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Cougar Cubs Reunited

Greetings Friend of Big Cat Rescue!

I greet every day with great expectation of all the good things that we are accomplishing for the cats together.  You are my partners every day in this quest for a kinder, gentler world where animals are treated with love, dignity and compassion.  Some of you give of your life’s achievements through donations, some of you give your time in volunteering, doing outreach programs in your communities and some of you help by signing letters and passing the issues on to others, but ALL of you are absolutely essential to me and the cats.  Together we are making such an enormous impact.  It came to my attention recently that at least one big cat sanctuary has dropped “Feline” from their name as the new laws have caused such a dramatic decrease in the number of unwanted big cats that they are turning their attention to other animals. We are on the brink of no more abused and unwanted big cats.  This change only happened because of you, and I just can’t thank you enough!


Carole Baskin, Founder



  This IS Your Fur Ball Invitation

big cat

Wine KingFur Ball Media Blitz On – Get Tickets Now! Last year a few supporters mentioned missing the ball because they were waiting for mailed invitations. As the Fur Ball has become increasingly well known and the support we receive from our media sponsors has become so huge, we stopped spending on paper invitations (which means more funds for the cats!). Instead, we announce the ball to regular supporters in the Big Cat Times and this Advocat Newsletter, and rely on the media coverage to announce it to those not on our list. Starting last week hundreds of radio ads are running on the six area Cox Radio stations reaching a majority of people in the market area, the Tampa Tribune series of ads started this past Sunday, Fox 13 TV spots featuring Cynthia Smoot started this week, the Maddux Report ads are distributed, and the Tampa Bay’s Best Magazine ad is about to hit.

The Fur Ball is brought to you through the generosity of major sponsors American Momentum Bank, Jaguar of Tampa, and Teasdale Worldwide and the many other sponosrs and donors listed on our website. Check out the five glamorous international trips in our live auction and the hundreds of discounted items available at our Big Cat Bargain Sale!

This AdvoCat is the last one that will go out before the Fur Ball so don’t be left out of the event that is often called the most fun charity event of the year. Get your tickets online now!

TICKETS: Individual tickets $150 each or a table for ten with priority seating $1500

DATE & TIME: Friday, October 10, 2008 6:30PM to Midnight


  Maulings Mark the Month of the Big Cat

Tiger ModnicAlthough 2008 is the Chinese Year of the Rat, August may be come to be remembered as the Month of the Big Cat. In less than three weeks, one lion, two leopards and five tigers escaped or attacked people in the United States.

Communities from coast to coast were reminded of the dangers and difficulties of keeping these wild, majestic animals in captivity.

Read this telling article by HSUS’ Beth Preiss:


  Worst Possible News for a Tigress

This update on Trucha, Modnic, TJ and Bella, the four tigers rescued from Savage Kingdom, is both heart warming and heart breaking.  Thanks to you we were able to rescue these wonderful tigers, and for one of them it was just in time.

  Spanning the Globe


Chris PooleDaphne Butters is a long distance volunteer (all the way from the UK) who has just made her 8th trip across the pond to help the big cats.  We are going to let her introduce one of our new staff members in her own words, “I was introduced to a new member of staff – his name is Chris Poole and he is from Nottingham, England. He came over as an intern and BCR were so impressed with him that when a full time job came up, they knew who to approach. It was strange for me, of all the people in the world, they chose someone who is from just forty miles south of my home. Chris is lovely and I am sure that he will be a great asset to the establishment.”  Chris was hired because he is a hard worker and has the specialized skills to bring you a new Podcast each week. Behind the scenes, Jessica, Kathryn & Honey are relatively new hires as well, although they have been volunteers a long time.  Read about Daphne’s visit below and see the awareness she is creating in the UK cat world too.


  What’s in YOUR Pet’s Food?

Big Cat Rescue would like to introduce you to a new friend…

Susan Thixton and

The faithful followers of our site have probably noticed the new addition of pet related articles we have posted to benefit the lives of your pet.  We already have a large variety of pet food articles thanks to Susan and  If you’ve not begun your pet food education, please read some of these articles; you will probably be surprised at what your pet is eating and how easy it is to make changes that can improve your pet’s health and extend their lives.  I’ve even made changes to my ‘house cats’ diet thanks to Susan and her pet food reviews in Petsumer Report.  Please take the time to read the information below about a special offer Susan is making exclusively to supporters of Big Cat Rescue.  This is a great way to benefit the health of your own pet plus help Big Cat Rescue at the same time!

  Why Have Rescue Requests Declined?


Up until 2003 the number of requests for rescues we had to turn down due to lack of space or funds had roughly doubled each year, to 312 that year. We feared it would double again to over 500 in 2004. Instead, it has steadily declined since then. Read why, and about the offers we made this year and why their owners would not agree to our terms.

  Bucs Club Seats You Cannot Buy

Bucs TicketsWIN BUCS CLUB SEATS YOU CANNOT BUY! Two Drawings: 2 tickets for BUCS vs. FALCONS Sunday Sept 14 4:05 pm

and then a second drawing for 2 tickets for BUCS vs. PACKERS Sunday Sept 28 1:00 pm.

If you miss on the first, your tickets stay in the bowl to try for the second drawing. These seats, originally $590 ($295 each), are SOLD OUT.

Exclusive separate entrance – Padded seats.

Access to Club Lounge! $5 per ticket, best deal 10 tickets for $20. Buy your tickets



  In Tough Economy You Can Help At No Cost!

The difficult economy has many people having to cut back on discretionary expenses, which can affect their ability to support us with visits or donations. One great way to still help is to do it through the purchases you still do decide to make. If you are still sending gift cards or making purchases of the many items sold on Amazon, you can help the cats without spending a penny more than you were planning to. Below are two links. At the first, you can purchase gift cards for every occasion with beautiful photos of our cats. You spend the same amount, get gorgeous cards your recipient will enjoy, and part of your purchase goes to help us care for the cats. At the second link you can buy online from at the same prices on the Amazon site, but when you come through our link, a portion of the purchase is donated to the sanctuary. Again, you spend the same amount you would have, but help the cats at the same time. and now buy or rent DVDs & Movies here:

  Population Control Audubon on the World Stage

cubsIs the Earth big enough for humans and animals too? Under the UN’s “medium scenario”, human population is projected to reach nearly 9.2 billion by the year 2050– up from 6.7 billion today. If today’s fertility rate remains constant, world population in 2050 could reach as high as 11.9 billion. The environmental challenges we face in this century and beyond will become harder to address as the number of people increase.

Find out how this impacts your world’s sustainability and what you can do about it.


  Hong Kong Debate

One teenage supporter is changing minds half a world away.  When a professor in Hong Kong saw a video on YouTube created by our young friend Marissa he asked if he could use it in his class to teach English through debate of popular topics.  Marissa says, “If I can do something like this, you can too! You can do so many things to help animals – create videos like I have, tell everyone you know about why owning exotics is wrong, and always support places that are also trying to spread the word, like Big Cat Rescue. No matter who you are, or where you are from, you can make a difference – both for the cats at Big Cat Rescue, and other cats worldwide!”

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