April 11 2019

Beautiful Armani Leopard wishes you a wonderful Whiskers Wednesday! >>•

Big Cat Updates

An Inspirational Story of Courage & Triumph 

Bella has been following Big Cat Rescue for a while now and has overcome some really difficult challenges. She has made it clear that her anxiety holds her back in many ways unimaginable to those who have not experienced it themselves. I have personally worked with Bella very closely and seen her blossom into an amazing advocate for the cats. She picked up and the phone and made the call of the wild daily and as difficult as that was, she decided that she was not satisfied with just making a call.

Wednesday, April 10th, Bella stepped up and showed up! She made an appointment to meet with her representative in person. Every fiber of her being was terrified but she researched and worked closely with Jennifer Leon and myself(Holly) and she walked in those doors and spoke up on behalf of all of our cats! She proved to herself that she had the strength deep down in there and just did not know it!

If there is one thing that I know Bella would want everyone to take away from this it would be knowing that no matter how fearful you are deep down inside there is always a lion ready to roar. Take that moment and go to BigCatAct.com and roar proudly for the cats.

We are so proud of you, Bella!!
We are so proud of you, Bella!!

We are all super proud of you Bella! You rocked it!

Alexa Flash Briefing

In case you have missed previous days’ news briefings you can find them all at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCPv8ivo6o4CZHFifkfRYDw

Coordinator Report – Lauren Grant

Great day today!

The wonderful Sarah Ballentine came in today before flying back to London tomorrow! She made time to volunteer and help patch a spot in Kewlona and Dryden’s enclosure! Jeff Lovering, Tanya Chute, Christina Cochard, & Ashley Tait mowed and weed-eated Nikki lion’s open-air section and around the outside of her enclosure.

The interns then continued the weed-eating around the hospital, down the wall by food prep to the cell tower, around Max and MaryAnn’s, the septic mound behind the gift shop, and all down the tour path from the kitten cabana to Armani!

The big blue bin is full, but we should have a new one tomorrow so we can rake and clean up some enclosures this weekend!

Erin Carden, Candy Couser, & Sarah B, handed out sickles and restocked the bins in the cabin.

Thanks again for a great day!!

CatCon 2019 Tickets ON SALE NOW!

Will we see you at CatCon this summer?

Will we see you at CatCon this summer?
CatCon 2019

CatCon will take place Saturday, June 29th – Sunday, June 30th, 2019 at the Pasadena Convention Center, in Pasadena, California. www.catconworldwide.com

Videos of the Day

Nikita Lion is more interested in Afton that her Enrichment Turtle

Melting Kittens – Watch the domestic foster kittens at Big Cat Rescue, every day, playing in the Kitten Cabana.

Q&A at Big Cat Rescue- Follow along as Keeper Brittany shows you many of the Tigers, Lion, Leopards, Jaguar, Cougars, Lynx, Servals, Bobcats, Savannah Cats and an Ocelot that Call Big Cat Rescue was Rescue Home! Cats Featured: Natalia, Armani, Manny, Ares, Orion, Artemis, Hutch, Beacher, Cyrus, Kricket, Sheena, Ginger, Zimba, Zucari, Nala, Andi, Breezy, Running Bear And Smalls.

AR, VR, 360, 180 & 3D Term Sheet

AR – Augmented Reality is like our posters where you are seeing the poster in RR (real reality) and the video that launches augments the real world.

VR – Virtual Reality is often misused, even by us, because VR is really CGI where things may be realistic, but are created digitally.

360 – means you can look around in 360 degrees

180 – means you can look around in 180 degrees, which is your basic field of view and many think 360 is a waste of bandwidth if you are sitting in a chair because it’s too hard to look behind you.

3D – can be on a flat photo or video, a 360 video or a 180 video and is what gives you that feeling that you can reach out and touch the cat. It’s the newest tech, and thus the worst quality, but that’s changing.

The main reason for showing wild cats in AR, VR, 360, 180 and 3D is to stimulate demand for the tech and the experience. That will drive forward the production of remote cameras that could be set in the wild to capture the real lives of wild cats. That’s where the real education begins.

Merchandise of the Day

Join the Pride! Bold & Colorful Rainbow Lion Shirts are available at BigCatRescue.biz. https://big-cat-rescue.myshopify.com/products/shirt-ladies-tee-lion-multi-color Your purchase helps Big Cat Rescue provide rehab care of native bobcats and permanent care of nearly 60 abandoned and abused Big Cats.

Big Cat Rescue Merchandise
Big Cat Rescue Merchandise

Photos for the Day

Cyrus Caracal wishing you a happy FURsday Thursday and wondering how long until the weekend?!

Cyrus Caracal expressing how he feels about Monday!
Cyrus Caracal

Nikita Lioness has had a long day protecting her big yellow ball!

Nikita Lioness has had a long day protecting her big yellow ball!
Nikita Lion


Yesterday’s Big Cat Updates

Article about VR and AR technology and Zoos.

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