows for sure.  All of the perimeter fence around the 5 acre compound is down and trees are down so that you can only get around on foot.  All of the cat cages are thought to be secure according to Game & Fish.  We know that there are 4 tigers, 1 lion, 2 bobcats, a couple of servals and caracals and almost 30 cougars.  Most of the cats live in minimum size chain link cages and corn cribs.  At this time we have no way of knowing if the owner will be able to care for the cats again, or if this is the end of the line for them.  His wife is asking people to take the cats but we can’t take 35 today, just like we couldn’t take 32 last month, or 30 the month before that. Our plan is to send several volunteers down to assess the situation and do all we can. Your donations make it possible for us to help others.  Watch for our next AdvoCat Ezine to find out what happens.

You Get Fit, The Cats Get Fat

The cats get fat, as in more funds for their ever-increasing needs, if you choose to participate. We’ve been given the opportunity to tie your fitness into the well-being of the sanctuary, through an effective nutrition plan. The Matol diet includes cake for breakfast, pudding in the mid morning, soup and salad for lunch, lean meat and veggies for dinner and a hot cocoa drink before bed.  This is too good to be a diet!  The best part is that while you are discovering your inner, beautiful self and feeling more energy than you have in years, you are also feeding the cats of Big Cat Rescue.  See how much weight our founder has lost on this diet! Just sign up on this site to get your products or to create your own home business and the cats will get all the commissions and royalties on your commissions as well.


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How We Earned Our Stripes

You may think that when you see our former circus tigers lounging peacefully at Big Cat Rescue, that we just had the connections or luck to be chosen as the retirement home for them. Maybe you have not even stopped to think on it. That’s ok. I’m Christy, and I’ve been a volunteer for 3 ½ years, and I’d like to tell you that is was neither luck, nor connections. It was much more. Let me share their story, which is also my story, and both have become a part of our collective history. Please click the link to read more.


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Pumpkin Fun

Who doesn’t like being given a new gadget, exploring a new restaurant, or maybe driving to somewhere you’ve never been? These are all stimulating activities that renew our minds and excite our spirits. Our big cats have desires for the same kind of fun activity. In the wild, they have the thrill of stalking and being predators. At the sanctuary, we have to work overtime to provide a fraction of the same stimulation. However, rest assured, we have dedicated volunteers that love to delight the cats with treasures of all kinds. This time of year affords us the opportunity to give the cats leftover Halloween pumpkins to play with endlessly. The playfulness that they bring out in the cats is very worth the effort. Take a look at some shots of enriching the cats with pumpkins


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