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If all the beasts were gone, men would die from a great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to the man. All things are connected.

– CHIEF SEATTLE OF THE SUWAMISH TRIBE, letter to President Franklin Pierce



Flavio Tiger and His Big Move


April_Flavio_TigerFlavio, a 24 year old male tiger, was recently loaded up into a transport cage to await his ride that would take him to Gainesville where he had an appointment with his veterinarian. (He is one of a handful of cats that reside at the sanctuary that were retired from the circus. The circus funds the care of their retirees and provides veterinary care using their own staff.) When the transportation plans fell through, Flavio was all loaded up with no place to go. So Big Cat Rescuers thought it would be the purr-fect time to enrich his life with a move to a much larger enclosure.

Bengali was moved from his half acre Cat-a-tat to an adjacent one and then Flavio was moved into Bengali’s enclosure. Right away Flavio explored the entire perimeter stopping to smell every interesting smell along the way! He seems to really enjoy the new space and will continue to live there until his vet visit, which is scheduled in about a week. Meanwhile Bengali and Alex the tigers are both having a blast checking out their new digs. The tiger shuffle has been an enriching experience to all involved, tigers and keepers alike!




Bobcat Buddies Bound into the Great Wide Open


Photo op after the release in front of the van.

We are so pleased to share with you that Gator and Copter, two male Florida bobcats, have been released back into the wild. The bobcat duo came to Big Cat Rescue in the summer of last year, both orphaned, riddled with parasites, and emaciated. After several months of rehabilitation and bonding the two were transported to a release site encompassing 5,000 acres of natural habitat. Big Cat Rescuers set the wooden crates side by side and on the count of 3 opened the doors releasing the duo. Gator immediately burst from the crate and bounded across a large field before taking cover in the forest where he waited for Copter.

Copter on the other hand was much more timid and took nearly 45 minutes to get up the courage to leave the dark confines of the crate. Although very interested in the surroundings just past the opening of the crate, Copter was
reluctant to take that first step out into the light. His crate was moved closer to the forest and near a large pile of dead branches. He finally bolted towards freedom and took cover in the thicket.


We hope that Gator and Copter will stay together for a little while until they have both settled into their new home. These animals belong in the wild and setting them free is one of the many perks of a Big Cat Rescuer!


Support our Bobcat Rehabilitation Program with one of these great items!




Big Cat Rescue Named 2013 Best Place to Work


We are excited to announce that Big Cat Rescue has been selected as a 2013 Best Place to Work finalist! The Tampa Bay Business Journal and presenting sponsors Fisher & Phillips and MARS Drinks as well as sponsors GTE Financial and Quantum Workplace will honor Big Cat Rescuers at a special luncheon later this month.


My, What Big Teeth You Have!


April_Mac-Cougar-DentistMac the cougar is 17 years old. He was rescued in 1998 from a man who no longer wanted him due to a change in zoning laws in his home town that would require an investment in better caging. Recently Mac’s keepers noticed a swelling on his cheek just under his eye. He was taken to see Big Cat Rescue’s volunteer veterinarian Dr. Wynn where he received a thorough examination. His overall condition was good for his age. He has developed arthritis in some of his joints, for which he now receives medication.

The main reason for his trip to the clinic was to find the cause of the swelling on his cheek. His teeth appeared to be in good shape and there was no smell of infection in his mouth. However after a couple of dental x-rays the culprit was discovered. One of his molars was fractured above the gumline. The bad tooth was extracted and Mac was sent home with a list of medications to prevent infection and ease his pain. He was also put on a diet of soft foods for two weeks to give his mouth time to heal.

Since his dental surgery a couple of weeks ago Mac is doing great and is back to his normal routine. It is because of the wonderful donations from our supporters that we are able to provide top-notch veterinary care to our nearly 100 residents. If you would like to make a donation to help us to provide the very best care to cats like Mac please go to



Vacation Rotation Enclosure Fundraiser


Help us provide an amazing 2.5 acre enclosure for the big cats to takes turns “vacationing” in, for two weeks at at time. The large natural habitat houses giant trees, a swimming pond, mountain cave dens, and two massive jungle gyms constructed by our very own enrichment team. Construction of this big cat paradise is nearing the halfway point. However fundraising for the project is lagging far behind. To date we have raised a little over $65,000 for the $200,000 project.

Please consider making a donation towards this project so that we can complete construction and start sending the big cats on vacation!




Lion Meat, Community Cats and “Pet” Tigers


There are a lot of ways you can help protect big cats with quick and easy letters.  Edit our sample letters to lend YOUR voice to the cats on these issues:

If you do not have a U.S. zip code, use 33625 because the system will only accept U.S. postal codes.

Ban the trade in lion meat in Illinois

Ban big cats as pets in Texas

Ban big cats as pets in Nevada

Protect people who take care of cast off cats

Animal abusers should forfeit property


Wild Child Shares Birthday Wishes with the Big Cats


April_JasperPerezJasper Perez, of Baltimore, turned 7 years old last month. In lieu of gifts, she asked friends and family to donate to Big Cat Rescue. She raised $555.29 for the cats!


Way to go, Jasper! The cats appreciate your generous donation and hope you had a grrrr-eat birthday!


Easter Bunny Visits the Big Cats



Check out the big cats having a blast with their Easter enrichment!


Go Grrr-reen

Check out these great items you can use every day to both show your support for Big Cat Rescue and your use of eco-friendly alternatives!




Thank you for joining us.  Please share this newsletter with your cat loving friends and family.



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