April 12 2017

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Big Cat Updates

Arthur is in Joseph’s enclosure while Joseph is on vacation.  You can watch him on Joseph’s web cam.

Find all of the Big Cat Cams at BigCatCams.com

Recorded by Viewer Ruxandra:


WOOHOO!!  YAHOO!!! We Officially have Advocates for all 50 states!!!!  As you can imagine, Carole is doing cartwheels and somersaults (virtual ones, that is).

THANK YOU, EVERYONE who has made the Call of the Wild and who has asked others to do so as well.

Make the Call of the Wild at BigCatAct.com

What is the Call of the Wild? BigCatRescue.org/cta-call-wild/

Big Cat Times Spring Issue

The Spring 2017 issues of The Big Cat Times Magazine has been posted online.

It is a PDF File that you can download, free.

The Spring 2017 issue is PACKED full of info about the cats, keepers, local, national, and global info, lots of photos and much more.

Read it online or download it for reading later at:  BigCatRescue.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/BCT-2017-1.pdf

Note To Viewers:  I must apologize that some of you who requested to be added to the list to get this magazine in the postal mail did not get one because by the time I asked you to submit a request it was already to late to get on this list for this issue and I (LaWanna) did not know that.  I am sincerely sorry I signed you up too late.  However, you are now on the list to get the next issue.  You can enjoy this one online and look forward to the summer issue in the mail.

If you have not already signed up to get this free magazine and you would like to start receiving it, beginning with the next issue, send an email to lawanna.mitchell@bigcatrescue.org to let me know know to whom and to where you would like it mailed.


Chelsea having as much fun as the kittens.

How to Share a YouTubeVideo

Sharing our YouTube videos helps us reach more people with our mission to end big cat abuse and exploitation as well as it raises funds for the sanctuary.  People often tell me they have never shared a video directly from YouTube and do not know how.  So, I made this page complete with screenshots and detailed instructions.  bigcatrescue.org/share-youtube-video/

Note To Viewers:  Be sure to let me know if there is something YOU THINK should be added or changed on that page.

Facebook Live Video Replays

Carole did a walk about video of some of the projects going on and then did shout outs to everyone making the Call of the Wild at BigCatAct.com

Big Cat Challenge

Share one video per day for an entire month!

We have two main YouTube channels.

ONE:  This channel has the shorter edited fun, funny, or educational videos.  This channel has an easy to remember URL which is BigCatTV.com

TWO:  This channel is where we put the longer Walkabout videos, vet care videos, behind the scenes videos etc as well as the short clips we post to Instagram.  YouTube.com/DailyBigCat

As of 4/11/2017, between the two channels, there are are over 1800 videos to choose from and we ad new videos almost daily.

Pick a video and share it.  Email lawanna.mitchell@bigcatrescue.org with a link to your post and someone from BCR will be happy to come like and comment on your post.

Keeper Corner

Keeper MaryLou:  Beautiful Tiger Lilly

Keeper MaryLou: Hoover on the Lookout for Gabrielle

We all miss seeing Hoover in the lake but he certainly does enjoying being surrounded by all the pretty girl tigers.

Viewer Pix

Viewer Scotti Cohn:  Nikita

Viewer Scotti Cohn:  Seth

 Viewer Videos From Explore.org/bigcatrescue

Its hard work….playing and sleeping all day

Joseph……waiting for Dr J?

A shower and some fun for Mr Seth, April 12

Waking up and playing, Nova April 11


Here is a list of YouTube channels that feature videos of the cats here:

  WANTED – Graphic Artists

Carole is looking for a graphic artist who really gets what we are all about and would would like to help us with some graphics for shirts.  If that is you or if you know someone like that, please have them email Carole at cat@bigcatrescue.org

 Quick Links

As per viewer suggestions, Quick Links now has it’s very own page http://bigcatrescue.org/quick-links/

Bookmarking it will help you find things quickly.  That will come in handy for:

  • Helping us answer questions on social media
  • Finding answers to some of Carole’s Facebook Live questions


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