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A hearty Happy New Year to you and yours! 2007 is alive with opportunities for us all not only in our personal and professional lives, but also in our charitable actions. What is important to you? You’ve spoken loud and clear to us by what you do for the big cats. Thank you for being interested in our endeavors and reports of successful events and needs. We are growing in every direction, and this month we have news about our global outreach, local fundraising, and a bit of Valentine’s shopping fun amidst our other stories. Enjoy, and we hope to see your faces frequently in 2007.


Carole Baskin, Founder



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Annual Report & Slideshow

Take a walk with us down an honest assessment of our year’s successes and achievements as only an annual report can show. Revel with us in victories in legislative efforts, new marketing and promotions tactics, fundraising, including compassionate hurricane relief, grounds improvements, fun enrichment for the cats, and more. It’s always a mile marker in time for us to review this and marvel at where we’ve been, while keeping our sights firmly set on where we intend to go. Won’t you come along?

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Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts

Tired of displaying your affection with red foil wrapped confections from CVS and sappy cards with big lips on them? We have you covered with “the cat’s meow” of Valentine’s Day gifts from our gift shop. How about a captivating photo of one of our beloved cat couples like Cameron & Zabu or Willow & Natasha in a hand-crafted frame from Kenyan tribesmen? You must see these photos in the link. They will melt your heart. We have acquired specialty coffees that will not only brew affection in your sweetie, but also benefits the environment. Your honey will look sweet in our unisex paw print loungewear, or stand out at the beach this summer with our striking big cat beach towels. Possibly one of our best ideas for you would be a gift certificate for a tour or an adoption kit. Nothing says love like showing compassion for those who have no voice. Send a Free Card or enjoy shopping for these and more at this link.

Click here to view our “sweet on kitties” shopping page…

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Big Cat Mug Shots Catch Poachers Red-handed

The illegal portion of the 15 billion dollar trade in exotic pets is third only to the market for illegal drugs and weapons. In 2005, some 210 million wild animals were brought legally into the U.S. and many more were smuggled, because there are just 120 USFWS inspectors to cover 39 International airports and all of the border crossings. In just the legal importations, that means each inspector must view and approve the health of almost 15,000 animals per day, every day of the year.

World Wildlife Federation of Poland (WWF)- an international non-governmental wildlife conservation organization, is preparing a wild cat manual for Polish Customs and Police CITES coordinators. Big Cat Rescue has been invited to participate with our photos and knowledge of big cats. Its purpose is to facilitate a proper identification for officers, of all wild cat species – both live and their parts (skins, skulls etc.) The manual will be distributed for free to the officers during a workshop, which WWF organizes specially for coordinators in Poland. Special training on wild cats’ identification is crucial, as cat skins are seized every year on polish borders. This is a distinctive honor for us to be able to use our experience to impact real life criminal happenings and make changes to save animal’s lives.

Big Cat Rescue is also providing photo images of endangered cats for an eBay guide designed to eliminate the illegal trade of cat skins.  Many people don’t know they are dealing in illegal wildlife and eBay has a hard time regulating the trade.  This guide will help protect the cats by illustrating the coat markings of endangered species.  Stay tuned for more on these endeavors.

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 Big Cats Camped Out at Borders

Another holiday season wrapping gifts at Borders Bookstore in Carrollwood equals another reason to celebrate. With 58 Big Cat Rescue volunteers manning the gift wrap table with 455 total hours over 12 days, we were truly camped out, and able to talk to literally 1000’s of customers, educating them about the plight of big cats. The major difference this year was, when customers were asked, “Have you heard of Big Cat Rescue?”, the majority said “YES!” Last year, it was the exact opposite. The way we are making a difference and the passion the volunteers share, has obviously reached so many people. Everyone was very generous in their support of Big Cat Rescue.

Read and see more photos here…

 Kids 4 Cats

In addition to the Borders Bookstore funds we raised for the cats, we invited a formerly-featured “compassionate kid” and his family out for a special occasion. You’ll remember Max Jenkins and his family who we featured in August for his generosity in donating his birthday money to Big Cat Rescue. In honor of Max’s and his brother Sam’s giving spirits, we asked them out to present two of our big cats with brand new heavy gauge plastic play balls. These specialty balls are very expensive and were purchased with the funds from the Borders Bookstore fundraiser. We thought that not only would our tiger and lion couple be highly thankful to receive this fun gift, but Max and his brother might really enjoy the gift-giving. Here they are giving the “Planet Ball” to Cameron/Zabu. Variety truly does seem to be the spice of life for humans and cats alike.

For more photos of the cats having fun click here…

 2007 Calendars – Free and for Purchase

24 hours in a day and 7 days a week – something we are all equally given. However, it’s many times, the ones of us who keep ourselves organized with a good calendar who seem to be on top of our games. We’d like to offer you a special link with a free calendar/online calendar and one you can purchase. Here’s to a great 2007.

Click to choose one…

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 Feline Fact

Beauty is More Than Skin-deep.

A kitty’s skin has unique features that serve its particular lifestyle. For instance, his/her skin is less sensitive than ours, allowing the cat to cozy up close to heat sources such as the laundry dryer, the fireplace, and the refracted window sunlight on the carpets. Also, its skin is very loosely draped on its frame, allowing it to slip away from a predator’s claws and to make long leaps. Run your fingers through your kitty’s fur and give him/her a big compliment on its beautiful coat today.

This quote adds poetry to these facts. “Cats, no less liquid than their shadows, offer no angles to the wind. They slip, diminished, neat, through loopholes less than themselves.” A.S.J. Tessimond

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