April 27 2019

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Big Cat Updates

  • Cute story and photos of Sky Bobcat and her kittens.
  • Funny photo and story from Dr. Justin
  • Interesting overview video of Hoover Tiger's history, narrated by Carole Baskin.
  • Tiger Lilly Bobcat getting a good grooming while enjoying her afternoon sicle.
  • Hoover Tiger's 'escape attempt' caught on camera
  • Hoover Tiger's letter to management
  • Bridget Sardone prepping the kabobs for the grill
  • Video of some of the keeper challenges.

Alexa Flash Briefing

If the Flash Briefing video is not showing for you please see it on YouTube directly at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCZre-CWzHA


In case you have missed previous days’ news briefings you can find them all at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCPv8ivo6o4CZHFifkfRYDw

Coordinator Report -

Was not posted at the time this update launched.

Videos of the Day

Hoover Tiger - Narrated by Carole

From Brittany Mira - Sicles & Grooming with Tiger Lilly Bobcat - My favorite moment is tossing Tiger Lilly a bloodsicle and watching her settle in with slow blinks and a million percent tolerance so we can have a grooming session ❤️ she has a couple of tough ones that we are still working on but overall this little lady is looking good. Don’t let her fool ya- she gave me a very good charge and growl today too.

From Bridget & Andrew Sardone Friday evening

Saturday AM - Bridget and team putting together the 200 kabobs and greeting guests as they arrive.

IT'S TIME - The Volunteer Challenge BBQ - PARTY TIME

Hoover's Escape Attempt

Hoover Tiger trying to escape from the Recovery Cage last night. Goes to show these big cats long for freedom. Sadly, there are reasons they cannot go free. Think you know what all the reasons are? Check out https://BigCatRescue.org/gofree/

Catch more behind the scenes videos at DailyBigCat.com

Letter To Management from Hoover Tiger

April 27, 2019
Dear Sir/Madam:

Well well well …. I guess it’s true what they say. EVERYTHING is on video nowadays.

Though I’m quite flattered to be the newest BCR internet sensation, I am somewhat dismayed to discover that even when recovering from surgery I am on camera 24 hours a day. Is there no privacy here in our gated community? People are constantly walking around with cameras, go-pros, taking videos on their phones … it never stops.

Being the ladies man that I am, I long ago accepted the fact that everyone wants a picture of me - but I thought while recovering from my surgery I would be safe from prying eyes. What a mistake! The Explore cam-ops are watching me even there.

For the record, I was not trying to escape. I was simply …. um … exercising. Yeah, that’s it, exercising! It’s part of my physical therapy during my recovery. I’m sure that Dr. Justin ordered it; just check my post-op paperwork.

And as for the cam-ops, see you tonight, ladies (wink, wink)

Hoover Tiger, Governor
(Sent via Lori D., Secretary to the Cats)

From Dr. Justin Boorstein

Keshia, the old lady tiger, give me my usual death stare. She has high blood pressure and is on multiple medications. So funny how the tiger looks just like the old domestic cat with high blood pressure.

Keshia the old lady tiger give me my usual death stare . She has high blood pressure and is on multiple medications. So funny how the tiger looks just like the old domestic cat with high blood pressure

Keisha Tiger - Photo by Justin Boorstein

Kristine's Bobcat Rehab CamOp Report - Sky & Her Kittens

Good morning! Wow, what a wild night, lol. Sky did much, much better overnight. She laid on top of the wood den while the babies slept. She lounged there for a while and took a cat nap. She looked relaxed and comfortable.

Bobcat Rehab Sky

Bobcat Rehab Sky

During the afternoon/evening when it was still light out, she stayed back in the middle section, while the kittens napped for quite a while in the wood den. As soon as it started getting dark she went to the BRIC section, checked on the kittens and then went straight to the food. She tried eating, but the kittens followed her over there and wanted to nurse, so they were underfoot. She finally lead them back to the den to nurse them for a while and then later she came out and ate for a while.

Bobcat Rehab Sky

Bobcat Rehab Sky

Once the kittens woke up, they and Sky were all over the place, back and forth, back and forth. They followed her everywhere. I had a hard time keeping up, lol. I think she is still a bit nervous when the kittens are out of the den. She would pick one up and take it to the middle section and then go back to the front BRIC section. It would always follow her back, but she did that several times. She would also try to lead them to the den and once they were all in she would leave again, but they would follow.

Bobcat Rehab Sky

Bobcat Rehab Sky

She would look over towards Alpha's front area every once and a while to check if she was there, but she was comfortable enough to lay by the fence closest to Alpha for a minute and let one of the kittens nurse.

The kittens were out with her for quite a while, at least two hours or more. As far as I saw, she did not try to escape at all. She does, of course, get nervous when "the walking tree" comes around, but I know that's a good thing. It was so nice to see her out, just being a Bobcat with her kittens.

Bobcat Rehab Sky

Bobcat Rehab Sky

Bobcat Rehab Sky

Bobcat Rehab Sky

Have a wonderful Caturday!
Kristine Metzner, Explore.org/bigcatrescue CamOp

Merchandise of the Day

Most of you know that Smalls Bobcat spent her first couple years at BCR completely destroying a full tree in her enclosure with her teeth and nails and loved being perched at the top during her zoomies....

Big Cat Rescue Merchandise

Big Cat Rescue Merchandise

For safety reasons we did cut the tree down to a low stump (which she still loves) but YOU can keep the tree memories around forever with this adorable design by Jessica Marks!


Also available here:

Please make sure you check the Size Chart for Amazon because sizes may run differently than you are used too.

You can donate to the cats at NO COST TO YOU when you select BCR as your charity on Amazon Smile and shop Smile.Amazon.com instead of Amazon.com. It is exactly the same as regular Amazon EXCEPT when you use the Smile URL Amazon donates .5% of your purchase to BCR. It's added up to over $100,000 for the cats!

From Cat Man Chris

From Cat Man Chris - I'm super excited to announce that St Francis Society Animal Rescue now has another adoption space, thanks to Westfield Citrus Park and Big Cat Rescue <3

Cat Man Chris & AR Zoo

Cat Man Chris & AR Zoo

Arrangements were made that allow us to use the additional space at the Big Cat Rescue Experience - Virtual Reality Zoo at the weekends!! ???

This weekend April 27th & 28th is our Grand Opening so be sure to stop by if you're in the area to check out the VR experience ... and definitely visit if you're looking for another furry family member, there will be lots of cute cats and kittens! ?

I'll be there both days if you wanna meet Cole and Marmalade's servant too ;)

UPDATE ---> The event was a lot of fun check tomorrow's update for report and photos!

Photos for the Day

Alpha Bobcat is all grown up! Look at that ruff.

Sassy Amanda Tigress wants you to know today is the day to make the Call of the Wild! ?
Happy CATurday! BigCatAct.com

Sassy Amanda Tigress wants you to know today is the day to make the Call of the Wild! ? Happy CATurday! BigCatAct.com

Amanda Tiger

What a handsome guy Mr. Howell is.

Ares Cougar - What beautiful eyes!

Ares Cougar - What beautiful eyes!

Ares Cougar - What beautiful eyes!

Handsome Dryden Bobcat wishes everyone a happy CATurday evening!

Handsome Dryden Bobcat wishes everyone a happy CATurday evening!

Dryden Bobcat

3D Photo of the Day

On Facebook, this shows as 3D!!

Yesterday's Big Cat Updates

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