Kitten Camilla’s first day in the Kitten Cabana

Posted by Big Cat Rescue on Tuesday, April 24, 2018

April 24 2018

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Big Cat Updates

Lauren Buckingham's Coordinator Notes for 4/23/2018

We had a great day today...lots of volunteers came in to help with cleaning and feeding.

Food prep was finished before lunch so we could focus on projects in the afternoon.

Andi Bobcats enclosure was cleaned top to bottom. There are still some leaves that need to be raked behind the Bobcat outpost.

Vanessa cleaned of the roof in Hoovers old enclosure to complete the project started by the work groups over the weekend.

Fred, Lisa and Jenny started cleaning up in the parking lot, raking leaves and scrubbed the info sign by the front gate as it was covered in algae.

Myself and MC went out to rehab. The long section of Lucky and Clovers was weed-eated, as well as the section between their enclosure and shamrocks. They are locked out of their long section for now until Clover sees the vet tomorrow. MC also mowed the field out there.

Parts of the food prep floor were also scrubbed. The cleaned bit looks great.

Red Shirt Alyssa got her yellow shirt today, she also took her cougar cleaning class.

Picky cats ate well for the most part. Andre ate 10lbs, Arthur 9lb and Hoover 9lb.

Camilla's First Day in the Kitten Cabana

Little Camilla arrived a few weeks ago with an eye infection.  She had been wearing a come which was affectionately called her Princess Warrior Crown.  Because she could not be with other kittens for fear of further injuring her eye and the fact that she had to have eye drops every two hours she has been kept with a keeper, Karma, or an intern 24/7, she has become quite a 'spoiled' little diva.

Her eye looks good and will still get drops every day for a while but she can now have the cone off and be with kittens.  Today is a big day for her.  Watch as she meets other kittens for the first time in weeks and gets to run around and play.

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Watch the kittens every day playing in the Kitten Cabana.  Find the link at

Interested in adopting one of the precious foster kittens?  Email Keeper Karma at

If you would like to donate to Big Cat Rescue to help cover the expenses of this foster program and the big cats, too, here is the link:

Windsong Memorial Hospital Today

21 year old Andi Bobcat was viewed by the vets and an eye specialist from Dr. Miller's office. They put drops in her eyes to check them. We did not want to sedate her if that could be avoided so she was put in the squeeze cage for them to look. Andi was not at all pleased about that procedure. We will update you soon.

Watch the video by clicking or tapping on this photo of Andi Bobcat's pretty face.

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Learn more about Andi Bobcat at

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