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In all our years of sending out a monthly AdvoCat newsletter, this is the closest I have ever come to not getting one out to our supporters. It is because of all of the trouble we are having with our website, which is still down. Until it is back up at you can check for news at We are working, literally around the clock, to get it back up and operational for you.

Keep Up To Date at Facebook & YouTube

Freckles the Liger at Big Cat Rescue
Freckles the Liger at Big Cat Rescue

We update our page several times a day with news and contests and hope to see you there. We just surpassed 46,000 fans so you will meet lots of big cat lovers there. Just ask the SkipAHolics who came out for their third group tour yesterday. They follow Skip the rescued bobcat now via Skip Cam. You can see his most recent episode at

Since the May AdvoCat there have been several great new videos posted including one done by our AdvoCats about Canyon the Sand Cat at

Meet Max the baby bobcat, who is our most recent rescue here

Get an update on Freckles the Liger and her physical check up at

You can see some of our Sleepy Tigers here Careful that you don’t let the music and tranquility put you right to sleep!

Need to get back to work? This action packed video of how our cats beat the summer heat will pump you up

We Won the Toyota Tundra!

We want to send out a huge THANK YOU to everyone who voted for us in Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good contest. We won and should be getting our new Toyota Tundra in 3-4 months. We will let you know when and where the celebration will be held.


Speaking of parties; check out these party cougars who have all gotten together to create a 2011 calendar to benefit Big Cat Rescue We just saw some of the final picks for the calendar yesterday thanks to Kathleen Slaven and just can’t wait to see the final product. She has 18 sponsors so far and only room for 4 more so if you want to reach big cat lovers this is a great opportunity for you and helps benefit us! Meoooooowwww!

One of our new AdvoCats, Leslie Griffin, just made speaking up for the cats even easier. She took all of the cruelty in fashion alerts and turned them into one letter for you to send and reach 12 of the people doing the most harm with big cats as photo props in fashion.

She did the same thing for all of the malls who are still allowing big cat exploiters to use their venues for their pay to play schemes and it reaches 12 of the worst abusers, ALL WITH ONE LETTER. So by just sending these two letters you can reach 24 decision makers at one time to let them know why big cats and their cubs should not be used and abused this way.

Cruelty is Never in Fashion and Compassion Is Always In Fashion

Compassion Is Always In Fashion

Petting Cubs is Always Abuse: at

If you have the time, there are a few more very important alerts at to protect Lions from extinction and to end the trade in bigcat.

A big thanks to one of our younger AdvoCats who posed with toy tigers, lions and leopards to show that Compassion is Always in Fashion.

And, speaking of off site AdvoCats, our dear friend Dee just held another event for us in NJ. Here is her note after the party: “Just a quick update on the event we had last Thursday night at the library: we had a nice group of about 75 people. I posted some pictures on Facebook: We had poetry readings, music, refreshments and I spoke a little about BCR, ALDF and Tony. It was really a nice informal gathering of people coming together and discussing different animal welfare issues. FOR TONY & THE CATS – Dee DeSantis

Special Family Day Event on July 4th!!!

Big Cat Rescue invites you to a special Family Day Kids Tour to celebrate!

WHEN – Monday 7/4/11 at 11:00 am, for this one time only

All Ages Are Welcome

Admission Is Only $19.00 Per Person For All

No Reservations Are Needed – plan to arrive about 20 minutes early to park and sign in.

Questions? email Education Department at or 813-323-3265

Thank You for supporting our mission. We wish you a wonderful July 4th Holiday!

Celebrate YOUR Pet Who has Passed On

The Pet Celebration Wall can be your way to share the unique love your pet provided in a most powerful way. A testimonial to the love you shared and at the same time empowering Big Cat Rescue with similar responsibilities as the ancient Egyptian god Anubis. The Pet Celebration Wall will guide our visitors and protect the treasured memory of your pet; providing inspiration to all. See how your pet can be remembered in stone for all time here

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