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Freckles the Liger at Big Cat Rescue


Greetings Friend of Big Cat Rescue!


I have just one new year’s resolution:


A world where all wild cats live free.


We won’t be able to achieve this in just one year, because cats born in captivity cannot go free, but like most of your new year’s goals, you can only achieve them one day at a time.  Success comes to those who are willing to put forth that daily effort for a worthy goal.  Please join with us by adding the goal of all wild cats being able to live free to your new year’s list.  Even if it is the only goal we ever achieve, think about what that would mean to the planet and mankind!




Carole Baskin, Founder






  Rescued a Liger & 2 Tigers


Freckles the liger is loadedRead about the recent rescue of a liger and two tigers.  It was exciting, start to finish and too many photos and details for this small space so check it out at the link below.




To help us care for them donations can be made online at




  Keeper Walkabout


This is the second in a series of Keeper Walkabout notes about our staff and volunteers. As I walk about the sanctuary each day I often think how much our supporters would love to see what we see on a daily basis. It is so sad that these cats are in cages, but inspirational to see them make the best of it.


This is an effort to convey the daily life at Big Cat Rescue. Come with me and get a peek at the lives of 36 of our cool cats and 15 of our cool keepers:



  Sweet 16 Kiss the Sandcat



Kiss a SandcatBig Cat Rescue was founded sixteen years ago in 1992 and to celebrate our anniversary we are going to celebrate the sixteen species of wild cat that reside at the sanctuary. November honored Windsong the Bobcat who started Big Cat Rescue and December’s cat was Hercules the Snow Leopard. This month you can “kiss” Canyon the Sandcat.




  Annual Report


Bobcat2008 was a wild ride. If you are new to Big Cat Rescue our Annual Report is a great way to get an overview of what we are doing to save wild cats in captivity and in the wild.  If you have been with us for some time, it is a grrrreat stroll down memory lane.



  Changes to Ink Recycling Program


OcelotNew Big Cat recycle program in place – please discontinue using the USPS plastic bags – the cartridges will not arrive at the vendor.


Over 2500 supporters like you have participated in the bag program, generating over $1000/month, enough to care for two of our tigers for a year.


Our ink recycle program will continue, but with cartridge prices down and postal rates up, it is no longer economical for our vendor to accept ink cartridges via the postage paid small bags we have been using. However, they can economically receive ink jet cartridges via prepaid FedEx labels if they receive at least 15 cartridges at a time. They will supply prepaid FedEx labels that can be put on any box and have a phone number to call for a free FedEx pick up. An up-to-date list of cartridges they accept is found at:


If you are willing to help in this way by saving cartridges until you collect at least 15, please let Merrill know. We will have the vendor send three prepaid FedEx labels to your postal address.


We are hoping that the FedEx label program will continue the success we had with the USPS bags and appreciate your help in continuing the program if you can.


The vendor only accepts inkjet cartridges, not laser toners and cell phones. We hope to have a NEW program in place shortly for the return of both cell phones and large toner cartridges. Please be patient with us during this unanticipated transition!

If you are willing to help by using the FedEx labels, please include your postal address in your email back to to expedite getting your labels shipped to you.



  Faces of Big Cat Rescue


See the faces of compassion at Big Cat Rescue.  We currently have 84 active volunteers and you can see them in this new slide show and meet them from links on the page below.  Thank you Julie Hanan for updating all of our photos and Jamie Veronica for creating the cool flash presentation.



  THANK YOU eBay Community Sellers!


eBay has a non-profit component called eBay Giving Works. Through this, Big Cat Rescue and many other charities may use eBay to promote items for reduced fees.


CaracalBut another large purpose of eBay Giving Works is to allow other eBay sellers to choose a registered charity to automatically receive a portion of their eBay sales.


In 2008, Big Cat Rescue had 640 community sellers through the eBay Giving Works program. These sellers raised over 2,800 dollars for Big Cat Rescue by selling through eBay! We would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You and let our community sellers know how grateful we are for their donations.


If you are a community seller who provided address information through Mission Fish, you will receive a 2008 thank you note and tax receipt for the total we received from your efforts.


If you are not a Big Cat Rescue Community Seller through eBay but are interested in becoming one, it only takes five easy steps!


1. When selling an item on eBay, under the “Choose how you’d like to sell your item” tab there is an eBay Giving Works option.
2. If you are already a community seller for Big Cat Rescue, the icon will show up automatically. Otherwise click on “Or, select another nonprofit you love”.
3. In the “Nonprofit name or key word” search box, type in Big Cat Rescue.
4. When Big Cat Rescue shows up, hit the “Select” button.
5. You automatically return to your “Choose how you’d like to sell your item” tab with Big Cat Rescue selected. All you have to do choose the Donation percentage you want Big Cat Rescue to receive when your item sells!


eBay Giving Works also provides benefits for sellers who participate in the program – check out what you receive in return at


Thank you again to all of our community sellers who have chosen to include Big Cat Rescue in their nonprofit giving through eBay!



  Valentine’s Day Cards for FREE


CougarGet the jump on Valentine’s Day!  Set up your Big Cat Valentine Card to launch on Feb. 14 to all your sweeties.  1,900 cards to choose from that cover most of the holidays including Birthday, Mothers day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, St . Patrick’s day and Valentine’s, Day.


It’s free and it is virus free fun for everyone.




  Tony the Truck Stop Tiger


Tony the Truck Stop TigerHelp us rescue Tony the truck stop tiger. He has spent 8 years confined to a small concrete cell next to the gas pumps at a busy truck stop in Louisiana.  The Wildlife and Fisheries Department tried to seize the tiger and send him to an accredited sanctuary, but the owner filed suit to stop them.


We had to pay $4,500. to rent the transport to bring Freckles, Alex and Cookie across country, but we can outfit our own rig for $5,000.  You can help enable all future rescues by donating to this trailer renovation:


Speak up for Tony the tiger and ask that he be sent to Big Cat Rescue.  See the video and find out how you can rescue Tony here:


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