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Bobcat Kitten Being Rehabilitated


Bobcat-Rehab-Khaleesi-58In late June Big Cat Rescuers received a call from a wildlife rehabilitation facility in need of assistance.

An orphaned bobcat had been brought to their clinic, however they mainly deal with smaller animals and did not have the facilities to house her.

They knew Big Cat Rescue specializes in bobcat rehab and thought that it would be the purr-fect place for the 8-week-old kitten.

The tiny bobcat, named Khaleesi, is very wild and will be an excellent candidate for release once she is a little older.



Wild Bobcats Need Your Vote


There’s a boom in bobcat trapping in California – and you can help stop it. Escalating demand for bobcat pelts, particularly in China and Russia, is driving up fur prices. That’s putting California’s wild bobcats at risk.

A new state law would protect bobcats from being trapped and sold for their pelts. The California Assembly already voted yes on A.B. 1213, the Bobcat Protection Act. Now you can help the bobcat again. The state Senate is preparing to vote on the bill. Please urge your senator to support the Bobcat Protection Act.

In California, it is still legal to trap and kill an unlimited number of bobcats during the trapping season, from November through January. The number of bobcats trapped and killed has doubled since 2010. Sadly, the trend shows no signs of slowing. If passed, the Bobcat Protection Act would prohibit trapping in the lands directly adjacent to Joshua Tree National Park. It would also require the California Fish and Game Commission to, among other progressive actions, adopt regulations prohibiting bobcat trapping adjacent to other national or state parks, monuments and wildlife refuges.

We are almost there. But we need your help now more than ever. After being passed by the full Assembly in May and a key Senate committee in June, the bill is now headed to the Senate floor for a vote. Please urge your senator to vote “Yes” on A.B. 1213, the Bobcat Protection Act.


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Scan the QR Code every day on facebook or in our gift shop to play for a chance to win valuable discounts or prizes including free big cat magnets, free big cat key rings, free downloadable gifts and more. One grand prize winner will receive an iPad Mini! Have fun and good luck!



Veterinary Procedure


Administering vaccinations to the big cats is an annual event. Most recently vaccinated was Narla the cougar. Thanks to our dedicated volunteers and successful operant conditioning program she was easily lured into her feeding lock out with treats. Once inside the guillotine door was shut behind her, locking her in. Then volunteer veterinarian Dr. Justin was able to use a blow dart to administer the vaccine. Narla was barely bothered. She turned and hissed when the dart hit her, but then quickly focused her attention back on the treats. The entire procedure was over in seconds and Narla was released back into her enclosure. She wasn’t in a hurry to escape and actually lingered for a while awaiting a few more tasty morsels.

Big Cat Rescue has a wide variety of equipment to aid with administering vaccines, medications, or sedation drugs that includes a blow dart pipe, pole syringes, and an air pump dart pistol and dart rifle. Our needs have increased with the soon to be completed Vacation Rotation Enclosure. Due to the size of the new enclosure our current longest range equipment, the dart rifle, which has a maximum range of 40 yards will be insufficient should we need to tranquilize a big cat. In order to be prepared for anything we have recently purchased a new CO2 dart rifle that has a maximum range of 165 yards! This equipment was very expensive and the entire package including a variety of syringes and needles totaled $4,230!

Any funds received in excess of the cost of the new dart equipment will be used towards the routine care of the big cats.




Big Cat Paw Painting Auction


This Paw Painting was created by Bengali the tiger at Big Cat Rescue. Paw Paintings are a form of enrichment that our cats enjoy. Non-toxic children’s finger paints are applied to a blank canvas which is then given to a cat. Sometimes they roll around on the canvas, sometimes they paw at it, resulting in a beautiful one-of-a-kind work of art. This canvas is approximately 4′ x 4′ square. The canvas is not on a frame and will be shipped rolled up in a tube. Proceeds from the sale of this Paw Painting will directly benefit the big cats living at the sanctuary. The auction will end on Saturday July 27th 12 PM.



Big Cat Rescue in Spain


Big Cat Rescue has been recruited to offer our expertise and guidance in the development of a rescue center in Spain called Primadomis that will be broadening their focus from primates to now include big cats.

AAP Primadomus is located on more than 400 acres in Villena and currently houses a variety of primates that have been rescued from private ownership, circuses, and laboratories. They are now expanding their focus to also rescue countless lions and tigers that are in need across their country.

In an effort to prepare for this project nearly a dozen experts were invited to a symposium that focused on sharing information regarding the proper care of big cats in captivity, emergency protocol development, and enclosure design. Big Cat Rescue President Jamie Veronica and volunteer veterinarian Justin Boorstein travelled to Spain and joined experts from Italy, South Africa, France, Austria, the Netherlands and all across the United Kingdom.

Over the course of three days the team worked tirelessly to provide as much information as possible to the members of not only AAP Primadomus, but its origin center Stitching AAP. Stitching AAP is a rescue center for apes, monkeys and small exotic animals in the Netherlands that was founded more than 35 years ago.

The symposium was a huge success. Big Cat Rescue will continue to work with AAP remotely throughout the development process. We are so pleased to provide assistance to organizations that are saving big cats across the globe!



Big Cat Rescue’s New App in the App Store


The Big Cat Rescue app is like a virtual tour of Big Cat Rescue on your phone, and is now in the Apple App Store here:

and in the Google Play store here:

It’s free and it is a great tool for learning the stories of all of our cats. The app has a photo of every cat, their written story and an audio file of their story, as well as a map that shows which cage each animal lives in around the sanctuary.


Back To School in Wild Style



Be sure to check out our online gift shop for lots of great back to school items. Logo bags, hats, and tumblers, Leopard Journal, animal print pencils and pens, Big Cat Rescue USB drives and more! Your back to school purchases can help the big cats! Use coupon code: WILDSTYL for 15% Off your entire purchase from 7/17/13 – 7/25/13.





Top 5 Most Shocking Incidents of Big Cat Exploitation – July 2013


We hope by sharing a new list with you each month that you will join us in speaking out for the big cats and cubs that are exploited across this country every day. We encourage you to take one small action today and reach out via phone or email to contact one or more of the offenders listed below and politely express your concern. Together we can be the voice for the voiceless…together we can make a difference. Please join us in our mission of Caring for Cats & Ending the Trade.


No. 1 The ABC television program Whodunnit? recently used a rented mountain lion in scenes on the show. One of the show’s contestants has told the media that pepper spray was used on the lion to control him because he wasn’t being “obedient.” Please let ABC know that it is inhumane to use wild cats in television programs and cruel to pepper spray any animal so that they will perform. Contact ABC:


No. 2 Dade City’s Wild Things (Florida) is once again exploiting a new tiger cub in the media to lure people to visit their roadside zoo so they can profit from the cub’s misery. Not only does DCWT breed and obtain cubs so they can charge guests to pet and hold them, they also force the cubs to swim with guests in their pool. Last week DCWT showed off the tiny white tiger cub on the television program Daytime. When one of our supporters contacted Daytime’s producer Maureen Famiano about the abuse, she replied that DCWT “assures us they are taking great care of this little guy.”

In case you’re wondering why cub petting and swimming is abusive: Cubs are pulled from their mothers immediately after they are born, so they cannot bond with their mothers, which is a torment to both cubs and mothers. Then, typically their natural behaviors of using their claws and teeth to learn the skills they would normally need in the wild are punished to make them more docile for handling. What do they want to do normally? Sleep a lot (not be awakened every time there is a customer) and play, not be held still for photos or forced into a swimming pool, where they are pulled by their tails by the “trainers” as we have seen in video of cubs at DCWT. And where do they end up when too big to pet – if they survive? Typically they end up stuck for life in small cages because the current regulations allow this.

Please speak out for this cub and the dozens of others used by this backyard zoo with a long history of USDA violations.Contact Daytime producer Maureen Famiano at 813-314-5337 and


No. 3 Last month, Clayton Rosaire from the notorious Rosaire family took his circus act featuring numerous tigers on the road to two hot, noisy fairs. The Summer Fair at Coast Coliseum (Mississippi) lasted 11 days. Then the big cats were transported to the State Fair Meadowlands (New Jersey) where they were again forced to perform multiple times every day, this time for 17 days! The noise, travel and heat involved with being exhibited at these fairs is no life for majestic big cats and very stressful for them. Please speak out for these cats:


No. 4 The Smoky Mountain Opry (Tennessee) has introduced a white lion as “a new performer to its cast.” What’s even more shocking is that the show already includes a golden tiger, a white tiger and two Servals! Please let the Opry’s General Manager Robert Kalino know that animal lovers do not want to see exotic cats forced to perform and used for entertainment. Contact Kalino at 800-768-1170 or online at


No. 5 Want to make sure that you receive all of our Alerts regarding big cats being exploited? Please sign up to be a Big Cat Rescue AdvoCat!! It’s the easiest way to make a HUGE difference for exotic cats by speaking out for them. Learn more here:



If you hear about exotic cats or cubs being exploited in your area, please contact Susan Bass at As always you can keep up with the latest action alerts at Thank you!

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