April 10 2018

A day in the life of BCR’s Maintenance Man Victor

Big Cat Updates

Lauren Buckingham’s Coordinator Notes for 4/9/2018

We had a great day today with plenty of volunteers. Myself and Kathryn were extremely appreciative to everyone that chipped in to make it a very productive day.

The first day of Panacur went smoothly with only a few picky cats we had to go back to.

Feeding, cleaning and food prep were all done by lunch.

We got a lot of projects done today. Vanessa and MC were our main project team and were on the go all day. Sarah C and Jocelin also stayed long after cleaning to help out with projects in the afternoon.

  • Cam & Zabu’s open air section was mowed and weed-eated
  • The second half of Gingergs enclosure was cleaned top to bottom
  • Myself & Kathryn took down the additional lockout on the lake side of Cam & Zabu’s cage and also did some patchwork on the remaining lockout.
  • Sarah C and Jocelin helped us dirt the area the lockout had been removed from and also load up the wire, door etc to take up front.
  • The lake bank was weed-eated from the barn, down the back of the Texas 3, by the land bridge and down to in front of Kali
  • The Interns not on tours in the PM weed-eated the lake bank behind Max & Mary Ann to the solar panels, also the opposite side of the tour path.
  • Last thing in the evening MC went and weeded and tidied up around Vern’s memorial

In addition to all of this everyone pulled together to unload a mush truck of 200 cases midday. (6,000 pounds)

We got a water delivery.

Cicles were handed out in addition to other enrichment items so the cats were happy.

Food was pulled for food prep

A day in the life of BCR’s Maintenance Man Victor

A day in the life of BCR’s Maintenance Man Victor; filling in trenches with the bobcat, trimming trees, multi-tasking on two phones while operating the lift for repairs to the hospital roof, fixing the lawn mower steering and much more…

A day in the life of BCR’s Maintenance Man Victor
A day in the life of BCR’s Maintenance Man Victor

Facebook Live Replays

Zabu got a turtle but Cameron Lion took it away. He worked on it a long time and got pretty angry at us for trying to distract him with food, but the good news is that so far I don’t think any big cat in Vacation Rotation has been able to crack a turtle shell. The hapless turtle will just have to wait until the cats forget about him and then make a run for the pond.

Wildcat Walkabout April 9, 2018 at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL where we will visit with rescued lions, tigers, leopards, bobcats and more!

Gift Shop

This sweet funny snarly cougar has her own line of Cougar Gear including many coloring and styles of shirts with this adorable photo of her and a butterfly. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078T1WBVY?th=1

Do You Remember This Story?

The back story on the kittens you are now watching on the Kitten Cabana Web Cam

Three Orphans and an Awesome Mom

This story is from March 16, 2018.

Three adorable kittens, She-ra, Flash and Bumblebee, lived with their mama, Thor. Thor tried really hard with her kittens, but never produced much milk and never seemed quite right.

One morning, one of the interns awakened to find Thor very ill. I rushed her to the vet where she was diagnosed as diabetic. Her blood sugar was over 500. Unfortunately, there was nothing to be done for her, so humane euthanasia was performed.

This left the three babies, who were already a bit stunted, without a mom. We could try to bottle feed them, or see if another nursing mother would take them.

We introduced them to Nimbus, who had two kittens of her own about the same age. Although She-ra, Flash and Bumblebee were reluctant to accept their new mom, and greeting her with hisses and spits, momma Nimbus was having none of that and instantly started bathing them and feeding them the much needed milk. She treated them like they had always been hers.

Unfortunately, Nimbus did not have enough milk to sustain all five kittens for very long, but they got to stay with her for two weeks and get the boost they needed. They are now thriving on special food formulated for kittens and goats milk.

Thank you, Nimbus, for giving these precious little ones a chance!

Kitten Cabana Wish List

Kitten Karma often gets asked what the kittens need. Here is a wish list:

  • Royal Canin Mother & Babycat dry and wet food.
  • Calorie Booster or Nutrical
  • Liquitinic in small bottles
  • Royal Jelly Ginseng vials
  • 22g x 1 inch needles
  • Washable toys
  • Polar fleece blankets
  • Water bowls that hook to the side of the cage (so kittens don’t fall in water)

The Liquitinic and Royal Jelly Ginseng is what I believe helped save our two miracle kittens. However, we pretty much ran out with their treatments.  ~Karma

Thank you!!

Wonderful Way to Support the Cats at NO COST to You!

You can automatically help feed our cats at NO COST TO YOU when you select Big Cat Rescue as your charity on Amazon Smile and shop Amazon Smile instead of Amazon.com.

Everything at Amazon Smile is exactly the same as you are used to at Amazon — same exact products and prices. If you have a Prime account, it will still be there. The ONLY difference is that .5% of your purchases are automatically donated by Amazon to Big Cat Rescue – ZERO cost to you, but it sure adds up for the cats. Over $30,000 for the cats in the last 12 months!

It is easy to set up.

You can automatically help feed our cats at NO COST TO YOU when you select Big Cat Rescue as your charity on Amazon Smile and shop Amazon Smile instead of Amazon.com. Everything at Amazon Smile is exactly the same as you are used to at Amazon — same exact products and prices. If you have a Prime account, it will still be there. The ONLY difference is that .5% of your purchases are automatically donated by Amazon to Big Cat Rescue – ZERO cost to you, but it sure adds up for the cats. Over $30,000 for the cats in the last 12 months! It is easy to set up.
Learn more at: https://bigcatrescue.org/amazon-smile/

Make it a goal this week to purr-sonally ask your friends and family if they shop on Amazon and if they do ask them to help you support the cats through this amazing program.

Share this link on your social media pages and ask your friends if they shop on Amazon to help you support the cats. https://bigcatrescue.org/amazon-smile/

Keeper Corner & Fun Photos

The Story of Big Hank

The Story Behind the Birth of Big Hank..

By Big Cat Friend, Joyce Fitch

The story behind the birth of Big Hank
The story behind the birth of Big Hank

On Facebook a lot of us were interested in seeing how the bigger cats would react to a firehose bed/hammock. It seemed that the big cats in other sanctuaries really liked them. I looked for fireman or a company that might want to make a bed for BCR and found Fireman Keath Deskins of Axes and Hoses on Etsy and he agreed to make one, so I contacted Carole Baskin with that info and she was happy to let me just charge along.

I shared with Keath the information that people had posted in the BCR groups and other info from research I did. This including some youtube how-to videos and many pictures of big cats on various firehose hammocks and some printed instructions about how to make this.

Keath came up with a design that had either wood or steel legs. I picked the more expensive design with the steel instead of wooden legs because I knew the cats would not eat the steel. The wooden legs would have cut the cost a great deal. Once we got the hammock in VR, Jamie felt they could make wooden legs in-house and we could just get the firehose top made by Keath.

There were factors we needed to consider. Many of the examples we had were from indoor areas and some were attached to a wall or fence or other structure. We needed an outdoor hammock so it needed to have holes to provide room for water to drain (Kathryn pointed this out), but not big enough to get a paw caught in. And we wanted to have a “portable” hammock, so it could be moved it necessary.

Firehouse comes in various configurations. Someone living in the Tampa area pointed out that the hoses there are not the kind we wanted. Keith sent me the information about the firehose he used so we could be sure that any additives would not be bad for the cats. My husband, Ted, is a retired veterinarian so he looked at the additives to check them, and the veterinarians at BCR also looked at the list of additives and OK’d them. The hose is treated so that mildew does not form; it does not pick up water and is highly resistant to ozone and oxidation.

Carole’s idea was to start by putting the hammock in Vacation Rotation so that the big cats could try it out. Then we could get more if the hammock was a hit. I think we were all surprised to see that “Big Hank” was virtually ignored by the first few visitors in VR. I decided that there is so much fun stuff at BCR, maybe the cats would not be interested. Then Zabu came along 😉

When the hammock was first put into VR, it was placed is an area within full view of the webcam. However, one of the witness protection cats decided to move the hammock to a different place in VR. Too funny – never got on it, but slowly moved it out of a clear view of the camera.

When the bed was put in Ted and I sat on it so a picture could be taken. I was afraid that the cats might not like that smell, but Carole said they seemed to be interested in things with human smells on them. At the time, I mentioned (in jest) that perhaps we should pee on them. Carole felt that would go viral, but we passed up that opportunity.

Next on the list – I will get the cost of the bed for Zabu and let you all know so you can donate if you want. Then we will have it made. Hoo Ray!


March Facebook Fundraisers

WOW!!!  THANK YOU!!!  119 viewers did Facebook Fundraisers for the month of March 2018.

Did You Know?  100% of these donations from the March 2018 Facebook fundraisers will be used to care for the cats at Big Cat Rescue.

Did You Know?  ALL funds raised in April 2018 from Big Cat Rescue Facebook Fundraisers will be earmarked for the ADI Guatemala rescue efforts?  Learn more at BigCatRescue.org/circusban

  1. Darren Vollmar $570
  2. Stella Isis Rothe $560
  3. Mary Langkamp $505
  4. Katy Rosenlund $440
  5. Sheri Boswell $410
  6. Ryk Warren-Haviland $398
  7. Noel Hinde $368
  8. Lori Hobbs $337
  9. Vero Bero $322
  10. Bridget Lehet $320
  11. Hezzywigg Williams $295
  12. Ashley Lynn Caputo $285
  13. Donyeezy Mickey $280
  14. Carla Bonczewski $270
  15. Dawn Montefusco $254
  16. Charlie Tremain $250
  17. Sheralee Jade Southwell $250
  18. Master Jameel $240
  19. Shawndi Lynn $234
  20. Sara Stobaeus Granqvist 1,930 kr
  21. Debra Scott-Clark $230
  22. Helen Diedrich $220
  23. Chireya Laura Fox $211
  24. Mia Faith Hammond $205
  25. Annie Wainman $205
  26. Tember Frampton $200
  27. Jonathan Casas $200
  28. Heather Lynn Surma $200
  29. Alex Anderson $200
  30. Christian Kampe $200
  31. Gus N Ruby $200
  32. Devon Gerow $200
  33. Bruce Heard $200
  34. Jessica Macca $195
  35. Renee Parker $190
  36. Tod Westlake $180
  37. Janet M Fenner $178
  38. Jennie Brady $175
  39. Ellen Wilhelms Roland $175
  40. Sonja Andersen $175
  41. Kelly Schmidt Naber $160
  42. Shayna Daniel $150
  43. Becky Cleland $150
  44. Michael F. Randall $150
  45. Albie Bennett $150
  46. Austin Drake $140
  47. Blake McCabe $140
  48. Ted Moffatt $137
  49. Sally Jaster $135
  50. Dale Kissell $135
  51. Laura S. Ziegler e110
  52. Andrea Resnick $132
  53. Kourtney Culver $129
  54. Lori Hollenbeck Shields $125
  55. Lorrie Dewar $121
  56. Fey Jorgensen $120
  57. Barbara Boyd $120
  58. Kaveh Moazzez 1,000 kr
  59. James Pintar e85
  60. Mozart Katz $115
  61. Melanie Lulue $110
  62. Sheri King $110
  63. Debbie Martin $110
  64. Kimmy Kremnitzer $106
  65. Michelle Roth $105
  66. TamTam Massey $105
  67. Stephanie Roebuck $100
  68. Julia Gaggiani $100
  69. Jarrod DeCamp $100
  70. Rachel Davis $100
  71. Michaela Altieri $100
  72. Shell Cheeseman e70
  73. Dylan Divine $95
  74. Liz Bales $95
  75. Madison Nadolny $95
  76. Donnie Strang $90
  77. Claire Genevieve Zophy $85
  78. Omalea Hawkes $85
  79. Tom Haidek $80
  80. Jamie Grumbine George $80
  81. Shawna Slate $80
  82. Cameron Barra $80
  83. Bryan Dean $80
  84. Dawn Williams $80
  85. Joseph Johnson $75
  86. Stephanie L. Blevins $75
  87. Brenda Collins Johnson $70
  88. Tyler Kelley $70
  89. Mary Lister $70
  90. Kellie Jean Weaver $70
  91. Monica Phinney $70
  92. Jennifer M. Jones $70
  93. Jim Pons 540 kr
  94. Angel Vitalone Davis $60
  95. Michelle Vanessa Brown $60
  96. Beth Anne Cooper $60
  97. Austin Bartoszek $60
  98. Ryan Pregler $60
  99. Sarah Warrington $60
  100. Kim Harding $60
  101. Karl Saenz $60
  102. Nigel Davers f42
  103. Patti Lowery $55
  104. Dagmara Klonowska f40
  105. Emilie Veloso e45
  106. Lisenka Wunder $50
  107. Kelli Tipton Graham $50
  108. Lori Cavanaugh #50
  109. Mollie Astromowicz $50
  110. Todd Dreeszen $50
  111. Melissa Gardner $50
  112. Sharon Munoz $50
  113. Cindy Hazelton $50
  114. Heather Hardin-Theus $50
  115. Jenn Hamilton $50
  116. Pamela Scates Caruso $50
  117. April Paulsen $50
  118. Ari Grande $50
  119. Ellen Nelson $50

Will YOU Help Rescue Circus Cats from Guatemala!!

In April 2017 the South American country of Guatemala banned the use of wild animals in circuses. Guatemalan authorities gave the circuses one year to surrender their animals to sanctuaries or wildlife rehab centers, both national and international. The deadline of April 11, 2018 is fast approaching and the vast majority of the animals are still in need of rescuing. We need your help now to save these tigers, lions and cougars!

Big Cat Rescue is working closely with Animal Defenders International (ADI), Tigers in America and other rescue groups to save the 70+ lions, tigers and cougars and approximately 10+ other animals (camels, spider monkeys, llamas, porcupines and goats) now languishing in small cages in Guatemala. You may recall that Big Cat Rescue worked with ADI to provide a new home to Hoover tiger in April 2015 after ADI rescued him from a circus in Peru.

ADI sent someone from their Columbian team to Guatemala to meet with authorities there, coordinate rescue efforts with the country and inventory all of the animals. It hasn’t been easy to obtain all of the information from the various circuses in the country, but they have counts for most of the animals now.

Big Cat Rescue will take in at least 3 or 4 of the big cats and will help ADI find appropriate sanctuaries to rehome the rest of the animals. The animals may be relocated to the United States, South Africa or other countries.

Because Big Cat Rescue has the most amazing donors and followers, we are spearheading a fundraiser to not only raise the funds for Big Cat Rescue to take in some of the cats, but to literally raise the lion’s share of the funds that will be needed for ALL of the other sanctuaries that will be taking in animals.

This is not going to be a quick or easy rescue effort. There are many moving parts and it could take a year to get all of the animals out of Guatemala, and things could go south and it doesn’t happen at all. But we need to start raising funds NOW so ADI can get their temporary rescue facility up and running and ready to start accepting animals. The costs for this include construction of the ADI temporary facility, cages, power, lights, security, food, veterinary team, animal care team, etc. Then the next costs are for permits, transport cages, airline transport to their new homes, etc.

April marks 2 years since we took in Hoover, the former circus tiger from Peru. In Hoover’s honor, can we count on you to make a donation to help these 70+ circus cats in Guatemala find new forever homes like our Hoover? Thank you!!

Please donate toward this huge rescue operation at https://BigCatRescue.org/circusban

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