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Happy Spring everyone! New life is breaking forth in many ways as the flowers bloom fushia and we introduce some cats to each other for new friendships. We also have a follow up on the Animal Planet filming, a tribute to passed loved ones, Easter fun and games, and kitty-friendly warnings.

Happy Easter to you all! Hop on out to see us while the cool breezes are blowing and let them awaken your senses in more than one way.


Carole Baskin, Founder



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“Peter Cat-n-Tail” and more

Peter Cat N TailHow about a Peter Cat-n-Tail this year in the email box of your loved one? No, it’s not a new species of cat, but it is a humorous take on the Easter bunny, Big Cat Rescue style. In addition to the card, why not also check out 70 new flash puzzles, a story book about the big cats at Easter and a dozen new wallpapers with Easter themes. You will love playing on this site!


Visit our Easter Game Page here…

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TV Exposure

Apache the BobcatWe are thrilled to announce that local Tampa Bay area viewers can see the first episode of “Big Cat Rescuers” on:

April 11, 2007 cable channel 19 7:00 PM

April 15, 2007 cable channel 20 6:30 PM

This one hour episode was created by our own Jamie Veronica, Brian Czarnik and Honey Wayton, and features several of our keepers, partners and of course, Scott Lope our manager. Don’t miss this important debut for us.

Also, as a follow up to our Animal Planet Ms. Adventure story, it is scheduled to air April 14th at 4PM.  We are in the Episode called Communication. Please be on the look-out.

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YouTube Tiger Contest

We informed you about and asked you to participate in The Snow Leopard contest on YouTube. You responded in huge numbers! It has had 37 Save The Snow Leopard videos submitted. The number of combined views on those 37 videos is 23,306 views in less than a month!!!!  THAT is a LOT of people who have learned about efforts to preserve the Tigerhabitat of the Snow Leopard in the wild.  Can you imagine how many views will accumulate over the next year?!

Now, the official Save the Tiger contest is roaring to begin. Let’s fan the same flames. It starts 4-7-07 and will run till 5-7-07. Here is your link below to get the details.

Guidelines page started on Return To Eden website here

Let’s make it a great success!

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Big Cat Rescue Best in America

Best in AmericaBig Cat Rescue has been accepted into the federal version of the Combined Federal Campaign.  Where we could only be in the local books in years past, we will be in every book that goes out to government employees as a choice for their auto deduction giving. Not only were we accepted, but we were also awarded with the Best of the CFC seal.  In the local market we receive upwards of $7,500.00 in donations, so we are hopeful that we will do even better by going national. We are extremely grateful for this opportunity and thank those of you who are participating.

More here…

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Tribute to Dear Friends

Tiger GhostRecently, spurred on by our grieving for several big cats who have passed and the overwhelming devotion we feel about all the animal lives we have encountered, we coordinated written tributes to them. We also know how much you also have come to love our cats over the years. It’s out of our and your devotion that we wanted to assemble the most extensive-to-date written tribute to them. We asked the volunteers and staff to share their special memories of particular cats. What was produced, is a touching memorial of their lives and a legacy of love for these friends that mattered. Most importantly, we want it to inspire us all with the goal of never caging a free creature due to human greed, criminal behavior, misguided judgment or abandonment. Their lives still call out to us to do more, do better, and spread our message. Please remember them with us.

Click here to read the tributes.

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Springing into New Friendships and Spaces

Rose and Cachanga CaracalsMany times, due to animal nature in the wild, and the varied circumstances through which cats come to us, they must be in solitary cages. It is a special case when we believe that cats may do well by being companions due to the mere risk of even trying to introduce them. There could be injury to us or them in speculating if this might work. We evaluate them slowly over time and extremely carefully. We were confident in one such change and had the rare opportunity recently, when we introduced two Caracals, Rose to Cachanga, and then 3 bobcats, Bailey to Moses and Anasazie. Both went very well. Additionally, one of our ocelots, Sultan, got a bonus in receiving a second half of a cage so we can do some major improvements to the tall side without scaring him to death. Simba, a leopard, has been moved, and Reno and Nyla, also leopards, are about to be moved. If cats were eggs, then we would say that we have had quite an Easter egg moving mission lately. It’s never easy, but it’s worth the effort when it can add quality of life to the cats. Come out and check out our changes.

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 AdvoCats in Tallahassee

Please take note of these special supporters, Debra Scott and her father James Scott, and have a glimpse into the power of action steps, no matter how big or small, by two very motivated people.

“My dad and I are avid BCR supporters, and we make a point of talking to people about the sanctuary and handing out newsletters at every opportunity. However, we thought that setting up a table at our annual Springtime Tallahassee festival would be a great way to reach a large number of people in this area, and introduce them to the important mission of the sanctuary.”

Read about their experience and see the photos here…

Words can not express how much we value the time and effort they went to on our behalf. The ripple effect will be tremendous. Thank you. What ideas come to mind for you?

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 Feline Fact

Kitten and BunnyA friendly Easter warning:  Cats shouldn’t eat egg whites or be near plastic basket grass which would be a choking and/or digestive nightmare. Also, no chocolate for pets due to the caffeine stimulant. While we’re giving friendly advice, won’t you consider not giving the bunnies and chicks to your kids? They typically lose their appeal quickly and leave the animals in a neglected, sad state of living.

However, here is an idea to excite your kitty and kiddies this Easter. If you would like to coax those flights of fancy out of your cat…consider tying a long piece of yarn to the back of your waistband and let her follow the moving target on one of your busier cleaning days. You may just see a new kind of ballet or bunny hop!

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