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As we enter hurricane season, our thoughts turn to preparations for the safety of our big cats. We hope you will also make plans for your smaller domestic felines in case of disaster. We have news to report from our global involvements to local students’ fundraising. Thank you for being our highly valued supporters. We hope to see you at the sanctuary this summer!

Carole Baskin, Founder



Reaching Around the World

caracalBig Cat Rescue is very excited to participate in some upcoming global conservation efforts.  We will be assisting the Smithsonian Institution in a project to examine the population biology of small carnivores in Gabon, West Africa and Borneo.  The purpose of the project is to determine the impact of habitat degradation on these species, as to better determine conservation strategies.  The plan is to use specially trained dogs to find feces from wild carnivores, and then use genetic analysis to examine their population biology.  Two of our volunteers, Jennifer Ruszczyk and Barbara Frank, will be collecting samples to be used during the training of the dogs.  Since some of the animals at Big Cat Rescue are rarely found at zoos, we are going to be a very important part of this project.

Leave No Pet Behind Party

June 11, 2006 was such a wonderful event!  We were able to raise $1,087.00 for the “Leave No Pet Behind Fund” and send 44 letters to our Senators asking that they support the bill to include our pets in disaster planning.  We drummed with Jana Broder under the full moon until dark, and then were entertained by the Clearwater Element Fire Spinners on our beach.  We heard the roars from the lions and tigers as we watched them spin their magic with the flames dancing on the face of the lake.  Lots of good food and drinks were provided by the volunteers and guests, and we had an opportunity to mingle with other like-minded supporters.  It was a night to remember!

If you haven’t written your Senator yet, click & send HERE

Big Cat “Whisperer”

Laura Speaks to Cameron

Sometimes the most meaningful gift to the present is from the past. Come along on a tour with animal communicator, Laura Lluellyn Lassiter. She states, “The “beautiful and wild forces” within us are remembered when we visit the majestic cats residing at Big Cat Rescue.” How can the simple concept of understanding something contribute to the survival of a species? Our biggest challenge is understanding there is nothing that happens anywhere that doesn’t affect everything everywhere. The fate of these magnificent creatures will be determined by our understanding and positive action. Only by knowing our past, do we understand the present, thereby giving us the wisdom to create the future.

Note: Photo done in Photoshop.  We don’t endanger people or cats here.

Read more here…


 Kids 4 Cats

Independent Day School

The Earth Force Club of Admiral Farragut Academy in St. Petersburg is advised by Mr. Michael Andrusis. His students are dedicated to helping preserve the natural surroundings that we all enjoy. Since his class attended a field trip here in October, they decided we would be a good choice for their donation. The students raised funds by raising twenty dollars each to purchase a concrete block for a “Memory Lane” walking path. They then painted their favorite memory of the school year with the school colors on their block. This photo shows Mr. Andrusis and his class as they set the first stepping stone in the fundraiser for Big Cat Rescue. His Lower Division students raised $732.53 for the cats. Our volunteer, Mr. Denny Mitchell, attended their assembly to accept the donation. Our deepest thanks goes to the class for this most generous donation.

Read more about Kids 4 Cats

 New Gift Shop Items!

Kids GearA volunteer’s daughter in this photo shows that even the littlest ones can have Big Cat Rescue pride. She’s wearing one of our newest shirts in our adorable toddler line of clothes at the sanctuary gift shop. Our staff works hard at finding the most unique items that promote Big Cat Rescue awareness, convey global information, raise funds, or are just plain fun to buy as gifts. You’ll find a wide array of new shirts for all ages, totes, toys, videos, magnets and more. Be sure to come in after your tour or go on-line to shop the latest merchandise. You too can show the world your Big Cat Rescue spirit!


Visit the gift shop now...

Heavenly Cascades at Fur Ball

chocolate fountainHeavenly Fountains is generously donating THREE decadent fountains of Chocolate and Ghiradelli Caramel with a value of over $3,125.00 to this year’s Fur Ball. Come enjoy an extra large Belgian Chocolate Fountain of Dark Chocolate, a large Fountain of Belgian White Chocolate, and yet another fountain of Ghiradelli Caramel. Feast on strawberries, cookies, sliced bananas, cream puffs, green and red apples, pretzels and marshmallows, and dip to your heart’s desire. It’s first come, first serve, so plan on getting here early.

Tickets Discounted until July 31 Read More…

 Feline Fun Fact

CalicoDid you know that the color patterns of tortoise shell and calico cats are easily recognized and very distinct? The “tortie” is black with red or orange markings while the calico is white with patches of red, orange and black. A cat’s black coat is made by a pigment known as melanin. All others solid colors are due to genetic modifications of this pigment or to the way the melanin is laid down in the hair fibers. Cats may be unique in markings, but they still share one thing in common…their mysterious yet predictable love for our attention. Have you told your cat how beautiful he or she is today?

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