Animal cruelty allegations at Joe Schreibvogel GW Exotic Animal Park

Joe Schreibvogel Sneering

Animal cruelty allegations at Joe Schreibvogel GW Exotic Animal Park

An exotic animal park in Garvin County is facing allegations of animal cruelty by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. PETA officials released an undercover video Thursday on their website. The video was shot during a four month period by a PETA activist, posing as a park employee. KTEN’s Andrea Kurys has the story.

Joe Schreibvogel Sneering
Joe Schreibvogel Sneering at His Own Lies

The director of the park says they have launched their own investigation into the animal cruelty accusations, but he says PETA members are twisting the truth to solicit donations.

According to the park’s director, the undercover PETA investigator was hired off the internet in February. The employee hid a camera in his hat, and compiled video for four months.

The PETA website says the investigator witnessed starving animals, animals that were kicked and without proper veterinary care. The director took KTEN on a tour of the grounds and defended the allegations made against the park.

Joe Schreibvogel said, “We have nothing to hide. We showed you our books, we showed you our vet reports, we showed you our inspection reports. Could you find anything wrong? It’s a beautiful park. Animals are happy and healthy and clean.”

The director says the animals in the video clips were provoked by the investigator to become aggressive. He says there are log books documenting proper vet care and scheduled feedings for the animals.

The park has been fined by the US Department of Agriculture in the past for various non-compliance charges, but park officials say the issues have been corrected and they are currently in good standing with the law.

Andrea Kurys, KTEN News.

Posted: Nov 3, 2006 06:24 PM EST


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