April 16 2018

Andy Tiger stalking a guest. Photo by Jerry Lee Gingerich, DVM

Big Cat Updates

Sue Messineo’s Coordinator Notes for 4/14/2018

We had a great work group today that cleaned out and around enclosures.
Quite a few tours, almost full Feeding and Keeper tours. Cleaners helped other cleaners, and a lot of help with food prep.

Little White Dove got a tube with spices and fresh rosemary and she just loved it! Rolled around all over it. Running Bear is so happy to be together again.

The hospital cages have all been scrubbed clean. Hospital was also swept and mopped. Volunteers and Interns got some sign offs done, feeding tour guide, keeper tour guide, operant and enrichment sign offs.

It was a beautiful day at BCR
Sue M

Lynda Licht’s Coordinator Notes for 4/15/2018

An overcast Sunday led to a deluge this afternoon but we still got everything done that needed doing.

We had a great workgroup of 13 that with help from interns, Stephanie and Jenny, cleaned out the large bubbles of Tonga and Nala’s enclosures and raked all around them too.

Due to the heavy rains, the 3pm tour was cancelled so the interns were able to get food prep done and then reorganized the large freezer.

Rebecca restocked the Enrichment Cabin with supplies and cicles.

When driving back from evening meds, Becky and I were happy to see Reise in her new concrete den sitting watching us drive by.

Good night from me – Lynda

Foster Kittens

Oh, the kitten cabana is so dangerous! I want them ALLLLLLLL  ~Keeper Alyssa Weber

In case you missed it, Little Camilla’s vet visit on April 10th.

During the day while interns are out caring for the big cats the little domestic kittens are busy playing in the Kitten Cabana. YOU can watch them on Explore.org’s high quality “Kitten Cabana web cam.  Find the link at BigCatCams.com


FAQ Friday: Introducing Big Cats

We see comments of the big cats looking lonely living my themselves, or it is suggested they need a friend. Big cats are solitary animals by nature and do not share territory well.

FAQ Friday: Introducing Big Cats - We see comments of the big cats looking lonely living my themselves, or it is suggested they need a friend. Big cats are solitary animals by nature and do not share territory well.

Lion Roar Vs Tiger Roar

You may be familiar with a lion’s territorial roar from past videos, but do tigers make a similar vocalization? Watch and find out!! Check out Zabu’s territorial roar!!

Check out Zabu Tiger's Territorial Roar

Keeper Corner & Fun Photos

Letters To Management


April 14, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam:

I find that once again I have to write to you concerning the conditions in the Vacation Rotation. If you look up the meaning of VACATION in Webster’s Dictionary, you will find: 1: a period spent away from home or business in travel or recreation.

This past stay in the “vacation” rotation was anything but. First of all, we were locked in the Feeding Station for an entire day while a ditch was dug. I could easily have dug that for you had you told me where you wanted it. Look at how well I’ve dug holes when I wanted out of the VR before! And we should have been compensated and given an extra day of vacation because of this inconvenience. Everybody else gets extra days but us!

Second, nowhere in that definition above does it say we will be “nagged constantly to eat” or “stared at by the stinky Texas Tigers.” (The verdict is still out on that new stinky tiger across the street.)

Third, we were not given the proper number of turtle toys. Bu was nice enough to give me hers, but then she wanted to take it back so I had to put her in her place.

And last, but not least, it was not necessary to fire Jose. Jose did nothing wrong. To be honest, I don’t even remember anybody named Jose. Oh. Wait. Bu said she was talking about a fire HOSE. My mistake. (First one this year.)

Trip Rating: * * * out of * * * * * stars


Cameron Lion
(Sent via Lori D., Secretary to the Cats)


April 15, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam:

Please, I beg of you, take note of my request. I need a vacation after our vacation.

Everyone knows I live with the most needy lion ever put on the face of this earth. I can’t take 10 steps without him getting up and walking behind me. He just can’t stand to be alone. And we’re talking every hour of every day. I can’t even get alone time to go to the bathroom! I was hoping that the book he got from King Joseph for Christmas (“Overcoming Jealousy and Possessiveness”) would do some good, but all he did was shred it.

And his jealousy …. well, need I say more? His jealousy is legendary.

He NEVER listens to me. I was telling him all about the fire hose hammock and how great it is. Somehow he turned that around to a story about someone named Jose getting fired and he was getting all worked up. Sigh.

And about the turtle incident. Did you see that? I caught the turtle and wanted to play with it. I brought it to show him and immediately he took it as his. And then tried to attack me when I walked over to see what he was doing to it!

I have had it. I need a vacation. Alone. By myself. For at least 5 days. I do NOT, however, wish to stay at the Big Cat Rescue Spa. I have heard wayyyyy too many stories about that place. Please, for my own sanity, send me to a hotel, a motel, or let me stay in the Gift Shop. The Secretary even said she would put me up.

Please. Before I go crazy.


Zabu Tigress
(Sent via Lori D., Secretary to the Cats)

Facebook Fundraisers for Big Cat Rescue to Help ADI with the Guatemala Circus Cat Rescue

During the month of April 2018, all funds raised for Big Cat Rescue through Facebook Fundraisers will be ear marked to help ADI with the rescue of about 50+ circus cats from Guatemala.

This rescue effort is probably going to run well over $160,000. So far, the first nine days of April 2018, you all have raised about $6,500 doing Facebook Fundraisers for Big Cat Rescue.

The Following big cat friends currently have Facebook Fundraisers running for Big Cat Rescue’s Guatemala Rescue efforts.

  1. Chris Rodeghier
  2. Harley Eaton
  3. Stacey Suss
  4. Angela Gilchrist
  5. Liz Amaya
  6. Lori S. Adams
  7. Kayla Manka
  8. Lauren-Jade Distefano
  9. Barbara Barrelli
  10. Mimi Morris Ballard
  11. Sarah Bleasdale
  12. Whitney Renee
  13. Bryton Dias
  14. Emily Cummings
  15. Virginia Blakeman
  16. Emily Sheax
  17. Vicki O’Grady
  18. Leah Michelle Bagley
  19. Ian McEwan
  20. Jade DaRu
  21. Erica Shipman
  22. Kathy Stiehl
  23. Valerie Stewart
  24. Jeri Lynn Whitney
  25. Christina Parkhurst
  26. Tess Lulu Orban
  27. Joni Alfiero
  28. Diane Williams
  29. Michael J Tharp
  30. Daisy Freimann
  31. Max Slaybaugh
  32. Christopher A. Bayonet
  33. Daniel Deschand
  34. Traci Terluin
  35. Megan Piercy

The following big cat friends, did Facebook fundraisers that closed earlier this month.

  1. Sonali Shah
  2. Matthew Anthony Longo
  3. Lindsay Hoagland
  4. Vicious Precious Bardon
  5. Amy Leal
  6. Ashley Strickland
  7. Ken Traisman
  8. Samantha Callaway
  9. Michelle Sommerville
  10. Sarah Broome
  11. Lisbeth Zimlich Crim
  12. Donna Rose Sherman
  13. Sarah Sexton
  14. Nancy L Johnson
  15. Florica R. Anderson
  16. Sage Henley
  17. Lili Buzsaki
  18. Emily K Guleff
  19. Robin Rogers
  20. Zach Crocker
  21. Julie Reid
  22. Julie Sierra-Montes
  23. Jennifer Taylor
  24. Cecilia Perez-Ferreiro
  25. Codi Hurd
  26. Sami Swisher
  27. Xiaoyin Huang Agent
  28. Laura Tracy Hawkins
  29. Annie C. Chanse
  30. Jared Madewell
  31. Alyssa Birchfield
  32. Millie Casper
  33. William Nethery
  34. Jennifer Apodaca
  35. Destiny Walters
  36. David Johnson
  37. Jaymi Lynne
  38. Tatiana Johnson
  39. Kylie Linnette Harrison
  40. Andrea Merrick
  41. Pat McLaughlin
  42. Brian Andrew Falls
  43. Jennifer Harris
  44. Bradley Rohr
  45. Brittany Cox
  46. Danielle Perrett
  47. David Davis
  48. Scott Fitzgerald
  49. Katja Stoodley
  50. Isaac Gladstone
  51. Lisa Boryszewski
  52. Anthos White
  53. Donald Bishop
  54. Clint Atkins
  55. Jennifer Herrick
  56. Anna Chyrywaty

Would YOU consider setting up a Facebook Fundraiser for Big Cat Rescue this month to help us raise funds to be earmarked for the Guatemala circus cat rescue effort?

Learn how easy it is to set one up at BigCatRescue.org/facebook-fundraiser/

BigCAtRescue.biz Gift Shop

Happy Mother's Day 2018
Happy Mother’s Day 2018

Is your mom a tiger mom? She will love this shirt. Available in light purple, red, black, blue, coral, pink, black, royal purple, sapphire, and gray . This is a custom made to order product, be sure to order by April 20th to receive in time. Tiger Mom Tee

Tiger Mom Tee
Tiger Mom Tee

Tote Bags For Mom: These spacious tote bags are just the right size for all the things your mom needs on the go. Choose from beautiful photo totes or super cool big cat paw print designs.


Tote Bags for Mothers Day Gifts
Tote Bags for Mothers Day Gifts

Chakra Bracelet: Stretch fit bracelet is 8″ and features 20 stunning natural stones; Violet, Lapis, Aquamarine, Aventurine, Tiger’s Eye, Orange Stone, and Red Agate.

Chakra Bracelet
Chakra Bracelet

Facebook Videos

The cutest video of Little White Dove playing with her enrichment today. I know everyone is pulling for her.

In early April 2018 Keepers noted that Little White Dove wasn’t eating well so on April 6th she was brought in to see the vet. She will be 21 years old next month, which is about twice as long as bobcats usually live, but until now she’s been the picture of health and bobcat ferocity.

As expected, her kidney values were just horrible, but a lot of our cats live quality lives with kidney values that are four times worse than what would kill a domestic cat. We did find 4 bad teeth, so Dr. Justin Boorstein decided to remove those teeth and see if that was the cause of her not wanting to eat.

Little White Dove is one of the most fierce little bobcats I’ve ever had the pleasure to know and being kept confined in the hospital is something we knew she’d hate, but we had to give her sub q fluids and monitor her food and water intake very closely. We tried every kind of food but she’s not eating more than a few ounces a day.

We have to consider that it could actually be her kidneys, and not the bad teeth, that were causing her to turn her nose up at food. Kidney failure makes cats feel nauseous. As one last resort, we moved her back out into her cat-a-tat with her life long mate, Running Bear. He’s tippy-toeing around her, because he’s not sure what’s up, and she’s enjoying being outside again.

She’s still not eating enough though, so the vets are prescribing another change in her meds to see if she starts to feel better. If not, we will have to make the sad decision to euthanize her. That is never a choice we make lightly as we take all factors into consideration, especially her quality of life. BigCatRescue.org/Little-White-Dove

You can donate to the cats at NO COST TO YOU when you select BCR as your charity on Amazon Smile and shop Smile.Amazon.com instead of Amazon.com. It is exactly the same as regular Amazon EXCEPT when you use the Smile URL Amazon donates .5% of your purchase to BCR. Adds up to over $20,000 for the cats in the last year!

Please visit BigCatRescue.org/amazon-smile for how to sign up and let me know you did so I can thank you. 🙂

Visitors often exclaim how lucky we are to have such beautiful shaded enclosures for the cats, but these trees didn’t happen by accident.

Enjoy some cute Caturday Kittens and remember that all of your Facebook fundraisers for Big Cat Rescue in the month of April are being earmarked to rescuing lions and tigers from the circuses in Guatemala.

Lynda and Kathryn will have to tag team to get the right evening meds and snacks into the right tigers tonight! Help us rescue tigers like them from the circuses in Guatemala at BigCatRescue.org/circusban

Wildcat Walkabout at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL where we will visit with rescued lions, tigers, leopards, bobcats and more! Help us rescue tigers like them from the circuses in Guatemala at BigCatRescue.org/circusban

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