April 10 2017

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Big Cat Updates

In today’s update you will find:  Arthur’s medical, dental, & eye exams, a baby goat gets an x-ray, kitten cuteness overload, CamBu photo, Seth video, and more.

Sunday 4/9

Picky Cats
All the picky cats did very well today. Hoover was all about the chicken…and chasing me. Joseph really liked red and turkey wings. Zeus was great with pork and red. TJ ate mostly pork and only the red that was fat free. He did not appreciate the fatty pieces. Cameron liked the turkey and a little ground beef.


The work group did a great job on the enclosure next to Sabre.

The Holley’s were here and repaired most of the platforms on the last 3 enclosures in outback. There is still some work to be finished on the last bubble by the barn.

The blue trailer with the branch cuttings is pretty full and will need to get compacted to fit more.

~Keeper / Coordinator Angie

Facebook Live Replays

Fun Video, lots of laughing:

Lions Tigers Leopards Cougars Bobcats Eve Meds w/ Angie N Becky

At Big Cat Rescue nearly 30 of our lions, tigers, cougars, leopards, bobcats and servals are over the age of 20. Multiply by six and that’s how old they would be if they were humans. Yeah…that’s REALLY old. So, a lot of them have arthritis and old age issues that require daily meds. Come along with Coordinator Angie Gabor and Master Keeper Becky Gagliardo as they hand out the evening meds to Sioux and Lakota Bobcats, Sabre, Jade & Armani Leopard, Reise, Mac and Aspen Echo Cougar, Joseph Lion, Cameron Lion and others.

Sadly, big cats who are bred in captivity can never be set free. We can’t give these cats their freedom but you can help up end the practice of breeding them for life in prison at BigCatAct.com

Arthur’s Vet Visit

Trying to get Arthur in transport cage

Part 1:  Arthur Tiger hasn’t been eating well so Dr Justin is going to do diagnostics today on this 21 year old tiger. Learn more about Arthur at BigCatRescue.org/Arthur/

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Arthur Update

Arthur is in amazingly good condition, inside and out. Blood work looked great for a 21 year old tiger. Teeth OK. Dr Justin couldn’t see any physical reason for him to be acting so weird and said we may want to put him on some tramadol just to take the edge off and slow him down when he’s eating.

The only other thing to try is to scope him but we need to buy a used scope because they are ridiculously expensive and something you almost never need.  If you can help with that medical expense please go to bigcatrescue.org/donate

Get your Arthur Tiger items at: https://catrescue.myshopify.com/search?type=product&q=arthur

Um…is that a goat?

The goat has a very swollen knee, but it doesn’t appear to be broken. Dr. Justin is prescribing cage rest and is sending the Xrays out for a second opinion.

Viewer Request Update

A viewer requested hats and glove items in out gift shops.  Here is Carole’s reply, “I’ll do some hats for CatRescue.biz I don’t have glove options.”

Viewer Photos

Viewer Angie: Thought you might enjoy seeing the first kitten I’ve seen up on the cat. Look between the ears for the black kitty. Have a good day!

Viewer Lori Hobbs:  Little ginger fur baby

Viewer Susan Thomas:  WOW, I LOVE this pic!!

Note to Viewers:  Keep sending me your favorite kitten pix from the Kitten Cabana Web Cam.  We will be doing a special kittens update page in a few days.

Viewer Robin:  Seth – This is so cute!

Keeper Corner

From Carole’s husband, Howard:  Nice Pose

Keeper Honey (also, our gift shop manager):  Cheetaro

Ahh the intensity of Cheetaro….”Leopard on the Prowl”

 Viewer Videos From Explore.org/bigcatrescue

The return of the raccoon.

Here is a list of YouTube channels that feature videos of the cats here:

  WANTED – Graphic Artists

Carole is looking for a graphic artist who really gets what we are all about and would would like to help us with some graphics for shirts.  If that is you or if you know someone like that, please have them email Carole at cat@bigcatrescue.org

 Quick Links

As per viewer suggestions, Quick Links now has it’s very own page http://bigcatrescue.org/quick-links/

Bookmarking it will help you find things quickly.  That will come in handy for:

  • Helping us answer questions on social media
  • Finding answers to some of Carole’s Facebook Live questions


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