Aleesa Salcido

Aleesa Salcido

Aleesa moved from California to start her internship at Big Cat Rescue in early January of 2017. Even though she only planned on doing level 1 she was blessed enough to do all four levels of the internship program and loved every moment of it. Aleesa expected to be here for a short period of time or until she figured out what she wanted to do as her career. She fell in love with every cat here (especially Andy tiger) and the cause Big Cat Rescue is fighting for. Seeing all that Big Cat Rescue is, she knew she wanted to work at a Sanctuary just like this one day.

Aleesa became staff in January of 2018. She could not believe that she was going to be able to stay at the place she fell in love with. Aleesa runs the gift shop as Gift Shop Manager and is out volunteering for the cats when she can.

“Helping with the rehab bobcats is one of my favorite things to do at Big Cat Rescue. Being able to help them in their process to be free is so rewarding!”

My Super Power is remembering faces and names

I am really good at remembering names, faces and one important thing we talked about, if I have met you once, whether we talked for 1 minute or one hour. I found people really feel great when you remember their name, if you only met them once, and continue seeing them. I started doing this when I was younger during soccer season. Most of my team consisted of the girls I played with for years, so it was important to me to make my new teammates feel just as known as the rest of the team even if we did not know each other that long. I still find this super power very useful in life… But it can get a little awkward when you remember someone, but they don’t remember you back lol – Aleesa Salcido


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