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Happy Valentine’s Day Friend of Big Cat Rescue!

I get all mushy just thinking of all the love out there that you express for the cats all year long.  Your kindness, sweet words and gifts to the sanctuary make my heart just melt like chocolate.

This month we are offering a sweetheart of a contest and will tell you about some of the dramatic rescues that you helped us do and others that we need your help to accomplish.  Find out how some people got involved and some clever ways they helped us feed and care for the big cats.

Blowing you kisses from all of us and all the cats!


Carole Baskin, Founder



  For the Love of Sophia

Sophia Cougar“Will anyone give me $200 for this fine breeding age puma?” the auctioneer’s voice blasts over the loud speakers in the livestock barn during an animal auction in Louisiana. An animal abuser raises his number, thinking to himself, that he can mount her head and that of the male cougar he just bought over the T. V. in his trailer. The gavel slams down and Sophia’s life has just taken a perilous change for the worse. She and her mate had been ripped from their mothers when they were cubs, declawed and bottle raised to be used as ego props. When they were little they could be used for photo opportunities and could be walked about on leashes as mini trophies. Now they were too big for that and their owner had crated them into tiny cages and consigned them over to a live animal auction.  Find out what happens next:


  Hit and Run Leaves Bobcat Nearly Dead

Parry BobcatWhen Operations Manager, Scott Lope and our Vet, Dr. Liz Wynn, arrived on the scene in Parish, FL they didn’t think the little female bobcat, who had been the victim of a hit and run, had much chance of surviving.  Curled into the fetal position she was unconscious, in shock, scraped up from skidding across the highway and just barely breathing.  They rushed her back to the sanctuary and were amazed to witness her journey back from the edge of death.  She is lame in one front leg, but nothing is broken, so we hope that with a little time to heal she will be ready to go free soon.  Watch this video of her arrival and keep watching for updates on Parry the Bobcat:

  Sweet 16 Kiss Jade the Leopard


Jade the LeopardBig Cat Rescue was founded sixteen years ago in 1992 and to celebrate our anniversary we are going to celebrate the sixteen species of wild cat that reside at the sanctuary.

This month, “kiss” Jade the Leopard and let her know you care.

November honored Windsong the Bobcat, December’s cat was Hercules the Snow Leopard and January featured Canyon the Sandcat.

Kiss Jade the Leopard today or kiss them all here:


  Big Cat Rescue Wins People’s Choice Award!

Thanks to all of you who voted for us, Big Cat Rescue won the WEDU People’s Choice Award.  90 charities in a 16 county radius competed for this coveted title of People’s Choice that was decided by an online vote.  Radio celebrity Jack Harris called it the American Idol Show of the Non Profit World.  Big Cat Rescue has now won this award for three years in a row.  You may have also voted for us to win the $10,000 prize in Care2’s contest called America’s Favorite Animal Shelter.  We came in 4th but there were hundreds of contestants across the country.  The winners were: Saint John Animal Rescue League, Saint John, NB with 12834 votes, Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation, Inc, Pittsville, WI with 6996 votes, Magnificent Mutts Rescue, Hillside, IL with 5429 votes and Big Cat Rescue, Tampa, FL with 4117 votes.

  Tony the Truck Stop Tiger Still Needs You!

Tony the Truck Stop TigerOn February 17th the Iberville Parish in Louisiana will hear the Tiger Truck Stop’s petition to amend their 1993 ban on wild animal displays so that he can keep Tony the tiger as a prop to sell gas. All but one of the council members voted to not let the attorney we hired speak at the last meeting.  Thanks to many of you we have sent more than 13,000 emails, but they still aren’t listening.

We have updated the letter and need you to send it again and also print a copy and fax it to the President of the Iberville Council J. Mitchell Ourso at (225) 687-5250.  He seems to be sympathetic to the plight of the tiger and may be able to veto the council if he knows you care.  Even though this is maddening, please be polite because Tony is counting on you.

  One of a Kind Valentine’s Day Gift

Is your love everlasting?

Melt your true love’s heart by giving this symbolic gift of immortal love.  For the first time ever a gift has been handcrafted to show your love in a way like none other.

Encased in sterling silver and crystal are pine needles that have been breathed upon by tigers at Big Cat Rescue.  Watch the video to see how much the big cats love their Christmas trees.  They rub on them, roll in them and sleep peacefully in their boughs.  The pine needles used in these lockets have been plucked from the much loved trees that the big cats have showered with affection.

The Pine Tree is the tree of the sun. Its old title was “the sweetest of woods.” It is the mystic symbol of life and immortality. It was also worshipped by the ancients as a symbol of fire because of its resemblance to a spiral of flame. It is regarded as a very soothing tree to be near. The scent of Pine is useful in the reduction of guilt. It is the tree of strength, life, immortality and rejuvenation.

This locket provides the wearer with a constant reminder that your love is a burning flame, like William Blake’s poem that refers to the “tiger, tiger burning bright…”  It is as rare as the tiger and represents the immortality of your relationship and is a constant rejuvenation of the excitement that brought you together.

Due to the hand selection and shipping constraints, these lockets cannot be ordered to arrive in time for Valentine’s Day, but upon purchase we will send you an elegant e-card to forward to your love explaining the one of a kind gift you have ordered in their honor, along with a photo of the locket and the mystic powers of the pine.  Please allow 6-8 weeks for actual delivery of the locket.  Like the love of your life, this gift is worth the wait.


Click to see size


Your Choice $99.99

Wear as a pendant or hang from your car’s mirror or other frequently seen spot! If the links don’t work go to

  Be An AdvoCat

Big Cat Rescue has 84 on site volunteers, but there are more than 85,000 supporters around the world.  If you are reading this AdvoCat, you are probably one of them.  You can be an integral part of our team, no matter who you are or where you live.  We have posted some of the best, tried and true ways to be an AdvoCat online and hope you decide to kick up your passion for the cats to the next level.

  Valentine’s Day Cards and Screen Savers

CougarSend cards and be automatically entered to win if you send the most cards!  Top cards sent to date by one member is 112 eCards.

Prizes are store credits for (not cash). Spend your store credit on anything in our online gift shop you want. What could be sweeter than a Big Cat Shopping Spree?

1st Prize -$75 store credit
2nd Prize – $50 store credit
3rd Prize – $25 store credit

Update 2/15/09 The winners were:

First place sent 604 eCards, 2nd place sent 333 eCards, and third place sent 165 eCards.

The contest runs through Valentine’s Day.  It’s free and it is virus free fun for everyone.

Get the free screeen savers too!


  Biggest 2008 Donors

Every donation of time or money to the big cats shows us your love for them.  We are thankful for each and every one of you.  These 2008 donors have shown they care in a very big way:

Lee Ebs Charitable Trust 70,000.00
Community Foundation of Tampa Bay 50,000.00
Reitzel Foundation 50,000.00
Spurlino Foundation 20,000.00
Berwind Corporation 10,000.00
Birdies for Tampa Bay Charities 9,765.00
Little Family Foundation 8,000.00
Anonymous 6,667.00
Jaguar of Tampa 5,025.00
Amy Davis 5,000.00
Caleb Carr 5,000.00
David Hawkins 5,000.00
Maxine Beige 5,000.00
Murray DeYoung Educational Foundation 5,000.00
USA Logistic Services, Inc 5,000.00
Victor Cohen 5,000.00
John & JoAnn Nestor and Charles Rutenberg Realty 4,750.00
Pamela Olson Koonts 3,640.00
Saab of Tampa 3,435.00
Ken & Mary Heilman 3,414.00
Klingel Family Foundation 3,200.00
Debartolo Family Foundation 2,500.00
Candace K. Barbara 2,500.00
Grace Ann Striz 2,500.00
Lance & Karyn Ringhaver 2,500.00
Power Shack, Inc. 2,500.00
Stephen & Tara Hood 2,500.00
Vern & Barbara Stairs 2,500.00

Thank you for insuring the future of the sanctuary for these great cats!

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