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Big Cat Updates

4/16/17 Sunday

We had a glorious Easter Sunday, today. Volunteers answered the call and showed up today so we had good coverage.

The Easter Bunny paid BCR a visit at 1:30pm and left a slew of hidden eggs behind the E-Center for us to find. Some had special gifts in them.  The Easter Bunny and his assistant (aka Chelsea) did a great job. All the interns, keepers, and gift shop volunteers, got to participate before heading home.

The Holleys were here and repaired the platforms in the open Outback cages. They finished early and wanted to stay so they helped with food prep doing all the Tiger/Lion buckets.

The red meat in the cooler was re-organized.

TJ had a great day, today!!   He loved his red meat and turkey breast. Cameron seems to be off his turkey kick and now prefers chicken thighs that Becky brought.

Rebecca and I installed the special nozzle a Facebook fan sent in for Zeus so he could be sprayed/misted. We added a longer hose so it can reach him in the back bubble. He loved it. Rebecca will send pictures to LaWanna so viewer can know we (and the cats) appreciate their donations.

That’s all for me.

Keeper Lynda

Gift Shop Manager, Keeper, or Shade Tree?

Honey says “I’m a shade tree. Get it? I’m a shade tree” this is how the Keepers take care of the Rehab Bobcats.

Honey says "I'm a shade tree. Get it? I'm a shade tree" this is how the Keepers take care of the Rehab Bobcats.



Facebook Live Video Replays

We survived Spring Break at Big Cat Rescue! HUGE shout out to all of the volunteers who put in overtime to make sure the cats were cared for and all of the tours were covered. It was our best March ever (with exception of the year that we did March for Lions) thanks to all of you who visited, donated and bought big cat themed merchandise at BigCatRescue.biz and CatRescue.biz Now for some foster kitten action to celebrate!

Evening meds w Becky at Big Cat Rescue

Volunteer Easter Fun

Keeper Corner

Rebecca Williams:   Zeus is such a lucky boy.  One of amazing supporters sent us a new nozzle for Zeus after seeing how much he enjoys getting a shower on one of Carole’s Facebook Live videos. Zeus absolutely loves it.  He tried to drink from the hose and then came out of his den to cool off.

This is such a great help for him and makes him so happy. Thank you to everyone who follows us and cares about our cats.  The new nozzle has a mist setting on it. Now he gets to cool down on hot days and he is very happy about it ❤?

Note to Viewers:  LOL, I think, the keepers are having as much fun giving Zeus a shower and he is having getting the shower!!

Keeper Lynda, Zeus, and his new shower nozzle

Zeus has a new shower nozzle

Keeper Lynda:  The look of true love and understanding. Rebecca and Zeus.

Viewer Edith Eckert:  THANK YOU!!!  As you can see, Zeus LOVES your thoughtful gift and so do his keepers!


Keeper Honey:   The sign we put on the gate for the waster egg hunt.  Be sure to checkout the video above of the Volunteer Easter Egg Hunt!


Note To Viewers:  Have YOU asked a friend to make the Call of the Wild, today?  BigCatAct.com



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