April 3 2017

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Big Cat Updates

Call of the Wild Update

As of 1:45 this afternoon 146 phone messages had been sent to Congressmen/Representatives.

If EVERYONE who loves big cats and their babies and wants to protect them from abuse and exploitation would take just a couple minutes to make the Call of the Wild, this bill could pass this year.

How Do I Make the Call of the Wild?

Instructions are below, with screenshot, too.

Is it hard?


Does it take long?

It takes only couple minutes!!


ONE: Go to BigCatAct.com Here is a screenshot of what you will see.

TWO:  Do you see the form on the left of that screenshot?  You simply type in your name, address, zip code, and phone number.  It IS SECURE!!

  • Why do I have to type in the info?  So the system can look up the phone number for the Representative for your area.

THREE:  Click the CALL ME button.

  • The system will automatically call your Representative for you.

FOUR:  Answer the phone.

  • You will be connected to either an answering machine or a person who is taking messages for your area's Representative.

FIVE:  What do I say?  Well, that is easy, too.  It in just ONE sentence.

  • Hi my name is _____.  My zip code is _____.  Please ask your boss to co-sponsor the Big Cat Public Safety Act, H.R. 1818.

That is it!!  That is not hard.  That does not take much time.  But, YOU CALL can make a HUGE difference.

The cats & cubs who are abused and exploited have no voice, they cannot make that call.

However, YOU CAN make the call for them!!  

Won't YOU PLEASE make the Call of the Wild, for the cats, today, at BigCatAct.com

Big news! Big Cat Rescue's bill to end big cat abuse has been introduced in Congress! The Big Cat Public Safety Act (H.R.1818) would end the private ownership and breeding of big cats. Help us end big cat abuse by making the Call of the Wild. This is the most important thing​ you can do for the cats. ​Go to StopBigCatAbuse.com or text CATS to 52886 to take action today! (Message and data rates may apply. Text Stop to opt-out. Help for help.​) #BigCatAct​

2/2/2017 Coordinator Report

Overall a successful day. Sarah, Rebecca and the interns stayed late after tours & chores and as Sarah would said "crushed it!"  Sioux & Lakota's new enclosure is pretty much done except  for adding the new lockout. All trees patched, all raked & cleaned, all wire covered with new dirt, slabs in existing lockouts raised with new dirt, grass seed, scrubbed dens & pulled out the old platform.

We did not get around to moving the concrete blocks or anything else in CamBu's enclosure.  It was such a busy busy BUSY day and tours were full all day.

With Carole's help, Sioux shifted and we cleaned out that side. She ate some (6 oz.) but not a lot and I left 6.5 oz. with her meds on a plate for her.

The Picky Boys

TJ - Kathryn finally got him to eat at 5pm. He slept in den all day.
Cameron - ate a little over 5 lbs.
Joseph - ate 6 lbs. - 5 lbs. with his dinner.
Zeus - Would not eat in the morning, but we finally got him to eat 4.11 lbs. with a LOT of cheering on & help from Rebecca.
Hoover - ate almost 8 lbs. Just being Hoover.

The drink cooler in Goose House is not working.  (All intern housing has names.)

That's all.
~Keeper Lynda

Facebook Live Video Replays

VIDEO:  Afternoon Walkabout

See:  Running Bear, Bailey trying to pee on Carole,

Hear about:  BigCatAct.com, Lakota & Sioux' enclosure project, a funny story about Lakota, etc


VIDEO:  Walkabout Part Two & Evening Meds with Becky

See:  Nabisco, Tiger Lilly, Keepers working on Sioux and Lakota's new enclosure, Little Dove, Tonga, Keeper Momma Becky, Nala hissing, Ariel, Lovey, Dryden growling, King Tut, Ana, Will, Angie, Keeper Lynda and the team working on a cage,  Anasazi, Mrs. Claws,

Hear about:  Nabisco's great purrs, Carole talks about early rescues, Dryden screeching and growling, Keeper Momma Becky talking about bobcats, Carole talks about how easy it is to make the Call of the Wild!!


Joseph is roaring to share some HUGE exciting news with you all!

Last summer Big Cat Rescue asked all of you to sign our petition asking the Kalahari Resorts in Ohio and Wisconsin to stop selling tiger cub petting and photo sessions to their guests in the lobbies of their resorts. There was also another petition about this circulating last year that had over 140,000 signatures.

We've just learned that both Kalahari Resorts no longer are exploiting tiger cubs! We believe the pressure from big cat lovers like YOU who took action made all the difference and finally led Kalahari to do the right thing. A roaring THANK YOU to everyone who spoke up for those cubs!

People Often Ask

Several of you have asked what we think about The Zookeeper's Wife movie.  THANK YOU for caring enough to ask.

Wondering if the new movie The Zookeeper's Wife exploited big cats or not?

Unfortunately the answer is yes.

The movie was filmed last year in Prague and the cubs used in the film are owned by Ludvik Berousek, a breeder and trainer who rents out exotic animals for film shoots. Berousek runs a private zoo called Zoopark Doksy where guests can pay to hold big cat cubs. He is also the current owner and animal trainer for Circus Bernes, which his family founded eight generations ago. Circus Bernes contains many archaic animal acts, including lion/tiger shows, performing monkeys and muzzled bears walking on balls. Berousek also runs a website where he sells exotic animals, including adult lions and tigers, to overseas buyers.

Contact actress Jessica Chastain's manager Paul Nelson and ask him to convey to Chastain that lovers of big cats don't want to see her appear in movies that exploit big cats and cubs. pnelson@mosaicla.com

Keeper Corner

Armani was being a roley poley leopard girl this evening after all the tours were done and the guests had gone home. Here is her cute belly.  ~Keeper Honey W


Seth watching all of the activity in food prep and hoping it's all for him.  ~Keeper Honey W

Viewer Pix

Viewer Tammy A sent in photos of TJ & Seth having a morning chat in Tiger Lake.

Viewer Robin F also got some great snapshots of this fun event.  This is my favorite one.


Did YOU Know?  YOU can take snap shots like this to, when you watch the cats on the live streaming website at bigcatrescue.org/tigerlake

Viewer Susann Mesna also got a video capture of it.

Carole, also ran the rerun on our Facebook page with even more footage. So if the video above did not give you enough, then check this one, too.

 Viewer Videos From Explore.org/bigcatrescue

There are some GREAT videos recorded by viewers at explore.org/bigcatrescue that you will really enjoy watching.

Viewer Janie M got a cute clip of Sioux


Here is a list of YouTube channels that feature videos of the cats here:

  WANTED – Graphic Artists

Carole is looking for a graphic artist who really gets what we are all about and would would like to help us with some graphics for shirts.  If that is you or if you know someone like that, please have them email Carole at cat@bigcatrescue.org

 Quick Links

As per viewer suggestions, Quick Links now has it’s very own page http://bigcatrescue.org/quick-links/

Bookmarking it will help you find things quickly.  That will come in handy for:

  • Helping us answer questions on social media
  • Finding answers to some of Carole’s Facebook Live questions

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