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The month of February has blown in with chilly and even severe force, but also warm compassion in regard to what many of you have done for us. It should not surprise us that you voted us the WEDU People’s Choice Award Winner, but it touches us greatly. Thank you. Also, one of our favorite things to tell you about this month and always, is the heart-felt actions by kids and adults on our behalf. How about some news on the photo contest, as well as our big Animal Planet feature and more? Savor with us, one of our most meaningful issues!


Carole Baskin, Founder


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Big Cat Rescue Wins People’s Choice Award


You have placed us in high regard by your votes, and we want to thank you very much. We always knew we had powerful backing by those who are aligned with our mission and love the cats, but this is a very high profile compliment. Please go to the site to read more. We celebrate this and you!

Click here to view

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Big Cat Rescue on Animal Planet and More.

You may have been captivated by a clever new animal show entitled “Ms. Adventure”. The host, Rachel, is lively, humorous and educational in her approach, and we were the object of her focus recently. It was fun and will gain the kind of exposure that only serves to reach more people in this world with our mission. Be sure to stay tuned in February and March on Friday nights at 9:00 p.m. when several episodes are slated to appear.

Click here to watch a PSA from Ms Adventure…

Also notable, is our little video production that we made about white tigers. It is airing on and it is closing in on the top ten out of thousands. If enough people vote for us, it will play on TV, channel 366 on satellite. Please put our educational video to the front of the pack by voting today.

Watch & vote for the feature now…

If you haven’t weighed in on the new Florida rules on keeping big cats in back yards, you only have until Feb. 7th to be heard.

Send a quick and easy email now for the cats…

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Valentine’s Day Shopping

Valentine’s Day is upon us! Your sweetie will be pleasantly surprised at your creative compassion in giving her or him a gift that speaks for those who can’t. How about one of our many offerings that make unique presents but also funds the well-being of the cats. Wow them with a tour certificate or adoption kit that has staying power. Give sweetness in the form of a new hat, or some eco-sensitive coffee and mugs. Click the link at the bottom and shop til your heart’s content, or better yet, stop in the gift shop for assurance of your selection in time for the occasion and for select items that may be limited.

Also, for Valentine’s Day we just added 6 Bearcat Wallpapers here that would make a fun gift. Click here…  

We also have some lovey-dovey V-Day cards here: Click here…

Create your own gift item using photos of our cats in our Cafe Press store: Click here…

Lots of new Valentine’s Day games, puzzles and a brand new storybook:  Click here…


Click here for shopping at our on-line gift shop…

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 Safety Cage Success

You did it! You answered our donation call and gave immensely to the point that over 30 animals have now received new safety enclosures. Pharaoh, Purrfection, Nakita, Daisy, Peaches, Lucky, Shasta, Cherokee, Angie….you get the idea…all thank you. The only ones left on the list who still need attention, are the civets, and they need a new cage altogether. This will be about $7500.00.  We are also introducing 3 abandoned young bobcats, Moses & Anasazi to Bailey, and that will require cage modifications that will cost approximately $200.00. Would you consider joining us in making this final stretch possible?

Click here to donate…

 Kids 4 Cats

Rowan Helping Big CatsHere is a photo of a supporter’s daughter, Rowan, raising money for the cats offering refreshments and big cat coloring sheets. She tells us, “We are going to go out a couple of more times, then bring the money up to you in Tampa. It is for her “I Care” project at school and she is very excited about doing this!” Karen L. (mother) We thank you Rowan for your “big cat” heart!

On January 22nd, our education directors had the pleasure of teaching 37 first graders and 7 adults about the amazing cats that reside at our sanctuary.  In addition to the free tour, the sanctuary paid for the children’s bus transportation with grant money.  The children were wonderful and really appreciated the experience.  The best compliment we can imagine was given by one of the teachers.  She said “this field trip was better than other local venues because you provide a guide for the tour who actually educates the visitors.”  We appreciate the kind words.

This is yet another example of the eager zeal found in the youngest of supporters. It’s a thank you sent from a Berkeley Prep third grader who toured with us on 1-12-07.

See it here…

 The Sweet Scent of Compassion

Think you can’t make a difference? Think you have exhausted your dreams or that making a difference in this world is for the radical, most out-spoken, or wealthy? Not feeling the creative juices flowing? The good news is that many of us go through stages of life that are highly transforming, just when we think that things have stagnated. We must tell you about one of our more inspiring supporters who has combined her deep passion for the rainforest, love of candles and big cats to create quite a philanthropic venture. Her name is Beryl Coder. At her website,, when you purchase a $35 Big Cat Rescue adoption kit, she creatively includes a signature perfume fragrance custom-made for Big Cat Rescue’s benefit. It’s called “Special Edition Rainforest Scent” and has soft top notes of Ylang Ylang, blended with jungle florals and spices, aromatic teas and leaves, and rests on strong base notes of earthy, fragrant Teak wood. Keep this in mind for yet another Valentine’s Day gift idea. We applaud her for her inspiring use of her talents and compassion to make the world a more hopeful place.

Read on for the complete story…

 Vote on eBay Guide to Benefit the Cats

Got $50,000 to spare and don’t mind breaking the law?  Those could be the consequences of trading in endangered species furs.  Suppose you have a genuine leopard skin or ocelot fur coat and want to sell it.  You list the coat on eBay with no restrictions and it sells to someone across the country.  Not only does that auction violate eBay’s policies, but if the item is shipped to another state or overseas, you’ve also just broken State and Federal laws.  The Endangered Species Act of 1973 outlaws trade of any product coming from an endangered animal and the penalty can be up to $50,000 per incidence.

A very special supporter, Holly, has written endangered and threatened species fur-trading guidelines on eBay for all to read and understand. We joined forces with her in offering info and photos to assist. This is highly important to cracking down on illegal trade in animal fur.

If you’re an eBay member, we’d appreciate your “Yes” helpfulness vote.  The more positive votes it gets, the higher up this guide will appear in eBay’s searches.

Click here to vote the guide as helpful…

 2006 Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations winners of our annual photo contest! We were overwhelmed with the quality of your submissions. It’s always a treat to review them but a challenge to pick the top ones. We would like to thank all who participated and give special kudos to the winners, among which are the Grand Prize winner, as well as 1st Prize winner, James E. Parker of PA, Garry Walter of KY, Susan Roehl of FL, Nikole Sullo of FL, Kathy Ann Gregg of FL, Ashley Hinkle of MO, and Sandra Gaumont of RI. For complete winner details, read below. Get snappin’ for next year!


See the winners …

 Kitty Quip

As anyone who has ever been around a cat for any length of time well knows, cats have enormous patience with the limitations of the human mind.” Cleveland Amory

They have their own way of dealing with our limitations too.

Remember this next time your cat looks at you quizzically when you call his name and he acts like he does not hear. A clarifying thought among behaviorists is that cats do recognize their names, but come running only if they thing it’s worth their while.

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