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Greetings Friend of Big Cat Rescue,

There were so many cool new things going on in the heat of summer here that I could hardly wait to share them with you!

In these uncertain times most people are waiting to see just how bad things are going to get before they start to get better.  It has paralyzed our great nation because no one is sure just where the "bottom" of the market is going to be and there is a lot of concern about how long these bad times may last.

With more than 120 big cat mouths to feed, we can't help but worry when we see our biggest fund raiser of the year falling far short of last year's ticket sales.  We hear many of our supporters saying that they regrettably are too concerned about their own jobs and finances to be able to give like they did in the past.

It would be easy to fall into despair, but instead we are leaning way out on the edge to find better ways to make sure our cats stay fed.  We can't afford to wait.  We have to be proactive in finding ways to fulfill our mission and fill our cats' bellies. In this issue you will find out about some of the exciting new things we are trying and hope you will try them with us.




  Most Fun Night of the Year!

Freckles the Liger by Julie HananTreat Someone to the Most Fun Night of the Year - And feed three big cats who deserve your support.

For years, the most frequent comment we get from Fur Ball patrons is that is it "the most fun event they attend".  With the funky cat or safari attire, the drumming circle, the cat based casino table, huge silent auction, 5 international trips in the live auction, it is a wonderful escape for an evening and helps support Freckles the liger and Alex and Cookie the two tigers.  Without financial support, we cannot do rescues of big cats like these.  The ball is only a month away, Friday October 9.  Get your tickets today at 813.850.7052 or and show someone a really good time while helping feed these animals who need your help.

Even if you cannot come to the Fur Ball, you can still participate in the and some of the exciting bidding.  See a few of the select items that can be bought on eBay before the event including an African Safari, sporting events, comedy and more:  and while you are there be sure to notice and support all of our sponsors, including American Momentum Bank, Jaguar of Tampa, Teasdale Worldwide, the Cox family of Radio stations, Fox 13, Tampa Bay Business Journal, Tampa Bay Magazine, Accent on Tampa Bay Magazine and more!


  Vote for Big Cat Rescue daily on facebook to win $50,000

Intel is giving away Fifty Grand in advertising to the winning charity, but they aren't making it easy.  Thanks to dedicated supporters like you though, we have a good chance of winning if you will vote once per day.  We have to make the top 8 by 9/8/09 in order to qualify for the next round of voting.  If we make it then you will have until the 14th to keep us in the top four.  Keep voting every day because on the 17th it will be narrowed down to the top 2 and the final winner on the 20th. Just type Big Cat Rescue into the box and hit enter or scroll down to find us and vote, but be sure to click on our name before you vote so that your vote goes to the cats. If you are not already on facebook, now is a good time to join and be a part of our team.

  Be Extraordinary!


Be ExtraordinaryExciting News! Last month Big Cat Rescue launched a profile on The Extraordinaries new micro-volunteering platform, as part of their fall pilot program. The Extraordinaries is one of the hottest new community engagement tools to emerge this year – and they are big supporters of Big Cat Rescue. Using an iPhone app (other platforms soon) you can now report animal abuse instantly when you see it.

To get started, download The Extraordinaries iphone app --

(Blackberry and a desktop widget coming soon!)  See each screen and how it works here before you buy: or watch our cool cat video that shows the App in action


  The Temple

Volunteer Sharyn Beach has written many letters to editors and lawmakers to help the big cats.  She has written excellent articles about the plight they face and recently entered a poem in a national contest to benefit Big Cat Rescue.  Read her most recent article about the tragic loss of the tiger and what the word Temple means to her:  Warning!  These images are troubling to look at, but even more troubling to ignore.

  Tigers Loose in Tampabay?

Tigers on BikesTiger’s Running Loose on the Streets of Tampa, Oh My!

Tampa motorists might have been doing a “double-take” recently thanks to a newly formed partnership between Big Cat Rescue and Rolling Thunder Bike Ads. LLC.

Shawn Campbell, President of Rolling Thunder Bike Ads and his team of riders recently began navigating their mountain bikes along the streets of Tampa while being “chased” by the Tigers of Big Cat Rescue.

Luckily for everyone, the Rolling Thunder Bike team was actually being “chased” by life size Tiger banners being towed behind their bikes while the real Tigers remained safely at Big Cat Rescue.

Big Cat Rescue would like to thank Rolling Thunder Bike Ads for donating their time and talents in support of the magnificent animals who call Big Cat Rescue home via this new mobile advertising campaign.  Click on image to see it larger.

Jeff Kremer, Director of Donor Appreciation

  Big Cat Expands Despite Shrinking Economy

Word of mouth advertising has always been our most valuable resource. From donations, to our fabulous volunteer force, to the good will in the community it has been the power of social networking that has enabled us to save so many great cats and to make their plight known around the world. Every year we have been able to make the world an incrementally better place for exotic cats and for the rest of us who share similar needs for a more compassionate and sustainable environment.  More awareness has made it necessary to expand to accommodate it.  See what we are doing to meet this need:

  Trucha the Tigress was Bred to Death

The death of a tiger is a sad thing, whether you knew the tiger or not, because the world is just a bit less magnificent with each such passing.  Trucha's death grieved all who knew her but the fact that she was bred to death by those who use tiger cubs for profit made it even harder to bear.  I know that your time is precious, but please take a few moments to walk in her paws and discover what Trucha endured in the "cub mill" so that her death will not have been in vain.

You can help by using the form at the link below to write a letter to your CITES representatives, and let them know that you support strong tiger conservation, and you insist that they keep the Bobcat under Appendix II Protection so that they are not killed in the US for the Russian fur market.

For more detailed information on CITES and the tiger and bobcat issues click here:

  Safari Guide is Updated and Free Online

The Safari Guide is the Big Cat Rescue "book of cats."  This guide has information on every species of exotic cat and the bios of all of the wild cats who live at the sanctuary.  Check it our for free in our new magazine style format in the middle of this page:  Makes a great teaching tool online or you can buy a hard copy in our online gift shop.


 Big Cat Credit Cards:  What's in YOUR wallet?

Tiger credit card
Leopard credit card
Lion credit card

You can give more without spending more by turning your everyday spending into meaningful donations with a customized Big Cat Rescue Capital One credit card.  Share your passion and donate to Big Cat Rescue with your everyday purchases. We've partnered with Capital One® Card Lab Connect to bring you our newest fundraising program, which helps us earn money doing what you do every day! Just carry one of our custom credit cards (it comes with a competitive rate and no annual fee), and 1% of purchases made with the card will be donated to Big Cat Rescue.

We'll also receive a $25 bonus donation when you make your first purchase. And not only will you be donating to the cats with each purchase you make, you'll be helping to spread the word when people see your wildly unique card, designed specifically for Big Cat Rescue.  Three custom cards are currently available featuring Cameron the lion, Cheetaro the leopard, and Shere Khan & China Doll the tigers!  What a great way to share the cats' stories every time you pull out your credit card.  Tell others too by downloading Credit Card Flyer

Sharing your passion and your support is easy and automatic. Apply today! Cat Rescue

  Sweet 16 Kiss Cameron the Lion


Cameron the LionBig Cat Rescue was founded sixteen years ago in 1992 and to celebrate our anniversary we are going to celebrate the sixteen species of wild cat that reside at the sanctuary.

This month you can "kiss" Cameron the Lion.

November honored Windsong the Bobcat who started Big Cat Rescue and December's cat was - Hercules the Snow Leopard. February's cat - Genie the Sandcat.  March's cat - Nik the Tiger, April's cat - Rambo the Jungle Cat, May's cat - Aspen Echo the Cougar. June's cat - Esmerelda the Serval. July featured Sabre the Leopard.  Last month you could "kiss" Zza Zza the Ocelot.

"Kiss" Cameron, the King of Beasts, today or "Kiss" them all:

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