Aug 24 2016

Spirit Feather Rehab Bobcat will probably be able to leave the West Boensch Cat Hospital on Monday and go to the Bobcat Rehab area where you can see her on the live webcam via  She arrived with ringworm and now all signs of it are gone, but she will have to continue medication for many more weeks.  It can live for years in the soil, so we have to bleach her bedding daily and finish her first rounds of meds on Monday before she goes outside.

TJ Tiger is eating better at about 5-7 lbs a day.  He’s eating more than Joseph and Cameron the lions now anyway.  They are being closely monitored by keepers who report exactly how much they are consuming each day to the vets. It’s hot and the cats always cut back on their activity and food consumption in the summer.  Hoover Tiger is up to eating 10-12 lbs a day which is normal for a young tiger.

JoJo is doing great after his exam.  Turns out he’s just getting a little fat and it wasn’t a mass.  His liver is a little small, so we will keep an eye on him, but his teeth were good and he’s been moved to Reise‘s old cage, which is the first one you see on the tour route.

Tiger Lilly Bobcat is 21 and had never been sick a day in her life.  She was wincing when she bit into bones, and it turned out to be 3 bad molars that Dr Justin removed on Monday.  She’s still not eating and not drinking well, so she’s getting antibiotics, pain meds and sub q fluids.  She’s on soft foods from now on.

On “vacation” right now are Keisha Tiger in Vacation Rotation and Sheena Serval in FunCation.

Foster Kittens Tonight after midnight: Olaf, Rosie, Woody are ready to go back to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay to be fixed and adopted.

Zouletta Serval did not eat anything, would not get up to come to lockout. turned away from being stick fed./ PM ate 1.2 oz grd turkey mixed with pieces of red.  Trying her on cat food, since she’s not liking any of the usual meats.  When our cats get old and senile, they often will eat canned cat food when they won’t eat anything else.  It’s not good for them, but it’s better than starving.

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