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Hello. It’s July and time to be thankful for the country we live in. We hope you had a fun 4th of July. Our country is far from perfect, but we can be grateful for the many freedoms we do have. Many cats are not as lucky, so we are still fighting for their freedom from private ownership, exploitation, and abuse. Thank you for being faithful supporters who care about this mission. Read on for inspiring stories above and beyond the call of duty this month. Enjoy!


Carole Baskin, Founder



 Chris Simms of the Bucs Visits the Big Cats

Bucs Chris SimmsOn Friday, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Chris Simms and a dozen young friends found an exciting way to kick off the long Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Simms and a group of kids from The Children’s Home toured Big Cat Rescue for the first of three educational trips that will make up the signal-caller’s new Wild Adventures program. Why Big Cat Rescue? Simms developed the Wild Adventures program out of his love for nature, animals and the outdoors. He’s no stranger to felines either, as an owner of two domestic tabby cats, Deuce and Rome.

While at the facility, Simms and his group learned about each of the different breeds of cat, their eating and sleeping habits and ways the cats behave in the wild. Simms and the kids grew especially fond of Cheetaro, a cheetah who loved to show off by climbing up a tree and stretching out on a limb.“ I had a great time at the Big Cat Rescue, and I know the kids loved it as well,” Simms said. “It was definitely a good learning experience for all of us.” Thank you Chris for your passion for the kids and the cats!

They Came, They Saw and Conquered.

PricewaterhouseCoopersWe had the most AWESOME group of volunteers recently.  They represented the firm of Pricewaterhouse Coopers. The project coordinator was Karen Whirley, and she brought 23 enthusiastic, energetic and STRONG volunteers. For over four hours, armed with machetes, loppers and yes, even chainsaws, they tackled a project that would have taken us days.  These volunteers cleared a large area of land that overlooks our lake. Why? We use soil to cover our cats’ dens and to fill in areas in their enclosures that may have been washed away. The group cleared the area because that is where we get our land fill, and invading this soil, were very tall, very thick, very stubborn weeds!  The volunteers worked under the blazing hot sun.  They cut, chopped and dragged bushes, trees, and limbs, until we could once again see the lake.  Their shirts in the photos say “29k/30”, which stands for 29,000 employees working at a charity, giving back to the community, over a 30 day period. Many cities and offices throughout the country are participating in this initiative. Our volunteers and staff are so appreciative to this wonderful group of people from PricewaterhouseCoopers.  Thank you, to all of you. You truly “Came, Saw, and Conquered.”

Read About Quadrant Software‘s Charity Day HERE

 Podcasts A.K.A. “PodCats”

Scott Learns To FlyWe have ventured into new technological territory to bring you our latest news in a cutting edge format; PodCats. Podcasts can be subscribed to for free. You can receive news from us dropped onto your hard drive as it happens, and can download it to your iPods where you can read it, hear it and if you have the video capable iPods, you can watch us.  Just imagine having big cat news on a little portable radio / video that is the size of a pack of cigarettes. Follow the link below, and you can see what our podcasts look and sound like. This is an exciting new communication breakthrough for us to be able to get news to you. We hope you enjoy using it.

Sync up with “PodCats” and read more…

Garage Sale Turns Trash to Cash

Long time volunteer Kym Marszal, has graciously turned her garage into a weekly “Big Cat Rescue Fundraiser.”  She collects “trash and treasures” from volunteers and supporters and spends her weekends with bargain-seeking customers.  Not only is she helping to raise funds for our cats, but she is also spreading the word about our sanctuary and our mission. To date, she has raised over $250.00.  We plan to use this money for things that we can all see and appreciate like extra boomer balls for the tigers, a rope toy for a bobcat etc. This is an ongoing event, so as long as we donate our “treasures” to Kym, the staff and volunteers can all take part in deciding what special extra treats our cats will get. A big thank you to Kym for donating her time and energy to this worthwhile project.


 Tiger Wows Tour

Flashes on Tiger EarsWhen Volunteer Keeper Pat O’Shea brought her tour group to Sarmoti (one of our Bengal tigers) recently, his back was turned to the crowd. She told her group that Sarmoti wanted the group to see the “flashes” on the backs of his ears.  After she explained what “flashes” were, she said “Okay Sarmoti, you can turn around now”.  AND HE DID!  The tour group applauded, “which is just what he was looking for,” said Pat. Flashes or Eye Spots are the white spots on the back of ears.  At night they might act as a “follow me” signal for cubs. Also, used as a diversion to fool other predators into thinking the cat is looking in their direction.  Most predators prefer sneaking up from behind rather than attacking  the front of the cat. Sarmoti can always be counted on to represent all the tigers with vigor and we love him dearly.

 Catch a Tiger By the Tail

Tiger SnuggleOne recent occurrence of a love bite, gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “catch a tiger by the tail.” Shere Khan, our largest and very beloved male tiger, playfully bit a hole in his beloved girlfriend China Doll’s tail. Although, minor, they had to be separated while she is healing. She is doing great and in a few days we will put them back together.  We don’t think it was intentional and wasn’t too traumatic thank goodness, but stay tuned as it sounds like the makings for a good “reality show pilot” on tiger love life.

Help us meet unexpected needs like China Doll’s medical care by purchasing this license plate frame that features some of your favorite cats at Big Cat Rescue for only $5.00 HERE

 Feline Fun Fact

cougar tongueA cat’s taste buds are located at the tip, sides and base of the tongue, clustered around tiny openings in the surface. There is not much response to sweet foods, but scientists have documented an unusual sensitivity to the taste of water. Cats also respond strongly to certain scents. They’re attracted to garlic, so cat food manufacturers often use it as a flavoring. Due to the fact that they’re typically repulsed by the odors of mothballs and orange peels, these scents may be used to protect certain valuables.  Stimulate your cat by offering some new spices like cinnamon, pumpkin spice or catnip occasionally to keep their senses honed.

Watch Global Warming-What You Need To Know this Sunday More Here

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