April 30 2018

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Big Cat Updates

Lynda Licht’s Coordinator Notes for 4/29/2018

It was a lovely day – not too hot and not humid. We had some volunteers show up on Sunday that don’t normally come so it was good to see people I don’t normally get to see.

There was a party in the Party House this morning, so several of the interns and gift shop red shirt gave them short tours starting from the outback. Meanwhile, throughout the day, Fred, Brandy, Stephanie, Alex, Jenny, and Abbey worked on removing all the vines off the white perimeter wall between party house and Modglin. They also picked up all the piles of debris out there. In the afternoon, Rebecca and I cleaned the solar panels. Jenny did some raking in the parking lot.

Yellow keepers got cougar cleaning and feeding signoffs. We were good on time and chores so, at the end of the day, interns that needed them got their enrichment signoffs (Lisa, Brandy, Alex & Paz). Intern Stephanie took her cougar enrichment class. Sarah Dupree got her last big cat signoff and Jenny also got her last operant signoff on her last day. Right before we left we had a group intern photo op in front of Seth.

Bethany and Mary yellow and Stephanie red keepers stay after cleaning, so they jumped into food prep and got some experience with that.

Cats You Have Been Asking About

Running Bear – Running Bear has been sad.  Keepers are still communicating well and keeping each other informed of when he is acting sad and one of his favorite keepers will sit with him, take him extra enrichment goodies, snacks, and treats to distract him.

Zeus – Things are about the same with the precious old tiger.  He has days where he eats well and other days where he does not.  Keepers are quite patient and persistent.  We will not give up on this unique old fellow until he shows us he is done.

Hoover – is truly LOVING his new suite of cages.  He loves his den, platforms, breezes off the lake, the sunshine, and getting spoiled by keepers.

Noel – Noel is doing well. Her legs are getting stronger and she is hunting again.  She is still wild through and through.

Kali – Kali is doing very well, too.  She still enjoys chasing the gold carts, flirting with Cameron and teasing Zabu.

Clover, Rehab Bobcat – Clover had a deformed upper molar removed on her left side. The wound on the left side of her face was actually an abscess from a deformed canine tooth that was growing in right to the side of her remaining upper molar on the left. It was in the completely wrong place and would have never actually grown out to be a proper canine, so she will always be missing that upper left canine.

She is still in the recovery hospital for a bit longer and is on a diced meat diet.

Possible near future plan: Once she is ready to go outside we may put her in a section with a shared wall to Shamrock to see if it may be possible to introduce the 3 kittens together to rehab and release as a group.

Many of you have asked: Will this prevent her from being released?

Answer: We do not, at this point think, it will have an effect on her rehab outcome because she had already been doing well without the use of that canine. If everything else is in line with being released this canine issue will not change that.

GiveDay Tampa Bay is Tomorrow, May 1st

IMPORTANT ALERT!! Give Day Tampa Bay is May 1. It's one of the biggest fundraising days all year for the sanctuary! This year we have a $50,000 match and we can win some significant prize money that day IF we have at least $500 in donations right at/just after midnight when the 24 hours starts. If you are planning to donate to BCR on Give Day, it would be very helpful if you could donate online right at 12:01 or 12:02 Eastern Time (a minute after midnight when May 1 starts). We'd like to ensure we have some supporters lined up to donate what adds up to a total of at least $500 right at 12:01 ET.

ROAR for the cats at Big Cat Rescue for Give Day Tampa Bay – and We Have a $75,000 Match!

Give Day Tampa Bay is a huge online giving event taking place on May 1. And early donations have started!


Your much-appreciated online donation to Big Cat Rescue from now thru May 1st will help us reach our goal of raising $120,000 to build two new enclosures to rehabilitate orphaned and injured bobcats – AND could help us win up to an additional $6,500 in cash prizes!

We currently have five beautiful bobcats in our rehab program – Shamrock, Lucky, and Clover are orphaned kittens; Aphrodite was dropped off at a rehabber, and Noel was hit by a car and suffered two broken legs.

We’re thrilled to announce that, thanks to four amazing donors, we have a $50,000 match for Give Day! So every dollar you donate to our cats between April 17 and May 1 will be matched dollar for dollar up to $50,000. Our generous matching donors are Fields Galley Private Foundation, Pilot Bank, Pam & Larry Trissel and someone who prefers to remain anonymous.

We will use your generous gifts this year for a very important purr-pose. Big Cat Rescue is licensed in Florida to rehabilitate and release native wild bobcats that find themselves in dire need of help – usually orphaned kittens and adult cats badly injured by cars. We currently have four rehab enclosures but we desperately need two more. As news of our state-of-the-art facility and success rehabilitating bobcats grows, so do the number of calls we receive from the public, authorities and other rescue groups.

Each enclosure will cost $60,000, which includes the chain-link mesh for the floor, sides and roof of the 230 x 20 foot structure, electricity, water, plumbing, irrigation, trees and bushes for the cats to climb and play under, PVC pipe for a feeding system that hones their hunting skills, cameras to observe the cats and internet connection for the cameras.

It is because of YOU, our wonderful donors, that we can continue to rescue, care for, rehabilitate and release wild bobcats across Florida. Can our current rehab bobcats Shamrock, Lucky, Clover, Aphrodite and Noel count on you to reach our goal of $120,000?

Thank you for supporting Big Cat Rescue so generously and for making Give Day Tampa Bay such a GRRREAT success for our cats!!

Guatemala Rescue Update

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who did a Facebook Fundraiser for Big Cat Rescue during the month of April 2018.  All those funds are being earmarked for the Guatemala Circus Cat Rescue.  We will have a total on that for you soon.

Because of YOU and your thoughtful efforts the some of the cats will soon be out of circus wagons.

Guatemala Circus Cat Rescue

Guatemala Circus Cat Rescue

Guatemala Circus Cat Rescue

Guatemala Circus Cat Rescue

Learn more about the rescue and what all it involves and how it got started: BigCatRescue.org/circusban

Here is an UPDATE: April 30, 2018

Today we texted and got a call from Antigua Exotic with more info. Danny’s brother, Edward, lives in the US and speaks English well and was there, so very helpful. From what we understand:

– They already have about a half dozen cats there, or they will be there soon, (not sure) some of whom are pregnant, and are racing to build enclosures to separate them before the births.

– They are building three sizes of enclosures to house individuals and larger groups at the following estimate cost,

  • 18×18 $1000
  • 36×36 $1750
  • 72×72 $3000

See the photos below.

– Their plan is to find homes for all, not keep them. They say the government is fully supportive of helping export.

We just wire transferred $6000 to help with a few cages.

We would work to take 3-4 cats. Safe Haven in NV will take 5 lions. Other sanctuaries are still trying to raise funding for shipping which could run 4, to 6k each plus the cost of the crate.

Below are the photos they have sent us of the progress.

Again, because of YOU and your thoughtful efforts, the some of the cats will soon be out of circus wagons.

There is still a VERY LONG way to go to funding this rescue.  So please, continue to help us raise those desperately needed funds at https://BigCatRescue.org/circusban This rescue cannot be completed without YOUR help.  Donations, shares, talking to people, etc all of those things are needed and greatly help.

8 New Tote Bag Styles

Show your love for your favorite cat at Big Cat rescue with the purchase of one of these custom-made totes. 100% spun polyester weather resistant fabric, dual handles 100% natural cotton bull denim, bag 15″ x 15″, made in America. https://big-cat-rescue.myshopify.com/collections/new

Big Cat Tote Bags

Big Cat Tote Bags

Volunteer Spotlight

Cindy is a volunteer at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL helping save the lives of big cats. Want to get involved? http://bigcatrescue.org/get-involved/

Cindy has been a regular Monday Volunteer for 14 years. She is here rain or shine to make sure the cats are well cared for!!

Volunteer Cindy

Volunteer Cindy

Facebook Live Video Replays:

Big Cat breakfast at Big Cat Rescue! This is Brittany’s first live video, let’s all comment to encourage her. Seth playing with Brittany. Brittany then follows along with the morning feeders.

Remember Mickey and more big cats.  Walkabout with Carole to see Mickey’s new tree and plaque and see more cats, too.

Evening Walkabout and Carole updates on Zeus, etc.

Evening Snacks with Momma Becky and big cats

Have you joined our Official Facebook Group?  If not, pounce on over to Facebook.com/bigcatrescue and join.  This is where keepers will post their photos and videos.  Susann also posts clips from the Explore.org webcams there.

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Joseph Photo Memorial Book Update:  The first order of books arrived and were promptly mailed out.  Today another batch arrived today and those will be mailed out tomorrow.  Orders are being filled in the orders they were received.  The rest of the books should arrive in the next several days.  You will get an email the day your book mails out.  If you want to see snapshots of the book go to http://chatbigcats.com/joseph-memorial-photo-book/ The books are almost all gone and we will stop taking orders sometime next week.

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